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  1. M

    Avoiding microbubbles on Trigger Platinum Sump + Neptune Apex Salinity/Conductivity probe

    Hello, I wonder if anyone else is facing challenges keeping micro air bubbles out of their salinity/conductivity probe. The probe holder on the Trigger Systems Platinum Sump is in the same section as the skimmer. My skimmer (Reef Octopus Elite 200 Super Space Saver) keeps releasing micro...
  2. juarec0201

    Texas WTB Looking for a Sump 34/36

    I’m looking for a sump trigger 34 or 36. Or equivalent, lmk what y’all got !
  3. iamacat

    Build Thread IM 75INT Coral Gardens

    Most recent FTS 1/5/21 My name is Nick and I’ve been a lazy reefer for 10 years. Periodically I’ve been successful but most the time I’ve been focused on just keeping things alive due to life’s demands. This tank is a transition tank while I refine my reef keeping and get ready for my forever...
  4. 925Reefer

    California Aquariums SCA 50 gallon aquarium

    Selling my SCA 50 cube 24x24x20 With freshly painted 3 foot stand and trigger systems ruby 20 gallon sump. No light but I will throw in the skimmer and reactors for extra. Asking $500 for it Bought this tank from the original owner and now I want something bigger. I’m located in concord
  5. D

    Build Thread Innovative INT 75

    Finally back. Hello all. I have been out of the hobby since 2007. In these 13 years a lot has changed. Back then I had a 72 bowfront and I was rocking two 250 Metal Halides and fighting the heat associated with those lights all the time. I had a wet/dry filter and I didn't even have a...
  6. biggie4jets

    Build Thread 80 Gallon Lagoon Rimless Tank!

    Hey guys, so this is an exciting day! I am going to go pick up my new (used) Deep Blue 80 Gallon Rimless reef ready tank. I went to go check out the tank and stand last night and the tank looked practically brand new, the stand looks alright just needs some love (wrapping and some doors). It is...
  7. ecamden

    Texas Lighting Skimmers Reactors Sumps Everything for a build

    We are selling everything from our build that we are no longer doing. For starters we have (1) Kessil AP700 $600 (6 months of use) (4) AI Hydra 32HD Smartreef LED $399 each (w/mounts) (3 months of use) (1) Trigger Systems Platinum 39 Sump - 39 Inch $800(comes with extra roller mats) NEVER USED...
  8. C

    Illinois Indiana Trigger Systems Emerald 39 Sump

    All my livestock finally sold, breaking down the tank and the sump will be available for pickup. Sump: Trigger Systems Emerald 39 $250 Felt and mesh filter socks included Pickup near Elmhurst Hospital in Illinois Possible pickup in La Porte Indiana
  9. dustinc

    Build Thread It's the Last Tank, I Promise... dustinc's 120 gal SPS Build (BRS/WWC Hybrid)

    Hey reefing family! Tank: 120 Gallon Planet Mega Matrix 120 w/ Crystal Glass, Black Background, and Internal Overflow (48.5" x 24.5" x 25") Lighting: (2) Kessil A360x & (2) LET 2 Bulb T5 retrofit units (4 ATI Blue+ bulbs total) Stand: Custom Sump: Trigger Platinum 34 Sump w/ Filter Roller...
  10. Irishman

    Large Build Irishman 180 Build

    This would be my third tank overall. I started with a 60 cube, upgraded to a 120 and got a 180 on a killer deal. I just recently moved out of state and brought the 120 and 180 with dual overflow. Going to sell my 120 and get a different tank, hopefully the red sea peninsula tank. But for...
  11. MSOEME2009

    Tennessee Full Tank Breakdown

    Update for everyone: Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold Ecotech MP10WQD - Sold MP10 Wet Side - Sold Neptune Apex PMUP - Sold Neptune Apex WXM - Sold Neptune Apex DOS - Sold Neptune Apex 2016 W/Calibration Fluids & Probe Holder - Sold Neptune Apex Kessil Control Cables - Sold Kessil A160WE - Sold Kessil...
  12. Hemmdog

    Is it possible? Trigger Sump swap

    Hello, I currently have a trigger 26 emerald sump. It’s awesome, but always seemed a little small for my 90, and the fuge isn’t able to manage nutrients in the system the way I’m looking for. I was considering getting a bigger sump to add more water volume and fuge space to my system. Looking...
  13. Lovebay

    Florida Equipment for sale, Apex Neptune, Trigger Sump, Pacific Sun Metis Hyperion led

    Items for sale: Still available: 1 avm apex mod for enables control of the AI Vega, Hydra, and Hydra 52 $75 1 Bubble Magus DOSING PUMP BM-T01 $100 1 Gieseman T5 retrofit 2x80W $150 1 Pacific Sun LED Metis Hyperion 3 x 145W ($750) 2 Lumen Max Elite mh reflector $99 both New Items 1 eFlux...
  14. Agraves77

    Tennessee A bunch of excess equipment!! Tanks, Lighting, Filtration!!!

    I am having to downsize due to moving. I need a bunch of stuff gone. **** I am willing to ship the smaller items. Tanks and Sumps will not be shipped and have to be picked up locally. Tanks: 80 Gallon Deep Blue - Aquarium is used and comes with a custom stand I built. It is corner drilled...
  15. A

    Mississippi Sold - Trigger Emeral 39 Sump

    $300 or obo Local pickup only - I will not ship Used Trigger Emerald 39 sump with used Trigger Emerald 10 Gallon ATO. Both holds water with no problems. Will have scratches due to being used but nothing major. Sump has new lid, new filter sock holder, new water diffuser, new 3 drain plate, 3 new...
  16. Raege

    Some Glass, a bit of water, and dash of dreams

    Hello all, I've been out of circulation since underground filters were the way it was done. I've been catching up on the 1 or 2 changes ( lol holy moly a lot more than 1 or 2 things to catch up on) since last I was in the hobby for about a year. A lot of books, websites, and if course lurking...
  17. J

    Maryland Trigger Systems Sump - Emerald Cube Sump 20G

    Selling a 20 Gallon Green Trigger Systems Sump: Link: Asking $300.00, would prefer pickup only but if your really that interested in it being shipped. PM me. I bought it 6 months ago. After 3 months of having a 24x24x30"...
  18. Giraffe0621

    Red Sea Reefer 250, Trigger Sump, 40 gallon vertical water tanks, marco rocks- NO SHIPPING! -CT

    Have to sell tank d/t unexpected move out of the US Not much is going with me other than my dog! PICK UP ONLY from Milford, CONNECTICUT (near New Haven, CT, about 80 minutes from NYC). NO SHIPPING! Red Sea Reefer 250 Tank (purchased July 2017 from BRS) -- $700 -- NO SHIPPING! -includes...
  19. Giraffe0621

    Connecticut Trigger 26 Emerald Sump, Marco Rocks — pickup only from Milford, CT

    Pick up only from Milford, CT (near New Haven, CT, about 80 minutes from NYC. Cash only. -Trigger Systems Emerald Sump 26" ($175) (used since July 2017) -Equipment cabinet (somewhat ugly cutout in back panel d/t my inexperience with power tools! totally not visible from front of cabinet or...
  20. AquariumSpecialty

    Trigger Sump & ATO Sale Going on NOW 15% OFF

    15% off on all in-stock Trigger Sumps & ATO reservoirs. The sale price is not valid on out of stock items. Click the banner to visit the Trigger Systems page.
  21. lickyricky

    Build Thread My Red Sea Max E-170

    Hey everyone, I decided to start this thread mostly to document my progress but feel free to chime in! I've been on R2R for a while but took a five year hiatus from the hobby, mostly due to my frustration with my Biocube and partially because I moved from Boston to Miami and could not make the...
  22. Antics

    Build Thread 80 Gallon Shallow Reef - 48 x 24 x 16

    Current FTS 12/24/16: I will try to keep this updated but I am rather lazy about taking and editing photos, so we will see. :) I broke down and sold my previous tank because I was a little disenchanted with the size and the way filtration was handled. I still consider it an excellent tank...