1. Waterbox Aquariums

    RAFFLE FOR A CAUSE: Help Us Restore Florida's Reefs with Coral Restoration Foundation™ | WIN A FULLY LOADED WATERBOX SYSTEM!

    Hello R2R, This year for Blue Friday, we're raffling for a great cause! Join us in helping The Coral Restoration Foundation restore some of Florida's most delicate reefs and YOU could win one of these incredible aquarium systems, shipped straight to your home: Ready to learn more and...
  2. Schraufabagel

    Time to speculate. What do you think the new Waterbox Aquariums coming on Blue Friday are?

    Waterbox is teasing what looks like 3 new aquariums or model lines announcing November 5th. What are you hoping they are, or what do you think they will be? https://waterboxaquariums.com/pages/bluefriday
  3. Waterbox Aquariums

    The Announcement You've Been Waiting For... BLUE FRIDAY 2021 IS COMING!

    Hello R2R! Ready to experience our BIGGEST and BEST Blue Friday yet? We have a TON of surprises on deck for you this year. Tune in and be among the first to learn about what we have in store for this year's annual event, only on Waterbox Live! Learn more on WEDNESDAY, October 20th at 1:00...
  4. Waterbox Aquariums

    The Do's and Don'ts of Clam Care | ORA® Aquacultured Clams Have Arrived!

    Hello R2R! Ornamental clams require special care to flourish longterm in your reef aquarium-- let's discuss the big DO'S and DON'TS of marine clam care. ORA® has sent us a GIANT clam pack, containing Derasa, Hippopus and First Grade Crocea clams! Join us as we unbox our beautiful...
  5. Indo gold torch

    For sale Indo gold torch

    4 single head torch looking for new home, pickup in East Orlando
  6. Waterbox Aquariums

    SPECIAL DELIVERY! ORA® Aquacultured Coral Unboxing + Feeding | PLUS Waterbox Swag Bag Giveaway

    Hello, R2R, We have a VERY special delivery arriving to Waterbox Studios this week, straight from our friends at ORA-- and we can't wait to show you what's inside! Learn more about farm-raised coral as we unbox our newest additions and acclimate them into the PENINSULA 4820, our FULLY...
  7. L

    Stocking Ideas - WB 20 Cube (6mo Old)

    Hi All - I have a Waterbox 20 cube that has been setup for ~6 months so far. Tank has been pretty stable and the newer SPS frags I have put in have been doing well thus far. Looking for some thoughts on what I should do next. Interested in adding a fish (potentially if I can find room in...
  8. ProShot

    Build Thread Waterbox Marine X 60.2

    Waterbox Marine X 60.2 Heater- 300W Titanium Heater BRS With Temp Controller- Inkbird ITC-306A WiFi Pump-Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Sump- Fluval Biomax, Filter Socks,Chemipure Blue Chemi Pure Blue 11 oz., ???, ??? Light- AI Prime 16HD LED Powerhead- Nero 3 Powerhead Skimmer-...
  9. Waterbox Aquariums

    Life + Growth Cycles in Aquaculture: Adding NEW ORA® Fish to the PENINSULA 4820

    Hello, R2R! We invite you to come check out our newest mini series, featuring our friends at ORA. In this episode, we will be taking a look at how these fish are captive-bred and raised, from egg to your aquarium! Now that we have transferred the contents of the original ORA® Build into...
  10. Waterbox Aquariums

    VIDEO GUIDE: How to Set Up a Waterbox Aquariums CUBE 20 Nano Reef

    Hello R2R, We have created a quick and concise video guide series on setting up our CUBE 20, from unboxing to adding fish and coral. Follow along step-by-step with us as Waterbox MVP Jess sets up our newest aquarium in the Waterbox Studio. This is a great walkthrough for anyone who is new...
  11. Circa

    Build Thread Circa's Waterbox 4820 Peninsula Build - Return to Reefing. Lets goo!!!

    Hey hey folks names Josh - Most call me Circa.I live in Connecticut, self employed - I run a gaming network for GTA5, Ark, Conan and various other survival games. Some other fun facts. I have 3 Australian Shepherds, Kyrie 7, Jasper 6, Maisie 11months . . I used to be big in the reef world fell...
  12. chemicals

    4ft or 5ft reef tank

    Hi, in the coming month I’m going to order my first reef tank. However, I’m having a hard time deciding between the WB reef 130.4 or 180.5. They both fit my budget, although, I have a little more extra to spend on the 4ft one if I decide to go with that one. My question is, will I regret if i’m...
  13. dcal1985

    Build Thread Deane's Waterbox Frag 105.4 Build

    Hey Everyone, As I mentioned in my introduction, I'm getting back into the hobby after a solid 10-year hiatus. The last tank I had was a second hand 75-gallon with less than ideal equipment. It was a mixed success but without the appropriate resources, I decided to shut it down. Now, I'm...
  14. Waterbox Aquariums

    LIVE Q+A: We're Tackling the BIGGEST Questions About the Setup and Care of HUGE Reef Aquariums!

    Hello, R2R! Since April, we have been weekly documenting our BIGGEST build yet-- the REEF LX 320.7! In this time, we have covered many topics: - Delivery + Uncrating - Set Up - Plumbing + Sumps - Equipment Planning - Electrical and Cable Management - Aquascaping ...and more! Join us for a...
  15. Bluereefer4

    Red Sea 350 vs WB MARINE X110.4- Help me decide!!

    Hey all, I'm having a difficult time choosing between the Red Sea 350 and the Marine X 110.4. Both are very similar in specs and the size I want but I keep going back and forth between the two. Initially, I was set on the Waterbox because I continued to hear and read about the seams busting on...
  16. Bobafett

    Florida WTB WTB Waterbox 35.2G AIO (No stand, No lighting)

    WTB Waterbox 35.2G AIO alone - NO STAND & NO LIGHTING I already have a WB20 but have it on the 35.2G stand so looking to upgrade Serious offers only Located in Clearwater, FL; I am fine with shipping or local pickup.
  17. DStecz

    Moving up and branching out, need some stocking ideas (long)

    I currently have a 32g fluval flex that at the moment is my only saltwater tank. I've had the one saltwater tank for a little over two years now and multiple planted freshwater tanks for about 10 years. After quite a lot of discussion with the family we have decided to convert or upgrade the...
  18. daelie

    Build Thread Daelie's Waterbox Frag 165.6

    I always liked the looks of these shallower tanks and figured I'd really like to build out an SPS lagoon with one of them, so here we are. Tank arrived in pretty good shape, and overall I'm pretty happy with it. A couple pictures after getting the tank and sump unboxed Stand was quite...
  19. Waterbox Aquariums

    Want to Win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard TODAY? Join the WATERBOX + LIVING REEF ORLANDO Live Stream!

    Good morning, R2R! We will be going LIVE today at 1 PM EST with the one and only Ann of @Living Reef Orlando as we add in our new LPS corals to the REEF LX 320.7 and discuss their care. Join us and engage in the comments for your chance to win a $100 Waterbox Aquariums eGiftCard today! CLICK...
  20. L

    Build Thread Blaze's Reef: The progression of my Waterbox 220.6 Mixed Reef Tank

    Images and my journey will be added here shortly
  21. Shadowreefer

    Lighting Schedule question regarding algae growth

    Light: XR30 G2 about 10 inches above the water Tank: WB Peninsula Mini 15 Testing Kit: Hanna for both Phosphate and Nitrate Water: Rodi water with 0 TDS I don't think I overfeed because i get 0.01 in Phosphate and 0 in the Nitrate (I think I'm doing the testing right). I have to keep vacuuming...
  22. L

    Green Slimer Turning Purple on Bottom

    Hi All - I recently introduced a few SPS pieces to my tank. Everything looks fine but the base of the green slimmer looks like it is starting to turn purple, starting from one side moving towards the center. See the attached picture of the frag on the rock as well as a side view of the tank so...
  23. Manonfire0815

    Cube Build Marine X 60.2

    Moving from Waterbox Cube 20 to a sump setup. Wasn’t pleasant, but I love the extra space. Will continue to update and look for additional inspiration.
  24. chill903

    Waterbox 70.2 Aquarium (anenome tank) with all equipment + Livestock

    Selling a Waterbox 70.2 all-in-one reef tank with everything you need to make it work. Full equipment list below. I've been using this as an anemone tank. It currently houses a mated pair of cinnamon clowns who spawn frequently and over a dozen rose bubble tip anemones. I'm consolidating...
  25. Piova

    AI Nero 3 placement and settings on a Waterbox Cube 10

    Hi! I just bought an AI Nero 3 for my Waterbox Cube 10. I wanted to know what are your settings/schedule and its placement! No corals at the moment, but eventually. Thank you!
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