1. E

    Milky water before adding bacteria

    Hi, I have an issue with my tank. Its brand new, I have just used RO water and added the salt pouring it in small bits while the mp10 was turned on to help stirring. I used dry rocks, some glued with cement, and were washed before going in the tank. no bacteria inoculation was added I don’t...
  2. R

    Nano Build Fritz RPM or Seachem Vibrant Sea Salt?

    Hi there! I’ve finally got almost everything that I need to start up a nano reef aquarium and will be picking up a fluval evo 13.5 gallon all in one aquarium this weekend! When I ordered my tank and some other supplies/accessories to go with it a couple of weeks ago, my lfs sold me some Coralife...
  3. M

    Mixing Station - Winter Climate

    Recently upgraded my tank from a 40g AIO to ~120g total volume and now need to be able to make my own water both RODI and salt. I am in the process of getting all my ducks in a row to build a mixing station. Here is my question/ situation: I live in KC where in winter we can have a stretch of...
  4. Sick_man

    Help with Salt

    Hi, so I'm running low on salt and have been using regular instant ocean. I wanted to try the reef crystals because it is marketed toward corals and it is cheaper on Amazon at the moment. Would it be okay to switch salts? Tank is about 2 months.
  5. itsdRu

    Hello New from Cincinnati

    Hello all I’m new from Cincinnati Ohio I have a fluval 13 1/2 gallon saltwater tank with a CoraLife surface skimmer and protein skimmer built-in. I really need some help here I’m trying to get everything correct in the water before I add any livestock including coral can you please view the...
  6. Jax15

    1.025 vs 35 ppt - often used interchangeably?

    I rejoined the hobby back ~2016, and everyone seemed to agree that 1.025 was the perfect salinity. Lately though, more and more I've been hearing that 35 ppt is what you should target for mixed reef or SPS dom. It's strange to me that these are often used interchangeably, since 1.025 is really...
  7. C

    Fauna Marin pro sea salt

    Anyone have experience with Fauna Marin Pro sea salt? I'm looking to switch from RSCP to a lower Alk mix. Debating between Fauna marin, Aquaforest probiotic, and RS blue bucket Thanks!
  8. S


    Hi Guys, I am currently having issue with my carbonate hardness. Its 6 tank is almost a year old and am dealing with this from day 1...i was using Red sea reef salt..later switched to IO reef crystals to help keep my alkalinity higher, but unfortunately that didn't help out. TANK -...
  9. Reefer37

    Lower Magnesium with Instant Ocean Salt

    Has anyone else noticed having to supplement a bit of magnesium between water changes with Instant Ocean salt? I've noticed on like the last 3 water changes my magnesium level dipping below 1300 almost every time. This last time I did a larger water change due to increased phosphates and it's...
  10. ReeferMadne55

    New brackish setup questions

    So I decided to add a new brackish aquarium to my room to compliment my reef tank. I already had extra supplies and equipment laying around, so essentially I’m building this tank for free (woohoo). I just had a few questions regarding the setup and cycling. 1. Can I use my Instant Ocean Reef...
  11. Spare time

    Confusion on salt water storage

    Red sea states that you can not store their coral pro salt mixed in water for more than 12 hours otherwise you will get precipitation. So why then does the alk and calcium not precipitate in our tanks at 12 hours after a water change?
  12. D

    Ammonia barely going up, cycling

    Hey everyone, so this is not exactly my first time setting up a saltwater tank. But ive never tried cycling with shrimp, so ive decided to do it with my new tank. It is 210 gallons, and ive put in 2 chopped up table shrimp (in a filter bag) in the sump. And ive been letting it rot in there for...
  13. Injoynit

    Adding salt to established tank

    I have a few question about salt additions to established tanks. What happens if I just add salt to an established tank and let the tank mix the salt? Fish die? Precipitation? Other? What happens if I mix some salt in a container with RODI water and then just add it to the tank? Why is salt...
  14. Dr. Dendrostein

    California Nevada 92501 local pick up. IO salt 400 gal. $70

    At my contractor lot , one of my workers over bought some marine dry goods for business and when I checked invoice wrong salt picked up. Our loss someone's gain. PM for more info Just pick up last Friday
  15. LxHowler

    How fast can I drop my alk

    So I made a post earlier asking about new salt and I have since bought the tropic Marin salt. I was looking for salt with lower dkh as I prefer to run lower and the salt I was using was inconsistent and mixed wildly different figures each time I used it. So now I have picked my new salt I was...
  16. LxHowler

    What salt do you use and how to change

    I have been using h2ocean pro mix on my tank since I started it on recommendation by my LFS, I was a complete newby then and went off of what they said. Now I have been doing this a little while I am looking at changing salt as the h2oceans alk mixes alot higher than I would like, I try to keep...
  17. Reefer37

    Salt Mix Recommendations

    So I'm new to making saltwater, been using LFS water and they use Fritz salt. Finally ordering an RODI system and going to be making my own saltwater and all. I know it's ideal to use to same salt you've been using with your system, but Fritz salt is like 2-3x's more expensive than some of the...
  18. LxHowler

    Saltwater not mixing

    I have recently setup a nano reef tank after years of interest and being freshwater. Earlier today I made 25 litres of RO water and added a heater and pump ready to use for a water change. I added 1kg of h2ocean salt following the instructions, I came back an hour later to check the level and it...
  19. JustenT

    Reef salts?

    Hey guys, I’m setting up a 25 gallon cube reef, found one with a sump and stand for a crisp 100. I was wondering what kind of salt should I buy? Along with lighting? I want a mixed reef. Would a AI prime hd be okay? It 19(in) tall. Also Red Sea salt? Or fritz? I want something that will mix...
  20. Gadamwoll

    Master Inventory Coral List

    I am working on a coral spreadsheet of all the different corals and how to care (food, flow, placement, light) for them and estimated retail value if anyone wants to help contribute can message me. I have each sheet in a category for Zoa, Aussie, Chalice, Fazia, etc. This is just a rough draft...
  21. Evan28395950

    Salt Smell?

    Ok so I’m just wondering if anyone else using instant ocean salt notices a smell when mixing with water. I have my salt in laundry room (but in a box), and I’ve always smelled this almost detergent like smell when I mix the water with the salt. I’ve done water changes already, and my tank hasn’t...
  22. Scubabum

    Brightwell NeoMarine salt

    Wanted to know if anyone using Brightwell NeoMarine salt gets white residue in their mixing container, heater and mixing pump? I'm on my 3rd bucket of NeoMarine and every batch I mix leaves a white residue in my 5 gallon bucket or Brute 32 gallon trash can and all over my heater and mixing...
  23. C

    Starting New Tank, Red Sea Coral Pro Salt

    Hi All, I'm getting a bit nervous reading a lot of things about Red Sea Coral Pro Salt being incredibly cloudy for folks starting their tanks. I plan to fill my Nuvo 40 this weekend using Red Sea Coral Pro Salt. I plan to follow directions, mix salt in at 68 degrees in RO/DI water for about 1...
  24. SilverCityReef

    Massachusetts I Need Coral Pro Salt near Taunton, MA

    So I screwed up and ran short on Red Sea Coral Pro mix. I need like 7 or 8 cups to finish this batch and get aquarium finished filling. Does anyone have any near Taunton, MA or know where I can get some locally?
  25. SilverCityReef

    RedSea Coral Pro Salt Mix Ratio

    Does anyone happen to know the salt to water mixing ratio for the RedSea Coral Pro salt? I quickly looked over the bucket but I don't see the measurements or ratio on there. I bought exactly enough for what I need, 55gal bucket, but I have to make two separate batches due to size of barrel.