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  1. M

    Nano Build Red Sea Reefer 200XL Build - Rekindling My Passion for Reefing

    I guess this is round 2 of rekindling my passion in the hobby after almost 10 years without a tank. After a failed attempt to revive an old Oceanic Biocube which leaked and was beyond repair i ordered a Red Sea Reefer 200XL. Ordering a system like this is a big departure for me as prior to...
  2. dmbohn468

    Just showing off my tank. Month 2 - Fluval Evo 13.5

    Just showing off my tank. Hope this could belong here... if not let me know. My friend wanted a video to show his kid so figured why not post it here, too? Here's what I have running: -Fluval 13.5, stock filtration, stock lighting -Have a laser cut media basket, haven't used it yet. waiting...
  3. fishrambo

    Large Build Help with tank support for floor.

    Im looking to upgrade from 75 with sump to a larger red sea 500 132 gallon but my problem is i dunno where to start on how to support my floor. Do i just support it by bracing with more wood and install jacks? any ideals would be grateful thanks so much.
  4. B

    Build Thread First saltwater aquarium (it was hell!)

    Started off with months of research. Came to a conclusion that I wanted a 90 gallon tank with eventually having a mixed Reef and a very specific set of livestock that has of course changed over the course of setting up the tank. I went in knowing NOTHING except that I knew I wanted to be a...
  5. OfficeReefer

    Build Thread OfficeReefer's Study Tank - Reefer 250 v3 Build

    Hello R2R, I see a lot of folks writing about their builds now, so I will share some details below. I've been in the hobby for over 15 years now. My interest all started with an investor of mine that had an impressive 120g on display at his office. At the time, I started with a 55g without...
  6. ForTheLoveOfCoral21

    AIO Build Help Me Pick My New Tank Build

    Hi R2R! I have been doing a lot of research the past few weeks and am looking for some input. I have it down to a few different options. Red Sea - AIO or one with the Sump Innovative Marine - 50 AIO Lagoon Also looking at the Reef Octo Tank systems and potentially Waterbox as well. I have...
  7. P

    Nano Build 6.6 Gallon Nano Reef

    Well, after starting over 2 months ago, I figure I ought to start an official tank thread so that I can post updates and others can follow along on this journey. I posted in the welcome page about 1 month ago, but I’ll provide a few tank specs so that you can follow along. I have a rimless...
  8. BaraCats

    Build Thread 66G Soft Coral Dominant Tank

    My partner and I are currently building our second reef tank and we've decided to go for a soft-coral dominated tank with some LPS in there. Our current tank, a smaller 100L/26Gal, is mostly a zoa garden tank with a couple LPS and a few other softies in between. With this new set-up we...
  9. T

    Reefer S-1000 new reef build

    Hello all, Pretty new to this site but it has been such a wonderful resource, thank you all very much. I am upgrading my current 50g tank to a Red Sea Reefer 210g S-1000. If you have one please let me know your opinions about them. Tank should be delivered here within the next couple of weeks...
  10. JacksReef2Reef

    Build Thread C-Vue 45 Gallon All-In-One Aquarium

    I just picked up this Cobalt Aquatics C-Vue 45 gallon AIO display and stand. The plan is to start cycling the tank and then slowly add fish and corals. Over the next few weeks, water parameters will be monitored and this gives us time to decide on what equipment we will add to the tank. The...
  11. C

    Build Thread Cincy_Reefer's Waterbox Marine X 90.3 Build

    6 days ago my Waterbox Marine X 90.3 was delivered to me, it's for my bedroom/home office. It was a cold January morning and when I asked the delivery driver if it was a heavy skid... he kind of chuckled. Thankfully I have a roommate who was willing to help me carry the equipment up to our...
  12. D

    Build Thread Ds Reef 6ft 60 Gallon Lagoon

    My Build 72”x18”x8” 60 Gallon Lagoon 5 Radion Gen 5 XR-15 Blues 6ft Aquaticlife T5 Hybrid Custom Built Stand 30 Gallon Sump Bubble Magus Curve 7 Skimmer Avast Marine Kalk Stirrer Geo Dual Chamber Calcium Reactor BRS Reactor for Carbon Neptune Apex, ATK, Trident
  13. RummynoseToReef

    Build Thread RummynoseToReef's 1st Reef Tank

    Hi all! Welcome to the build thread for my 40B tank, my first foray into the saltwater hobby. I don't plan to really begin the build until mid-January due to a vacation (to Costa Rica, if anyone has any activity suggestions?!) but I thought it would be best to document everything, in the event...
  14. certain_code

    Build Thread Slice of Ocean Build - 48g Fiji Cube

    After nearly 4 years since I broke down my 80-gallon shallow, moved to the opposite side of the country, got my pilot's license, and have now settled into life again, the itch to spend frivolous amounts of money on reefing needs to be scratched. Come along as I document the build-out of a 48gal...
  15. Carolyn's Corals

    Build Thread My Tank

    I bought a custom tank and stand from Glass Cages. This is my 1st tank after taking over 10 years off from the hobby. I used to have a seahorse/pipefish tank with babies, spawning mandarins (never figure out how to get them with the closed loop), nice size coral colonies, .. it was great! It was...
  16. Lemons

    Tank Upgrading!

    howdy, folks! I'm thinking of upgrading my reef because I'm apparently never happy with what I have lol. My current tank is a 90 gal 4' x2 'x18" with a 30-gallon sump. I was browsing on my local classified and saw a whole bunch of great deals for tanks that are 200Gal+ for under 1000$...
  17. Frostynipps

    FrostyNipps Biocube 32 nano build

    I want to document my time I spend with my Biocube 32 at my home. I have very little time for my self as I take care of my dad at his place, He has alztimers and can't walk on his own. I got the biocube the end of April. I set it up a week later when I ordered some clown fish and an LTA 10...
  18. LAA

    Build Thread My 20 gallon long reef tank! | build thread

    Hey y’all! this is my build thread tank size is 20 gallon long 9 month old 2 clowns saltwater mollies hammer coral, acro, zoa, and GSP A LOT of snail babies and large snails, hermits, and pep shrimp.
  19. ReefStache

    Large Build ReefStache CADE Reef S2/P Peninsula 228g build is on!!

    Hello Reef2Reefers! :D Mixed reef build… planning to only do captive bred fish in this system. Let’s see if I can stick to the plan. lol For this build: The build: Tank: CADE 1800 Reef S2/P Lights: Illumagic Blaze X 180 + Vitamini x2 Skimmer: DALUA GW17 Controller: Felix Smart Pro Plus V2...
  20. MikeyG

    300gal mixed reef makeover

    I am planning to do a makeover of my 300 gallon mixed reef tank. This current configuration started about 14 years ago as a FOWLR tank. Over the years it has made its way into a mixed reef tank. I've now at the point where I want to see something a little bit more visually appealing to actually...
  21. reeferkeeperabq

    2nd tank 90 gal

    I've had this tank for a few years just gathering dust. Finally took it out last week, washed it, re-silicone, spray painted the stand. In midst of buying supplies my LFS gave me a used eshopps rs 100 sump and a skimz monster skimmer. I mean, I hit the jackpot. So I've been hooking it up and...
  22. Stones-Reef

    AIO Build My Five-Year AIO Journey (Biocube 28g, IM Nuvo 40, JBJ 65)

    Just wanted to share my AIO tanks from over the years! I first started the hobby with a Biocube in 2016, moved to the 40g IM Nuvo in 2018, and now I have a JBJ 65! It's been an amazing experience learning about reefing and watching this tank grow! Please feel free to share your tanks below!
  23. G

    AIO Build IM 50 Lagoon AOI

    Hey from CT everyone this is my first build three and upgrading from my fluval evo 13 which was my first saltwater tank. Once done and cycled I’ll move the corals and clowns over. right know the equipment is 1 ai prime 16 had from the old tank will add a second as I add more coral Ice cap gyre...
  24. T

    Build Thread 29g mixed reef

    I started in January and paused for the pandemic a 29 gallon mixed reef I try to keep it simple marine land bio wheel no bio wheel mainly just for carbon and circulation Cpr bakpak skimmer Fluval nano pump 165w viparspectra 2 clowns 2 banghai Multiple crabs snails clean up crew Green...
  25. SurgeonFish

    Build Thread 125 NSA Aqua Scape Reef

    Hello everyone, Im an Air Force Doc and have had small tanks with some success over my education but I came into this 125 from a fellow doc and want to document the build. I will be at this base for 5 years and just purchased a home for the new tank to live at: equiptment: 125 gallon...