1. fasterznu

    North Carolina Live Goods Zoas, Cyphastrea, Echinata, Monti, Sun Coral Colony and Trachyphyllia For BBC Sale PRICE DROP

    I've got some frags up for sale, orders over $300 ship for free. Shipping under $300 is $35. Everything is WYSIWYG Soul Splitter Echinata $180-SOLD Double Trouble Echinata $40-SOLD Seasons Greetings Montipora $15 Monet's Madness Cyphastrea $25-SOLD-Edit, I have one more frag available. Master...
  2. Kuhn

    Can't Keep Ammonia Down!

    Hello again! Sorry for such a basic and dumb question.. I'm just at a complete loss. I swear I thought I've done everything right, yet I just don't know why my Ammonia won't drop to 0. Here are my parameters... I've been having issues keeping Alk and Magnesium lower as well. It must be the salt...
  3. WTJReef

    Trachyphillia Issues

    Hi All, I’m having big issues with my Trachy all of a sudden. I’ve had this coral for about 4 months now and up until about a month ago it has always been blown up and inflated and happy. I first noticed what I thought were eggs, fluorescent mucous like deposits. (Found out this was just the...
  4. Kuhn

    My Tachy looks like its deflating?

    Hello, all! I got this gorgeous Trachy on Thursday of last week and I'm just not sure if it's happy or not... It came in perfect and puffy, put it in my tank (acclimated it first of course) then the next day started getting smaller and less puffy... I know they can deflate at night, but tbh it...
  5. wsoldier

    California Live Goods Large trachy

    Local pickup Burbank 91502 or meet at RAP Anaheim, Sunday 8/14 with prepayment. Had this in my tank for over a year, but it's growing out of control. Expands to at least 6x6" and is happy + healthy. $230 OBO. Thanks.
  6. JennyH3

    Minnesota Live Goods ISO lobo Lobophyllia or Trachy Trachyphyllia under $300

    ISO one of these 2 colors - bright or ultra rainbow - maybe a neon looking one. under $400 would possibly go higher for the right one. please post photo and price. Shipping to Minneapolis $450 with ship or $50 additional ship with price of coral
  7. Ricky J

    Trachy Trouble?

    Any basic feed back I can get about my trachy’s? They haven’t fully opened for likely a week. Basic parameters are as follows Po4- .03 No3- 2 Ca- 440 Alk- 7.0 Mag- 1320 pH- 8.0 Salinity is 1.026 My setup is just 6 months old. I dose aminos and coral vitalizer for KZ, just good o’ wc’s to...
  8. F

    Florida Live Goods Ny knicks torch, rainbow lobo, sbb Hephaestus zoas, and a red and blue trachy

    All of the corals in the title are for sale and I am located in tampa Florida and I can only do pickup Blue maxima clam about 6 inches long -140 Sbb Hephaestus zoa rock-600 Ny knicks torch-400 Rainbow lobo- 150 Red an blue trachy-90
  9. Smallslandreefer

    Trachyphyllia coral

    My trachyphyllia seem to shrink up more and more by the week. When i first got it, it puffed up like no other on the corner of the tank with very little par around 50-70 par. Then i moved it after 2 weeks to 130-150 par position with similar flow as the previous position. When i moved it i kept...
  10. QCC Picasso Painted Trachy

    For sale North Carolina QCC Picasso Painted Trachy

    Grab this stunning Trachy that is 3-4" when open before it's gone! This is the perfect centerpiece for any tank and a great piece to fill up the sandbed or a lower rock! Wether you've got a collection of Trachys or are looking for your first this one is sure to be a standout!
  11. R

    SUCCESS! Saving my trachy warning: very long and slow story

    Hi all! First thread here. I rarely if ever see any success stories of bringing back brain corals from a certain point of the “dead” on this forum. So I just wanted to share my success story to bring some people hope that it’s possible. Just a warning that some of my description of my coral...
  12. DJTJ

    EMERGENCY Trachy Recession/Bailout Help

    Hey everyone, My trachy is seemingly receding on one side even though it has been doing well for quite some time now. I don’t have any shrimp in the tank and don’t know why it would bail out on this side like this. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Thank you
  13. ReefChasers


    Trachys, Leathers, Anemones, Acros, Torches and more just added to the site! Tangs, Clownfish, Angels, Firefish, & more in stock!
  14. Queen City Corals

    The wait is over new corals are here!

    Get your week started off right, with new corals! dropped some really special pieces and they won't last long especially incredible corals like this Rainbow Fused Acan Colony, Rainbow Punch Acan, and Purple Unicorn Acan! We also got some incredible new ORA corals like this Maxima Clam...
  15. Queen City Corals

    PSST! Check Out These New Corals Dropping Tonight!

    Get your week started off right, with new corals! We have some really special pieces dropping tonight at 6pm est and they won't last long especially incredible pieces like this Rainbow Fused Acan Colony, Rainbow Punch Acan, and Purple Unicorn Acan! We also got some incredible new ORA corals...
  16. C_Reefer

    Get A Brain! Which Genus Of Brain Coral Should I buy??

    Hello LPS Lovers! I've got a 24 gallon mixed reef which is sorely lacking LPS but has plenty of softies and some SPS corals. However I am really looking into getting a brain coral, as they just look totally wicked and have a kaleidoscope of colors. However I am wondering which genus of Brain I...
  17. Trachyphyllia Welso (AUS)

    For sale Trachyphyllia Welso (AUS)

    What can I say? She's a stunner! :eek:
  18. ReeferHendrix


    Not a question but just want to see everyone’s awesome trachys! It’s my favorite coral so far just love all the cool patterns and color to them, also any special advice you have for them. Here my two I got 4months ago
  19. hypegnome

    Trachy Help

    I just purchased a trachy from my LFS. When it first arrived there about 2 months ago it was very vibrant red with an insanely green middle. Since then it has slowly lost color and today I was able to get them to sell it to me for $20 because it hasn't been doing so good in their frag tank (It...
  20. Rainbow Splatter Trachy

    For sale Rainbow Splatter Trachy

    This Splattered Trachy is insane! And on sale till the end of the month!
  21. RockyroadReef

    Help!! Brain coral damage!!

    Hi, I have this awesome piece if brain coral that I love, but noticed today that there is thus section of exposed skeleton on it. Does anyone know what could be the cause? It looks pretty healthy besides that. Thank you! P.S. enjoy the clownfish photo bomb
  22. Herides

    Trachyphillia Dying? Flesh turning brown and white and decaying?

    This is the current state of one side of my poor trachy. I got him about 2 weeks ago and on the day after successfully acclimating, inflated like a balloon, ever since though he's been pretty tight to his skeleton, and now it's gotten so bad I think I can see skeleton and I'm seeking help. I've...
  23. marxman

    Sand Sifting Star & Corals

    Hi Everyone, I am thinking of adding a sand sifting star to my tank, but had a question before I do. I have 3 lobophyllia and 1 trachyphillia of good size on my sand bed. They are doing well and so I am assuming that their placement is correct. Will a sand sifting star have any effect on...
  24. D

    Trachyphyllia skeleton growing algae

    So my Trachy got stressed during a move and punctured it’s tissues with its skeleton and now algae has started to grow on it and it won’t fully inflate. Any tips?
  25. S

    Black string coming out of trachyphyllia

    I noticed this happening to my trachy... I'm not sure what it is exactly and have tried looking it up online with no luck! Does anyone have experience with this?
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