water change

  1. Karen00

    How do I do water changes on pod culture tank without sucking out all the pods?

    Hello fellow saltines, This might be a stupid question (or at least a newbie question) but how do people do water changes on their pod culture tanks? I know a lot of people keep pods in their sumps/fuges so maybe this problem isn't applicable but for people maintaining separate culture tanks...
  2. ClownFish664

    water change advice

    Ok, so I have a nano reef, its 50L having some algae issues at the moment. But my nitrates and phosphates of course go up over time. How often and how big of a water change should be performed on such a system. It does not use a protein skimmer and is LPS only. After noticing my nitrates and...
  3. G

    Water Change

    Hi I'm new to the saltwater hobby and was wondering how would a water change be done on bigger aquariums (100 gallon +) Can I get a step by step guide? thanks!
  4. N

    "Foodsafe" Water storage Vs Not - Does it really matter?

    My reef has (very nearly) made it to the first year mark - a personal milestone - and despite a few "exciting" moments, we're doing ok and hanging in there... I store 100 litres (Metric, sorry - I'm in Australia) of RODI water in a rainwater barrel that I bought from the gardening section of a...
  5. nivekid

    Mixing Station Explanation & Instructions

    Hello all, I'm currently in the process of buying a house. This house has a concrete floored room that will be my first ever fish room. I would like to set up a nice mixing station like a see so many of you have. Does anyone know of a good write up on how these mixing stations are plumbed, how...
  6. M

    Brown deposits in mixed water

    Hi all. I set up a new tank last month and this is the first time I got my water from my LFS to do a water change tomorrow(4gallon water change, approx 25% of tank volume ). However I see that there is a brown deposit in the container(pic attached). Please let me know if I need to worry about...
  7. tailoftwogobies

    sea hares / sea slugs

    hi y’all… we were in our LFS today and overheard the owner telling his main guy that he found the ‘sea slug dead’ in one of their tanks and they need to immediately do a water change & that the water was cloudy in that tank due to the slug dying.. we have one in our sump and i’m curious, if it...
  8. N

    Pre-cycle water change (W/ fish) ?

    Hi all just a quick one currently coming to end of week 1, no sign of cycling yet (two clownfish) - planning on doing a water change at 2 weeks, should I still do this change if there is no sign of cycle beginning? Or should I wait until ammonia and nitrites have both risen and fallen before...
  9. Lex_510

    0 Nitrates, should I stop skimmer

    I have 0 nitrates, I’m running a fuge with cheato for 5hrs a day and now I’m wondering if I should turn off my Protein Skimmer??? The 75g tank has been running for 2-1/2 months with live rock- 4 clown fish, 1 yellow tank and a few clean up crew, and have a good amount of soft coral. Anythjng I...
  10. I

    To pico or not to pico?

    Hello, This is my first time posting here, so thanks in advance for the advice. I've been in the saltwater hobby for eight years and I'm moving out to college in a few months. I have a 2.5 gallon glass aquarium (w/ HoB filter & clip-on LED light), and I was thinking about setting up a pico...
  11. I

    College pico reef?

    Hello, This is my first time posting a question, so thanks ahead of time for your responses! I'm looking forward to learning here... I've been in the saltwater hobby for 8 years and I'll be moving out to college in a few months. I was looking to set up a pico reef using a 2.5 gallon glass...
  12. G

    Water Mixing Setup Design Help

    Hello R2R! So I am getting ready to set up a "smart" water mixing station. With that, I am in the beginning stages of planning the design. I have my hands on 3 65-gal pickling containers, so those will be my storage containers. 2 drums will be stacked on each other (connected with PVC) for...
  13. J

    Water changes with Dos

    Hey everyone, I just recently got an apex and am looking to set up some auto water changes with the dos system and have a couple questions: -If I have a 20g tank, is it hurtful to do a 1 gallon a day water change? I currently do a manual water change about once a week with 4 gallons or so...
  14. G

    Water change schedule for 20g tank

    HI everyone, So I've been doing a weekly water change of 20% which is ~4gallons weekly. However, many people in the hobby have told me that that is too much and probably do 20% every 2 weeks. I like my weekly maintenance but should I make that 10% instead? I have like 15+ LPS corals, 3 fish...
  15. Lex_510

    Using RO water

    Hello, So I’m setting up a new 75 gallon tank with sump and I need a lot of water Fill it in. There’s a Water Mart a Water filter Store that sales filter RO water that is abt 2-4 TDS. Is that ok to use for a mix reef set up? Is it bad or good??
  16. codee

    Using a inexpensive utility sump pump to move water from Brute?

    Does anyone use an inexpensive utility sump pump to move saltwater from their Brute (or mixing station) up to their tank? I need a pump with at least 15 of head height, as I'm pushing water up the stairs from the basement. Most of these utility pumps do not indicate if they are safe pushing...
  17. joshharmony

    Hi nitrates 90 Gallon tank fowlr advice

    Hi all, new here. I’d love some guidance/advice from aquarists who might be able to help me figure out how to bring nitrates down in my tank. My tank is little over a year old. 90 gallon with a 30 gallon refugium, protein skimmer, with some Chateo growing beneath... The tank previously housed a...
  18. Edison Coltro

    Water changes in a 150 G aquarium

    Hey guys, I have an 150 G aquarium that's been running for roughtly 2 months. In it I have 2 clowns 1 sainfin tang and 1 lawnmowner blenny. I've been wondering how often I should do my water changes since the aquarium is so lightly stocked. I'm currently doing 7-10% every other week, what...
  19. HawaiiTanks808

    How to go about doing a 75% water change for a 75 gal tank

    I have a 75 gallon tank. In 2 weeks I need to do a 75% water change after treating flukes with prazipro in my display tank. How do I do this, I don't have the space or bins to mix that much water ahead of time. So what do I need to do, to do this large of a water change safely for the fish. Do...
  20. MarshallB

    Anyone DIY a no water change substrate vac?

    Since I have automatic water changes set up, the water it takes to vaccum out the sand seems like such a waste. Plus I have to make sure I have enough mixed salt water ready to replace what im going to suck up. If I don't then I have to wait 24 hours. Simply put, it's a hassle. Seems like a no...
  21. Tdoan

    Multiplex APEX DOS

    Has anyone used 1 DOS to do auto water change on 2 different tanks? My thought is to use solenoid valves to control the water flow. Or to run parallel water Lines to each tank off the main lines from the DOS. If you have done this please let me know how you done it. Any thoughts?
  22. MnFish1

    Water changes or equipment /supplements for nutrient export - a Poll....

    Lately - after a couple items failed and having problems in the past with various algae outbreaks, chemical methods to control algae, etc etc. I've come to the conclusion that 'simpler is better' - So - for my current tank I have a skimmer, some carbon in the sump - and dose 2 part using weekly...
  23. jackalexander

    100% Water Change

    So in my previous thread, I had an ammonia issue that was out of hand. As suggested, I did a 100% WC and now i’m wondering when I should start adding fish back. If anyone has suggestions, let me know!
  24. Tristan

    Chalice coral mucus damaging SPS

    When I do large water changes, I have a large chalice coral (echinopora) that gets exposed to the air so it ends up producing a lot of mucus. When I fill the tank back up. This mucus flows throughout the tank. Last time, it ended up getting on an Acro and monti frag and killed some of the...
  25. ReeferWarrant

    Reducing Nitrates and Phosphates via Water Change Help

    Setting up to reduce my nitrates which are at 40 ppm and I want to get them down to around 10 ppm. I currently have mostly soft and LPS corals, but tried introducing some Monti's, which are extending but I dont believe they are doing well. Additionally, my Phosphate is high so my assumption is...