stock limit

  1. L

    Is this bio load acceptable for this IM 40L AIO?

    Hello, Not completely new to the hobby, had a 125 gallon up for years maybe 15 years ago. Trying to get back into it with a much smaller reef tank this time, and was hoping to figure out a good stock list/bio load for my tank. I'm not sure what my limit would be in this smaller tank. 125 had so...
  2. 1epauletteshark

    80 gallon nano possum wrasse haeven stocking plan

    I want to say thanks to @i cant think and @Slocke for the help and others in the deciding if a fish is right for you tank thread. I plan on upgrading from my 17 gallon soon unless something comes up to an 80 gallon, 80 gallon 120x50x50 plans Fish: 4x Yellow banded possum wrasse (1x Already in my...
  3. shawnriv

    Help: Fish Stocking List Suggestions

    Hello All, I am looking for suggestions for my upcoming 120G SPS reef. Here is my current list and I'm open to suggestions. The tangs will be added last to avoid aggressions. - 2 clownfish - 1 royal gramma - 1 leopard wrasse - 1 sunburst anthias - 1 flame hawkfish - 1 swallowtail angel OR...
  4. NickV34

    What other fish should be added?

    I have a 150 gallon 6 foot long tank that is a mixed reef with the current livestock… 2 Friendly maroon clownfish 1 One spot foxface 1 Tomini tang 1 Blue hippo tang 1 Flasher wrasse 1 fire fish Thinking about adding (deciding between) Blue throat trigger Any other tang Group of...
  5. NickV34

    Stock list for 230 gallon

    Here is my potential stock list for a 230 gallon reef build. These are just fish that I want, so any input is appreciated and I will decide from there. It might be overstocked, but I cannot decide which to take out with input. Thanks!! 1 x lyretail anthias male 4 x lyretail anthias female 2 x...
  6. M

    Idea 120 Gallon Reef with only nano fish

    I am setting up an old 120-gallon tank I have. Going with a 55-gallon sump/refugium focusing heavily on macroalgae/pod growth for all the pod eaters I want. I am thinking about doing all nano fish with the solon wrasse and flame angel as the centerpiece fish. How is my stocking list looking...
  7. J

    Stocking recommendations for biocube?

    Just a post to see what you guys recommend I add for stocking my biocube 32. Right now I have 2 clowns and a sapphire damsel. Filtration I use the intank media basket and have a refugium with chaeto. (It grows insanely fast) for some species I was thinking (not all of these just a conbibation of...
  8. J

    Adding a Clown Goby

    hello! ok so i’ve been thinking about adding a Clown Goby to my 20 gallon tank, however i’m worried about overstocking the tank. I already have a pair of Ocellaris Clowns, an Azure Damsel, and a Royal Gramma. also have coral sprinkled throughout the tank. Would adding him just be too much...
  9. C

    Hello Is my fish list okay for 75 gal fowlr?

    Hey guys. I have a 75 gal fowlr with lots live rock, refuge with chaeto and skimmer. I currently have 2 clowns, one sand sifter goby, and one blue hippo tang. I want to also add 3 anthias, 1 scopas tang and 1 flame angel. Will this be okay?
  10. G


    I’ve come up with another stock for a 75 gallon it’s 4 ft long and 20 inches wide and I think 18 inches tall so I’ve got a shortfin lion beta grouper ribbon eel Picasso trigger and convict tang will the Picasso trigger mess with the tang if so scratch the tang
  11. Croccoligator

    20g long stocking idea advice

    hey y’all! pretty new to saltwater but I’ve been keeping freshwater for a couple years and have a 20g sitting around that I wanna use. I’ve been doing a bit of research but I’m still stumped on how many is too many My stocking idea: - 2 ocellaris clowns - 1 banggai cardinalfish - 1 longnose...
  12. maryocean7

    Fish Stock Suggestions

    Hello everyone. We are about 1 month now into the hobby and made a list of fishes we would potentially like to have. We obviously know a lot of these we won't be able to get but would like your opinion on what we can or should not get, problems they may cause or alternatives. Now we do want to...
  13. Traviitrav

    Stock list for a Prostar 230

    I’m on the tail end of equipment building, I have begun compiling a livestock list. The total volume is 230 but I know I can’t include that for livestock so after the sump volume I have 190 gallons to play with (so I’m using a 1 inch per 3 gallon rule). This list is also excluding the clean up...
  14. darrow0903

    32 Gallon Stocking

    Hi all, I have a Fluval Flex Sea 32.5 gallon rank I’ve been slowly adding fish and here’s my stock so far: 2 Gladiator Clownfish 2 Bangaii Cardinals 1 Yellow Watchman Goby 1 Pistol Shrimp 3 Mexican Turbo Snails, 2 Margarita Snails, 2 Trochus Snails, 2 Nassarius Snails, 2 Nerite Snails, 3...
  15. C

    New fish stocking compatibility , too much ?

    Setting up a 110 gallon tank and currently have the following fish in a smaller setup: 2x oscellaris clownfish 1x one spot fox face less than 3 inches 1x purple tang less than 3 inches looking to add 2 more fishes: 1x coral beauty (2-3 inches) 1x leopard wrasse (2-3 inches) There’s a very high...
  16. Kyle Soto

    Single Anthias? + Stocking list for 65 gallon Red Sea

    My 65 gallon tank is currently stocked as follows: 2 ocellaris clowns Orchid dottyback Lemon damsel Tomini tang Blue hippo tang (I did not purchase this fish, I realize he will outgrow the tank but he was included when I bought the tank) I want to add a single male Lyertail Anthias but I was...
  17. J

    Advise with stocking 40 gal.

    Hey guys, I got a general idea of what I want to put into my 40 gal reef tank, let me know what you guys think! - 2x Ocellaris Clownfish - 1-3x Green/Blue Chromis (undecided as to how many) - 1x Yellow Watchman/Wheeler Goby (undecided and plan to pair with pistol shrimp) - 1x Kaudern Cardinal...
  18. J

    Need ideas for stocking a 40 gallon breeder

    Hey guys, I’m currently in the process of planning a 40 gallon reef tank and need ideas for stocking. I definitely plan on keeping 2 clownfish and a cleaner shrimp. Other than that, I’m not sure what else I would want to put in the tank. What will make a good clean up crew? Also what other fish...
  19. R

    Fish stocking

    What order would be best to add these fish in? they’ll be going into a 440l /100gal (display only) Sump will be. socks, fuge, skimmer. would you consider this over stocked or would this be okay & any recommendations to what you would add/ remove. Banngai cardinals Fire fish / dart fish...
  20. D

    4 tangs in a 150 gallon??

    So I have 4 juvenile tangs. 3 in QT, 1 in my DT. My display tank has a 2.5” inch Blue tang that has been there for a year. My QT has a 2.5” yellow tang, 3.5” Achilles, and 3.5” Powder Blue. I have good filtration and so plenty of water changes, so I’m curious what everyone thinks about...
  21. Davar93

    50 gallon stock list

    Hello everyone! I am looking to upgrade from my nano 30 to a 50 gallon cube. Here is what I have for my stock list for far. Please let me know what you think. The ones that say current are currently getting along in my tank. Thanks! 2 clowns (current) 3 chromis (1 current) Midas blenny...
  22. Zoa_Fanatic

    Biocube 32 led stocking ideas

    I’ve been running a nanocube or biocube for 7 years now. In that time I’ve had an engineer goby (who just passed at age 10 and nearly 2ft long) and a four stripe damsel the whole time. A Madagascar clownfish, green corris wrasse, and coral beauty angel have all passed through. I had to get rid...
  23. Reefer37

    Final Fish Recommendation? 45g Cube

    So I have over a year old 45g cube with two ocellaris clowns, a bicolor blenny, and a small yellow coris wrasse. Have been debating adding another fish. I was thinking something really unique and not seen in tanks often. A centerpiece fish would be nice, but I know I'm limited on size. I'm not...
  24. F

    Stocking for 75 gallon

    Hey all, new to the site, I've lurked on here for quite some time but todays the day I signed up. Currently I have 75 gallon reef but I would like to know if my stock is not well for the tank? pair of clowns Fairy wrasse ruby headed wrasse Cleaner wrasse Coral beauty damsel (not sure what kind...
  25. hds4216

    I have three ideas to finish stocking my 32g, please provide input!

    Hi all! I have a 32g that's been up and running for about six months now, though it only got its first fishy inhabitant in August. It currently has three occupants at the moment - two Ocellaris clownfish, and a very tiny "yellow" watchman goby (that isn't yellow at all). Trying to decide which...
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