tank build

  1. JBiblio

    150 gallon Living (Room) Reef

    Hi All! I recently moved, started a new job, and decided that now is the time to upgrade my reef tank! A little background: I've been using a 46 gallon bowfront tank that my dad and I set up when I was in 6th grade. That reef lasted until we moved a couple yeasrs later but, between one thing...
  2. lazycouch

    soft corals??

    hey! anyone here have an all softy tank?? if so can i see some pics! a list of corals you have in there would be cool also!! thanks (:
  3. Coralqueendom


    I plan to tour Wisconsin checking out other hobbyists builds and frag tanks. We all know the real heat comes from us at home pouring our love into our frag tanks. If you’d like a visit drop your name I’d love to meet you!! Check out Coralqueendom on Instagram
  4. B

    My new 150 Gallon Tank

    Hello! first time posting my tank on here. its is a SCA PNP 150 gallon tank https://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-150-Gallon-Starfire-PNP-System-p/sca-150gpnp.htm includes a 68g sump tank. As a first time reefer i wanted purchase something that was plug and play like this but when it arrived it...
  5. L

    First time tank/reef build

    Hey everyone! I will soon be moving into a new home and want to set up my first tank when I arrive. I'll be posting updates here:)
  6. killergoby

    Clay's 75G Barebottom Build

    In the process of quarantining away from my aquarium, and in the very near future moving, I decided to build a new system for my fish/corals that will last at least the two years on my next lease. My fiancé is not completely on board with the idea of going bigger for the aquarium, so I convinced...
  7. alimac122


    So....you all asked for photos on my updates so here they are. This is my 40gal w/ 20gal sump that i DIY'd all by myself. CAN I TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM i was so fearful the pump wouldnt be strong enough or the setup would just fall apart. BUT YOUR GIRL DID IT ALL ALONE. I had a minor freak out...
  8. alimac122

    Ali's 36g REEF tank

    Hello! I am an ex-marine biologist (now engineer). I worked in husbandry at a landlocked aquarium for 4 years. I have been missing my love for tanks, specifically my saltwater babies. A fried has a Tiger Oscar that has outgrown their tank and has upgraded to a 75 gallon. Thus, I have an empty...
  9. Reefinity

    Expanding my Passion in Vancouver, WA

    Hello all! I've had my 180 gallon aquarium up & running for ~ 4 years now & I've been trimming SPS out of it for a long time & I'm running out of room. I recently setup a used 120g & connected it to the 180g that is now growing a bunch of Battle corals. Since posting on Instagram - I've received...
  10. Tans Reef

    The bar tank!

    It’s finally going down.. my.. sorta dream build. I acquired a 120 gallon tank back in 2011. Complete with stand, canopy, sump and some radion gen 1’s. Got it home and decided.. I didn’t wanna use the stand.. or the lights.. or the sump lol.. I just for some odd reason absolutely love the...
  11. ReefReadyYouTube

    How long does it take a tank to “mature”?

    How long does it really take a tank to “mature” as people commonly call it. What are they key factors to properly maturing a tank. I’ve seen a lot of people say 1 whole year for a tank to become fully mature. Do you agree. Could this process be speed up and if so how. Also how do you know you...
  12. Twitchy

    My 270 Gallon Build with remote garage fish room : 390 gallons of crazy

    Hello R2R , I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. I just felt others would like to follow this crazy "project" of mine. I'm currently running a 6ft 125 gallon, but always felt something a bit bigger would allow me to have more of the fish I love, this combined with my desire to have a fish...
  13. C_mo97

    My Redsea Max NANO Mixed Reef Tank

    So I am new to the hobby and my tank is about three months old. I will be posting updated progress of coral growth and my tank build in general. Display Pictures: At the moment I am running everything that came with this AIO except for the filter sock and the ATO. I added my own ATO instead...
  14. midlife-reefer

    First Reef Tank - IM NUVO SR-60

    A couple of weekends ago, I almost bought a brand new Innovative Marine Fusion Nano 20. It was on sale for $240 and came with lights. I debated and when I finally decided to pull the trigger on it, it was gone. It just disappeared from my shopping cart. POOF!! It was no longer available on...
  15. mike wright

    Mike's IM NUVO INT 150 Build (Lagoon Reef)

    Hello, just thought it would be interesting to document my progress while setting up this NUVO INT 150 lagoon tank. This is my second tank. First one being an AIO IM NUVO 40. Bellow I'll post some of the specs of the tank and the equipment I plan to use. Some of my goals for this system are...
  16. L

    Help me design my next tank build. 4x2x1.5 high. Heaps of room for all sorts of cool things.

    So I've bit the bullet and am going to be buying a custom made ultraclear rimless 4x2x1.5. Tank builders have lots of access to equipment so I can have notches cut out, holes etc. Currently the plan is to have a large external overflow on the back of the tank, with a large notch cut out of the...
  17. gunit

    Corner L Drop Off Build

    I'm starting to plan for a new tank that'll go in our freshly remodeled house and would love to get the communities thoughts/insights as this will be my first large build and definitely the most "integrated" one I've done. An by "integrated" I mean that I plan on doing a remote sump in the...
  18. tdlawdo

    My First Attempt at the Big Time: WaterBox PP 230.6 Tank Build

    Ok! So I started this thread long ago “so I thought” but then I couldn’t find it. I am now 7 months into this adventure and 3 months into the tank itself. So I will bring you up to speed and then continue live. I have journaled and documented along the way. Many on my IG @Reeferstrong I will...
  19. AwildcatsZ

    Time to Get Serious (Red Sea Reefer 250 Build)

    This will be my third reef tank over the 15+ years I have been in the hobby, but this one will be special. Heck, this one already is special! Background: My current tank is a standard 29 gallon, Aqueon aquarium that my then girlfriend and I won at the MAX Aquarium Expo in 2016. We spent time...
  20. Nolan Shinn

    Dual overflow into algae turf scrubber??

    I’ve been considering how best to plumb the dual overflow/return on my center drilled 150gal build and I need some input from you knowledgeable reefers out there: Is there any reason I couldn’t pipe both of my overflow down tubes through two algae turf skimmers? In theory this would mean all...
  21. F

    Help with 75g build...

    So just as the title says I need some help: Long story short: I’ve only ever used AIO tanks.... I recently purchased a 75g seapora and stand that was on sale for a VERY good deal... My original plan was to build a new cichlid tank however now I am slowly swaying myself to do a reef tank.... I...
  22. Nolan Shinn

    Seattle center-drilled 150

    Hey gang! I moved out of my apartment to a house in Seattle, so The Apartment Reef has been disassembled. On the bright side, the new house has a semi-finished basement, so I’m back in the big tank game! The new (to me) tank is a centerdrilled 150gallon tank I picked up from a nearby guy on...
  23. Bryce M.

    Bryce's 65 Gal. FOWL converted to reef

    Hey guys finally deciding to make a build thread, been very worried about showing my tank but here I go. Just to let you know the fox face and Zebra Eel will be moved once their bigger, so don't worry. Stock: GSP Chalice Rock Flower Zebra Moray Eel Black ice Clown Picasso Clown Fox Face Rabbit...
  24. Ignitros

    New Tank... 72" W x 24" D x 24" H... What thickness of glass is best?

    Hey Everyone! I am looking to purchase a new tank for a project I'm starting. It will be either 72" W x 24" D x 24" H or 72" W x 30" D x 24" H. During my research I have seen glass thickness anywhere from 1/4" to 3/4" thick for these size of tanks. I already know I'm getting one with no...
  25. BlueWorldJeff

    Evolution of the Blue World 180

    Its been two years and some change since the Blue World 180 was first established. The previous tank was an All-Glass 120g 4'x2'x2' with custom coast to coast overflow. When we bought a house, I wanted to go bigger and initially purchased a 4'x4'x2; 240g cube with center overflow. I thought...
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