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  1. Carolyn's Corals

    Build Thread My Tank

    I bought a custom tank and stand from Glass Cages. This is my 1st tank after taking over 10 years off from the hobby. I used to have a seahorse/pipefish tank with babies, spawning mandarins (never figure out how to get them with the closed loop), nice size coral colonies, .. it was great! It was...
  2. Lemons

    Tank Upgrading!

    howdy, folks! I'm thinking of upgrading my reef because I'm apparently never happy with what I have lol. My current tank is a 90 gal 4' x2 'x18" with a 30-gallon sump. I was browsing on my local classified and saw a whole bunch of great deals for tanks that are 200Gal+ for under 1000$...
  3. Frostynipps

    FrostyNipps Biocube 32 nano build

    I want to document my time I spend with my Biocube 32 at my home. I have very little time for my self as I take care of my dad at his place, He has alztimers and can't walk on his own. I got the biocube the end of April. I set it up a week later when I ordered some clown fish and an LTA 10...
  4. LAA

    Build Thread My 20 gallon long reef tank! | build thread

    Hey y’all! this is my build thread tank size is 20 gallon long 9 month old 2 clowns saltwater mollies hammer coral, acro, zoa, and GSP A LOT of snail babies and large snails, hermits, and pep shrimp.
  5. ReefStache

    Large Build ReefStache CADE Reef S2/P Peninsula 228g build is on!!

    Hello Reef2Reefers! :D Mixed reef build… planning to only do captive bred fish in this system. Let’s see if I can stick to the plan. lol For this build: Tank: CADE Aquariums 1800 Reef S2/P Peninsula (228g display / 265g total) Lights: Illumagic Blaze X 180 + Vitamini x2 Skimmer: DALUA GW17...
  6. MikeyG

    300gal mixed reef makeover

    I am planning to do a makeover of my 300 gallon mixed reef tank. This current configuration started about 14 years ago as a FOWLR tank. Over the years it has made its way into a mixed reef tank. I've now at the point where I want to see something a little bit more visually appealing to actually...
  7. reeferkeeperabq

    2nd tank 90 gal

    I've had this tank for a few years just gathering dust. Finally took it out last week, washed it, re-silicone, spray painted the stand. In midst of buying supplies my LFS gave me a used eshopps rs 100 sump and a skimz monster skimmer. I mean, I hit the jackpot. So I've been hooking it up and...
  8. Stones-Reef

    AIO Build My Five-Year AIO Journey (Biocube 28g, IM Nuvo 40, JBJ 65)

    Just wanted to share my AIO tanks from over the years! I first started the hobby with a Biocube in 2016, moved to the 40g IM Nuvo in 2018, and now I have a JBJ 65! It's been an amazing experience learning about reefing and watching this tank grow! Please feel free to share your tanks below!
  9. G

    AIO Build IM 50 Lagoon AOI

    Hey from CT everyone this is my first build three and upgrading from my fluval evo 13 which was my first saltwater tank. Once done and cycled I’ll move the corals and clowns over. right know the equipment is 1 ai prime 16 had from the old tank will add a second as I add more coral Ice cap gyre...
  10. T

    Build Thread 29g mixed reef

    I started in January and paused for the pandemic a 29 gallon mixed reef I try to keep it simple marine land bio wheel no bio wheel mainly just for carbon and circulation Cpr bakpak skimmer Fluval nano pump 165w viparspectra 2 clowns 2 banghai Multiple crabs snails clean up crew Green...
  11. SurgeonFish

    Build Thread 125 NSA Aqua Scape Reef

    Hello everyone, Im an Air Force Doc and have had small tanks with some success over my education but I came into this 125 from a fellow doc and want to document the build. I will be at this base for 5 years and just purchased a home for the new tank to live at: equiptment: 125 gallon...
  12. B

    Build Thread Rob's 125 Gallon Build Thread ( Used Tank Restoration)

    So I recently purchased a used 125 gallon tank from a local reefer ( Pics at bottom of this post) . It came with a sump and all the plumbing, and was a reasonable price for what it was . It wasn't the cleanest tank I have ever picked up , but it hardly had any scratches I could see, and I...
  13. Callieach

    Build Thread 75 Gallon Peaceful (Mostly) Reef

    Thought I would share our 75 gallon mostly peaceful reef tank. :) Equipment: 75 gallon high tank 10 gallon banshee BioFuge sump Eshopps overflow box Jebao PP Series Wavemaker (PP-8) Aqua Excel In-sump Skimmer (Can't remember the model...) 2 Mars Aqua LED Lights Chaeto and Pods in abundance...
  14. A

    AJ's 150G Mixed Reef v3.0

    For the past 5 years or so, I have not had an active Reef. I've had a few tank crashes due to power outages and diseases. I've managed to restart my 150G Reef again during COVID because you just have that kind of time now :) (Beats watching Netflix of TV) I have 2 Main Tanks. 150G Fish Only...
  15. C

    Wanting to start first tank! Need Help

    Hello I am new to the hobby. I have been in the freshwater hobby for about 3 years now and I want to get into the reef hobby. I am wanting to set up a 10 gallon nano reef tank. Are there any suggestions for all the equipment for the tank. Kinda on a budget. Thanks for the help.
  16. D

    Nano Build Dave's Nano Saltwater tank

    Background: I had a small saltwater tank for about a month before i had to shut it down for a job change and move. That was many years ago. I have always had a freshwater tank running and currently have 3. 2 Nano Betta Tanks and 1 55 gallon planted tank with Angelfish. Last Year I purchased...
  17. Tracdog

    Nano Build 36 Gallon Bow Front tank build

    Hi all, I recently moved across country to Tennessee where I restarted my 10 gallon innovative Marine tank which is doing great and packed. I wanted to get a bigger tank (since what else is there to do during Covid) so I decided to go for a 36 Gallon Bow front that I bought used and add a...
  18. Reefing_addiction

    Build Thread Biocube 16 tank build

    Ok so here it goes. I had a, rather my father, 175 gal tank when I was younger and I always wanted one. Now I have a mini me! It started it in May. Here are some pics I dont have the hermits any more. They are one of my fish. I got rid of them and replaced my fish. I also don’t have the...
  19. JBiblio

    Build Thread 150 gallon Living (Room) Reef

    Hi All! I recently moved, started a new job, and decided that now is the time to upgrade my reef tank! A little background: I've been using a 46 gallon bowfront tank that my dad and I set up when I was in 6th grade. That reef lasted until we moved a couple yeasrs later but, between one thing...
  20. lazycouch

    Build Thread soft corals??

    hey! anyone here have an all softy tank?? if so can i see some pics! a list of corals you have in there would be cool also!! thanks (:
  21. Coralqueendom


    I plan to tour Wisconsin checking out other hobbyists builds and frag tanks. We all know the real heat comes from us at home pouring our love into our frag tanks. If you’d like a visit drop your name I’d love to meet you!! Check out Coralqueendom on Instagram
  22. B

    Build Thread My new 150 Gallon Tank

    Hello! first time posting my tank on here. its is a SCA PNP 150 gallon tank https://www.scaquariums.com/SCA-150-Gallon-Starfire-PNP-System-p/sca-150gpnp.htm includes a 68g sump tank. As a first time reefer i wanted purchase something that was plug and play like this but when it arrived it...
  23. L

    First time tank/reef build

    Hey everyone! I will soon be moving into a new home and want to set up my first tank when I arrive. I'll be posting updates here:)
  24. killergoby

    Build Thread Clay's 75G Barebottom Build

    In the process of quarantining away from my aquarium, and in the very near future moving, I decided to build a new system for my fish/corals that will last at least the two years on my next lease. My fiancé is not completely on board with the idea of going bigger for the aquarium, so I convinced...
  25. alimac122


    So....you all asked for photos on my updates so here they are. This is my 40gal w/ 20gal sump that i DIY'd all by myself. CAN I TELL YOU HOW EXCITED I AM i was so fearful the pump wouldnt be strong enough or the setup would just fall apart. BUT YOUR GIRL DID IT ALL ALONE. I had a minor freak out...