1. MrDeathKills

    Starfish and which ones are okay to own.

    So I have had verying degrees of information. Can not find a big thread on what starfish are good and “bad”. Are there any Starfish that will actually adapt and be fine with tank life? I would like to stay towards the super colorful range but if that is not possible its fine. Any and all care...
  2. Perpetual Novice

    Something eating my sand sifting star??

    I have a friend setting up a 20 gallon tank. It was cycling with just snails and hermits for months. Then two days ago he added a couple clowns and a sand sifting star. Today he sent me this. What happened. It’s not totally dead year but I think he should throw it out now. Right?
  3. Reefer37

    Micro Bristle Stars?

    So I have these white what looks like starfish to me, almost like micro bristle stars, but I'm not sure. They don't seem like asterina's because they're legs are longer and thinner from what I can tell. There's quite a few on the glass I see every few days or so. Anybody know for sure?
  4. Reefer37

    Asterina Star?

    So just spotted this guy this morning before lights came on. He started making his was back into the sand bed when lights started coming on. Can anyone ID if this is an asterina star?
  5. Nate_Krohn

    Hundreds of baby snails.. urchin and a starfish?

    I woke up at about 2 am to enjoy my tank when the lights go off and there are hundreds of baby snails on the rocks and on the glass.. I also saw what looked like a baby urchin and some type of starfish. Can anyone help ID them?? I posted some pics. They’re not the best because they’re at night.
  6. G

    STARFISH! Excited to come downstairs this morning to see this little guy...

    So came downstairs to my office where my reef tank is. Started the morning ritual of cleaning the glass with a coffee in one hand when I saw this little guy on the glass! So excited, I assume totally safe in a reef system? Anything I can do to help it out?
  7. Koralik

    Starfish Asterina Question

    Hello everyone After 1 week of setting in my rock, I have seen one starfish asterina. Today its been 2 weeks of setting in my rock and I’ve noticed another one. How fast do they spread and can they cause a problem? Do they leave some sort of mark and if so, how is it meant to look like? Thanks, Aga
  8. M

    Could I get a little info on these inverts??

    Hello there! So not going to lie here I'm a little concerned about my father's reef tank. He started a tank last year in December, and after I considered it fish friendly. He went out and got a couple fish and a couple corals, threw them in the tank and called it good. I visit when I can but he...
  9. Neuratox

    Sand Sifting Starfish - Diminished Activity levels

    Good evening everyone. I was hoping that someone could shed some light on a situation for me. I've got 2 sand sifting starfish in my 90 gallon and I've had them for about 5-6 months. Over the last two months I've noticed that they are a lot less active. They certainly move from one to place...
  10. AquaLocker

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  11. S

    Starfish suggestions for a 40 gallon

    I want to add an easy care starfish to my 40 gallon breeder tank. It's been running for 2 years. So far no Corals, but will add in the future. I was thinking about a sand sifting starfish. Any suggestions. In my tank: Reef crabs Conch snail Turbo snail 2 clown fish 2 dartfish
  12. choss

    Starfish - acro eater? Please ID

    I noticed recently that two frags of the exact same acropora were healthy one day, then completely white a few days later. I checked parameters and everything was stable. Al the other frags are fine. Then two days later another millepora in the same section of the frag tank experienced the same...
  13. AllSignsPointToFish

    Let the bodies hit the floor!

    While the debate is still out on whether these seemingly innocuous echinoderms are bad for a tank, I would say without a doubt that they multiply like rabbits. I've been pulling these out of my tank for months since I found more than one on my birdsnest corals. This count in this pileup is 128...
  14. Peach02

    White substance on starfish

    I got this red starfish today and just noticed a white substance on its arm and a lump which I think is somthing it ate
  15. Seahorse man

    New 20 gal

    I set up a new 20 gallon tank today, just for fun. I added a small cleaner shrimp, cc star, HOB filter, light and sand. Will these two cohabitate long term? Will they have to be moved? thanks in advance!
  16. Kamden Uelton

    Blue Phataria Starfish Diary

    This thread is for my new Blue Phataria Starfish ( Phataria unifascialis), So far everything is going well, It ate some chopped White Fish while being acclimated (I watched the stomach slowly consume the food) and now it is in the rock-work. I will be sure to get pictures once a week and every...
  17. R

    Marble Starfish (Fromia Monilis) care level

    Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone has any success in keeping this starfish? I have been wanting to get one (either Monilis or Millepora), but there has been a mixed reactions from reefers, on whether it will survive in the tank or better left in the sea. Appreciate any feedback thats for sure!
  18. AshwinRavi

    is this a fromia baby???

    Hello all, just recently purchased a red fromia about 4-5inches across in length. 3 days later, I find this somewhat close to where the fromia hangs out. is this a pest or a fromia baby? I don't know anything about fromia reproduction, so I am very skeptical about it being a baby. help!!
  19. Giraffe0621

    Any experiences with Serpent Stars? Fish-eating monsters, or model citizens?

    Part 2 to TBS "The Package" arrived on Thursday, and they included a Serpent Star (about 4" across). I've fed him a cube of Mysis Shrimp twice now, and he comes out pretty quick even with lights still somewhat on to take it. But honestly, he scares the heck out of me. I'm also worried he'll go...
  20. Keeks09

    ID these

    Can someone tell me what these are? I know the one is a starfish but what kind?
  21. thinktank

    When your starfish puts a smiley on his back...

    Came home to this today. Video here:
  22. S

    QT Chocolate Chip Starfish?

    I buy Chocolate Chip Starfish from LPS to feed to my Harlequin Shrimp. Is it necessary/advisable to QT the starfish? Are they Ich/parasite carriers? Can/should copper be used on them? Or is it safe to add them directly to the DT? What about water droplet transfer? What is the correct procedure?
  23. Mike N

    Need an ID on starfish

    This guy came inside an empty snail shell. I think its a mini brittle, but want confirmation before putting him in.
  24. R

    Is their tiny starfish that are harmful to any types of corals

    I have a huge outbreak of starfish and I have the ones that eat algae and are real small but these have thin hair like tentacles and literally every hole in almost every rock in my 125 gallon reef tank has their little tenticles hanging out and I know their carnivores cuz when I feed my fish n...
  25. Mike N

    Is this an asterina?

    After 3 weeks in the tank, my live rock finally revealed a couple hitchhikers. They are starfish of some kind, look pretty close to asterina, but would like confirmation. I have spotted 2 so far, just wondering if I should go ahead and remove now. Sorry for picture quality