1. G

    California Aquariums Drygoods FS Local Pick UP New Waterbox Marine X 60.2 aquarium

    Well, I was lucky enough to win this aquarium at the frag swap. After getting it home my wife wondered why don’t you just get one large aquarium instead of two smaller ones. So I need to strike while the iron is hot and get a larger size waterbox which means I need to sell this one. Brand new...
  2. S

    Nevada Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox 6025/Stand/Sump/Coral-Las Vegas

    For sale is a Waterbox 6025 Penninsula tank, black stand, sump, and all coral, fish, rock and sand. Water can also be included. 4 fish included: Purple Tang, Flame Fin Tang, Gem Tang (been massively beat up and got skinny, but still eating), Flame Hawk, Clownfish. All fish have been with me...
  3. SS_Project

    Texas Aquariums Powerheads Drygoods Waterbox Cube 10

    This is one of the smaller tanks that has to go. Waterbox 10. Will come with tank, filter sock,return pump and power head 80$ you can have the sand if your local. I can ship at buyers expense
  4. 777_Aquatics

    New guys in my tank

    What’s up guys here is some pictures of my 2 new hermit crabs I added today. Looks like they are loving it. I bought some algae pellets for them to eat since I don’t have algae growing right now. Let me know what you all think!!
  5. 777_Aquatics

    new tank

    Hey guys new tank set up here, i got a Waterbox 15 peninsula. So far the water has been cycling for 3 days straight, i have had a couple days already where i had to add some water because the pump was running dry. I am assuming that it is evaporating? either way the water is staying clear and...
  6. M

    Selling 167 Gallon Waterbox Tank

    Selling 167 Gallon Waterbox Tank with no stand The tank is rimless, and is made with Ultraclear glass. There are no chips, or damages. The dimensions are: 72.3" L x 25.3" W x 23.6" H and the glass is 19mm (3/4"). Only selling because I had to re-home my pets, my landlord was not happy about...
  7. geckoejon

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox 180.5 - Breakdown!!! Apex, EcoTech, etc… Sorrento, FL

    $$$$$$$ EVERYTHING IS PENDING!!! —— waterbox 180.5 Complete Setup… 7 months old. Some equipment still new in box! ===== Waterbox 180.5 Breakdown ====== @@@ Equipment only! Livestock pending… *** ready now *** - Apex Trident (new) & 2x regents (new) $600 - Apex Dose (x2) (new) $250 each -...
  8. brandonhyndman

    Indiana WTB waterbox 100.3 for sale

    selling my waterbox 100.3. want to sell all together at the moment so im not willing to part anything out right now. if i find someone to buy all the coral and fish then im going to start parting out the system. The tank and all equipment were purchased in 2020 or later and all the ecotech...
  9. A4goulet

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Waterbox 7226 Peninsula 210 Gallon

    Waterbox 7226 Peninsula 210 Gallon rimless. Tank is EMPTY. NO LIVESTOCK. Comes with the original white Waterbox stand, sump and ATO reservoir and required plumbing for operation. HPDE/Starboard bottom 72" long x 26" wide. I recently moved and the new house doesn't have room for a Peninsula...
  10. gobybryant

    New York Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Waterbox 70.2

    Selling my Waterbox 70.2. I'll clean before pick up. Sorry for the crappy photos. The Tank (link) Basically new. Tank was filled with water for about 2 weeks, but was emptied- going in a different direction. I purchased replacement plumbing parts, which I'll include, except for the split return.
  11. geckoejon

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods Close

    please close
  12. codee

    New Jersey New York Package Deal Drygoods Waterbox Marine X 90.3, Display Refugium, Complete Set Up

    Hi All, I'm selling my Waterbox Marine X 90.3. The tank was delivered in April 2021 and it has been plumbed into a 11 gallon Fiji Cube display refugium. The system has been running for about a year with minimal livestock (1 One Spot Foxface, 2 Orange Storm Clownfish, and a variety of crabs)...
  13. C

    Skimmers Live Rock LED Drygoods Waterbox 145.5 and Like New Equipment (Reefi LEDs, Reefwaves, Sicce return pump, Regal skimmer, etc.).)

    Howdy Reefers! My friend set up a really nice frag tank earlier this year but has to break down/sell due to a move. The tank and all equipment are only about 6-months old and in like new condition (tank was cycled but never filled with livestock). Please see below for what is available and...
  14. gobybryant

    Waterbox 70.2 plumbing

    Anyone know what size lifeguard bulkheads fit this tank? I got the tank used for a great price, but without the plumbing it’s just collecting dust. I’ve reached out to WB but they don’t sell replacement plumbing kits. Thanks!
  15. SaltwaterScoop

    Newly setup tank with glass stains?

    I setup my tank last Saturday with water, rock, and sand. The tank only had dry rock, dry sand, and ro water. I drained it to do some leveling and noticed stains all over the glass. Especially around the waterline. It won't come off with wiping or vinegar... Any idea what it is / how to...
  16. xtravism

    Florida Aquariums Drygoods ISO OF 50-80 gallon Nuvo lagoon tank or SR series. Or waterbox frag 105

    Trying to buy a lagoon styled tank. Will drive if it’s a good deal and worth the gas and time. Located in Eustis, FL
  17. K

    Waterbox Reef for freshwater fish, need advice

    Hello fellow fish keepers , hope all of you are doing great and staying safe. So after a loooong pause i want to get back to fish keeping but due to some health issues (back issues and not able to lift heavy) i want to start with freshwater and if i feel i can do it again health wise and time...
  18. SupraSaltyReefer

    FS: NEW Waterbox Platinum Frag 45.2

    I've been saving this setup in case I ever downsize, but that's probably never going to happen lol. It's time to sell my discontinued NEW Waterbox Platinum Frag 45.2 (24x24x12.4" tall) with White stand (24x24x48.4" tall) and sump (21x18x12" tall). It's still in the crate. Also includes some...
  19. tylr9m482

    New Jersey New York Drygoods Waterbox 14 Gallon Cube

    Waterbox ATO glass tank. Came with my Waterbox 220.6 Reef for ato, was going to set up as a nano tank but never used it. 15"L x15"H x19"D - $40 Pick up only - Woodbridge NJ 07095
  20. annablankenheim

    Build Thread Anna's Waterbox 220.6 Build Thread

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna (Ah-na, like the Frozen princess) and I'm a long time lurker, but first time poster! I started reefing during COVID with a 50 gallon SCA cube. I've been bitten by the bug and currently have a Waterbox 220.6 shipping as we speak! I'm super excited to document my...
  21. GK3

    North Carolina WTB Waterbox 50.3 AIO

    Curious if anyone around Charlotte nc has a Waterbox 50.3 they want to sell. Lmk
  22. L

    Help me pick my next tank

    Hello, While having had a tank crash in my 10-gallon I want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a new tank. I have been breaking my head for the following tanks. Waterbox AIO 35.2 or the Red Sea reefer 170 G2. The only reason I would go whit the waterbox is just how easy an AIO is. I once...
  23. Erik the Red

    Advices and ideas for new build

    Hi everyone, I’m planning to get a new tank instead of my Waterbox 35.1 AIO. The reason is that it’s never really taken off and I need some more stability as due to my job it can be hard to follow the tank. So basically I’d like a bigger tank to allow it to go on autopilot once in a while. For...
  24. MJY

    Nano Build Waterbox Cube 7 Nano Reef - Low Input, High Output

    Hi, I am starting up this build thread to document my “retired” (A.K.A – never used for intended purposes) Waterbox Cube 7 quarantine tank. Story goes a little something like this… 2020 COVID-19 Peak Lockdown in Australia – I Think, I know what would be good! A nostalgic childhood &...
  25. SunnyX

    Build Thread Rimless Reef 4.0

    It feels good to be back! Well, I’ve been back in the hobby for two years now. Over that time I had setup a small 50gl reef in my office. It was nothing special, just something to get my fingers wet again in this hobby. The tank grew in nicely from small frags and helped to get me ready for...
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