1. ReeferHendrix


    Not a question but just want to see everyone’s awesome trachys! It’s my favorite coral so far just love all the cool patterns and color to them, also any special advice you have for them. Here my two I got 4months ago
  2. hypegnome

    Trachy Help

    I just purchased a trachy from my LFS. When it first arrived there about 2 months ago it was very vibrant red with an insanely green middle. Since then it has slowly lost color and today I was able to get them to sell it to me for $20 because it hasn't been doing so good in their frag tank (It...
  3. Rainbow Splatter Trachy

    For sale Rainbow Splatter Trachy

    This Splattered Trachy is insane! And on sale till the end of the month!
  4. RockyroadReef

    Help!! Brain coral damage!!

    Hi, I have this awesome piece if brain coral that I love, but noticed today that there is thus section of exposed skeleton on it. Does anyone know what could be the cause? It looks pretty healthy besides that. Thank you! P.S. enjoy the clownfish photo bomb
  5. Herides

    Trachyphillia Dying? Flesh turning brown and white and decaying?

    This is the current state of one side of my poor trachy. I got him about 2 weeks ago and on the day after successfully acclimating, inflated like a balloon, ever since though he's been pretty tight to his skeleton, and now it's gotten so bad I think I can see skeleton and I'm seeking help. I've...
  6. marxman

    Sand Sifting Star & Corals

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking of adding a sand sifting star to my tank, but had a question before I do. I have 3 lobophyllia and 1 trachyphillia of good size on my sand bed. They are doing well and so I am assuming that their placement is correct. Will a sand sifting star have any effect on...
  7. D

    Trachyphyllia skeleton growing algae

    So my Trachy got stressed during a move and punctured it’s tissues with its skeleton and now algae has started to grow on it and it won’t fully inflate. Any tips?
  8. S

    Black string coming out of trachyphyllia

    I noticed this happening to my trachy... I'm not sure what it is exactly and have tried looking it up online with no luck! Does anyone have experience with this?
  9. Mrs.Tacy

    Saved a trachyphyllia from shop...

    In the beginning: My husband and I went to buy a scully and saw this sad trachyphyllia and asked what was wrong and why it looked so horrible and bleached. The shop worker said "Oh the lights are to bright in this tank for it. We are basically killing it." When looking at the whole tank my...
  10. MrDeathKills

    Acanophyilla and teachophyilla

    Can meat corals and trachys touch? I was recently told that they can. But i can find mo information anywhere on this subject. Has anyone ever seen this?
  11. L

    I think my trachyphyllia brain coral is dying. Please help!!!

    Hi everyone, I've had this brain coral for about two months now and never had an issue with it. This morning I noticed that the top right corner is beginning to die but I'm not sure why? All my other corals in the tank are very happy so this was quite a shock. Water quality is within safe...
  12. Raven2010

    Trachyphillia losing color?

    I have a fairly new trachy, had it maybe 3 weeks now. I’m not sure if it’s my eyes are deceiving me, but I think it’s losing color. All my parameters check out ok Temp 78.6 Salinity 1.025 PH 8.0 Ammonia 0.25 Nitrates 0 Nitrites 0 Phosphates 0 Calcium roughly 500ppm KH DKH 17-19 or 142-215 I’m...
  13. N11morales

    Trachy pricing

    Hello I won this trachy from a raffle and was curious on how much it’s worth? I love it but it takes up way to much room in my little tank. I don’t want to overprice anyone.
  14. Travis Warren

    California Amazing deals on Torches, Frogspawn, Trachy, Zoas, Acro,bubblegum digita, Mushrooms, Flower pot, and Frogspawn.

    Hi, I have the following at great deals, local pick up only in Ocean Beach, CA 92107. 1. 3 head green with pink tips torch coral $100 2. 1 single head green torch with pink tips $ 40 3. Red Lobo with yellow stripes $45 4. 3 head frogspawn with blue tips $80 5. Orange rim Lobo about 4inches...
  15. Travis Warren

    California Orange Rim Trachy - $200 - Local Pick up only - San Diego

    I have a very colored up Trachy with Orange rim. $200 takes it. Local Pick up Only. Ocean Beach.
  16. Born2beblack

    Brain coral are my fav, let me see them all :)

    Gotta say i love good trachy I want more but ive noticed there price just going up like crazy So sadly i only own this one Who likes to change his shape every hour of the day Hes a pancake right now Later he will be a balloon What kinda crazy brains are out there?
  17. Jackmawer31

    EMERGENCY Trachyphilla Damage

    Hello all, Please could you advise me with my Trachy. I’ve managed to slightly rip the tissue of the coral. Just wondering what’s the best chance of recovery. I hope it’ll just recover!
  18. Tdoan

    Trachyphyllia Help

    Trachyphyllia help, on the right side there is some damaged tissue that is getting bigger. Can anyone identify this issue and what is the fix?
  19. endeavouraquatics

    Livestock HOT Weekend DEALS! Naturally Grafted Torches, Lobos and MORE!

    We have some awesome weekend deals for you guys! $199 Naturally Grafted Torches $39 Lobos (Any Size) $19 Trachyphyllia and MORE!
  20. dtruitt

    Trachys are weird

    This trachy inflates in all sorts of strange ways throughout the week. Sometimes it spreads out horizontally, sometimes it gets super wrinkly, but this is the strangest thing it does. It's probably not immediately obvious from the photo, but the flesh has expanded so much and pushed so far down...
  21. ChaosAquaculture

    Major Website Update (*Warning- Bright colors-Look with Caution) has had a major web update. Listed a lot of our "choice" pics we took to Macna and came back with us. We will also be getting back to daily listings. We try and list several new items daily. Go to , if you have any questions please...
  22. alexytman

    Why does my Tracey have this bubble?

  23. damselindistress

    Help needed again please - trachy in bad shape

    a few weeks back I posted about this same trachy, whether to reposition him or not - ultimately I left him alone based on the advice I received. At that time he was doing well, magnificent really. He’s been in the tank a couple months and has always been in top form. About 10 days ago I...
  24. i0nz

    Utah Giant Picasso Trachy, Holy Grail Torch

    FS: Giant Picasso Trachyphyllia roughly 10”+ when fully expanded. It has 4-5 colors, which mimic an Eclectus Mushroom - $600 shipped obo FS: Holy Grail Indo Torch, head splitting in two - $300 shipped obo PM me if interested. Cheers!
  25. alexytman

    New trachy has spine poking through

    I have recently got a trachy, it puffs up nice. But today I fed it some reef roids, then noticed a small spine that poked through. After it finished eating I can't even find a hole. Is this bad?