1. FjordReef

    Build Thread Fjord Reef's Waterbox Cube 20

    Introduction Hey everyone! I thought I'd start a build thread to track my progress with my newest reef. I had about 7 active tanks running simultaneously when I was 13-15 years old, but then lost interest in the hobby and got rid of everything. I'm older now and haven't been working as much due...
  2. D


    Does anyone know why there are practically no Waterbox aquariums available to order. All but a few models state “unavailable” to order. It has been that way for sometime now. Is it a supply chain issue? Any word on when tanks will be available? I’m very interested in purchasing but maybe ready...
  3. Djordan719

    Colorado WTB WTB Red Sea Reefer (S) or Waterbox Reef (LX)

    WTB new Red Sea Reefer XXL / Reefer S or Waterbox Reef 220.6 / Reef LX
  4. M

    Aquascape - Waterbox 130.4

    Howdy fellow Reefers! Finally started to work on my tank! Played around with some D-D Dry Rock and some Stax Rock (from Two Little Fishies) I also used some acrylic rods for my arch structure with a mixture of watery glue and sand alongside Aquaforest Stonefix to put it all together. Going...
  5. Drew P. Wiener

    Calling All AIO Dudes

    Hello everyone, It's been a hot minute since I've really been active on here but I come back today with a question, or rather, I'm seeking some advice. I've been in the hobby for a little while now and by no means consider myself anything but a beginner. I've had my Current setup since last...
  6. Snaizel

    Waterbox delivery questions

    Hey everyone I was considering ordering a waterbox aio 50.3 but I have some concerns about delivery. I live in South Philly and the city streets here are very very narrow and full of parked cars. Its hard enough to get a standard moving van down here let alone a freight shipment and I've never...
  7. reptireef

    Build Thread Waterbox 180.5 Dream Reef Build

    Hey all, this is my first time joining/posting on a forum of any kind so I'm excited to share my progression. (unfortunately not too many 180.5 threads) I started reefing about 8 months ago with a 29g Aqueon and canister, which was a freshwater setup prior. That lasted a couple weeks due to not...
  8. P

    Waterbox Mini 16

    As the subject says i ordered a waterbox mini 16 and plan to create a mixed reef tank. Mostly focusing on zoas and other softies including LPS. I’ll be running a Hydra 32 light and want to keep this as self sustaining as possible. Would running a oversized HOB filter with a sponge, carbon/GFO...
  9. M

    Hello New Guy! New Tank! Waterbox 130.4

    Hey all, Recently just purchased the above tank. I am a new marine reefer coming from the freshwater world. I have had my tank for a few weeks now. Cabinet built, sump plumbed. Will be taking my time and updating my progress here with pictures. Still looking into options for all equipment...
  10. R

    Florida Aquariums Waterbox 5526 Peninsula Aquarium

    Waterbox 5526 peninsula aquarium, purchased directly from waterbox roughly 6 months ago, has been setup as a fish only tank since then. Aquarium is in perfect condition no scratches or imperfections. I moved and aquarium will not fit comfortably in new place. Retails for $3,500, selling for...
  11. H

    Wave pump suggestions - Waterbox Peninsula 25

    Hello, I am new to saltwater and got a Waterbox Peninsula 25, but I noticed that the flow isn't too good so I need a wave pump that is quiet, small, but puts out good flow. Any recommendations?
  12. P

    Skimmer Help - Inconsistent water level in sump

    Happy Friday all, In need of some help with my Cadlights pls-50 Elite Skimmer. I have it running in the second chamber of my Waterbox AIO Cube 20. Back sump chamber consists of: 1st Chamber - Intank media basket with floss, biomax, then Purigen 2nd chamber - GFO Reactor, Skimmer 3rd Chamber -...
  13. J

    230.6 for sale

    Moving in two weeks and need to sell 230.6 waterbox. Only selling tank, stand, sump and top off tank. $2000
  14. L

    Water Box 105.04 Stocking Ideas

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had stocking ideas for the Waterbox FRAG 105.04? The tank is 47.2"×23.6"×16.1". As of right now all that I am certain on is the basic pair of Ocellaris Clowns. I'm quite interested in the idea of getting a tang as well -- obviously w/ a 4ft tank my options are...
  15. brittneykaiser

    Build Thread Cajun Reefer's Waterbox Marine X 90.3 Build

    Hey, everyone! So my Waterbox Marine X 90.3 finally came in! And I'm head over heels for this tank. The stand took about an hour and a half to build with my husband, and then I made my own saltwater to fill the tank. I used Aqua Forest sea salt for the basics. I've got 60lb of Fiji Pink sand...
  16. Gonj

    Stocking suggestion for 55g?

    I recently got a waterbox 85.3 frag tank, according to the sticker the display up top is about 55 gallons rest is in the sump. was wondering if anyone can share input on colorful interactive fish, nothing too skittish , goal is a reef tank so preferably reef safe or with caution would be good...
  17. B

    Everything from my 5 month old 100g listed for sale here!!!!!!! Tank, Skimmer, Kessils, MP40's

    Everything listed is less than 6 months old. Purchased new during my Waterbox 100.3 build. I have now moved all of my livestock to the 220 and am beginning the breakdown of the 100.3. Obviously the aquarium/sump/stand itself will be pick up only. Everything else should be able to be shipped. I...
  18. Schraufabagel

    Nano Build Schrauf’s Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25

    Hey, I'm new here. I have some freshwater tanks and I decided to take the plunge into saltwater since I think reef tanks look awesome! I have a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25 that will go on my desk. I have also listed my planned equipment and livestock. My inspiration for what style tank I’m...
  19. M

    Large Build Waterbox 220.6 mixed reef tank build

    I have gone back and forth about starting a build thread, but I suppose if I am going to invest this much time and money into a tank, I should share the experience. Maybe I can share some knowledge that I gain along the way and hopefully get assistance from fellow reefers. A little background...
  20. D

    California WTB Want to buy waterbox frag series! or frag tank with similar dimensions

    Hey everyone! I am looking for a frag tank preferably a Waterbox 85.3 or bigger will look at any size! If you don't have a waterbox will also consider any frag tank with heights between 12 to 16 inches. I am located in Los Angeles but am willing to drive or meet up in So Cal or try to...
  21. L

    Cycling Questions (Week 2, Waterbox 20 Cube)

    Hey All - Have some cycling questions. I have a Waterbox 20 cube setup and have been cycling for almost two weeks. For some background, I am using CaribSea live sand (used good amount of liquid from bag), dry rock and Imagitarium pre-mixed saltwater (will phase this out once I get RODI filter)...
  22. bluerider098

    Build Thread My First Saltwater Build.....Waterbox Frag 55.2... This is going to be great

    So I guess I will start with how I ended up starting my first reef tank. It's kinda ironic really..... I have been in the aquarium hobby for over 20 years. I started a 75 gallon African Cichlid tank way back then and it's become a self sustaining colony and it's still going strong today...
  23. Vivid Creative Aquatics

    Waterbox Aquariums and the Random Flow Generator - A Perfect Match!

    We just took all the guess work out of adding a Random Flow Generator® Nozzle to your Waterbox® Aquarium. The New Waterbox Flow Kits featuring the Random Flow Generator are available in two sizes and cover the entire line of Waterbox Aquariums. Now Available at SatwaterAquarium.com and Marine...
  24. ReefCoder

    Build Thread ReefCoder's Waterbox 220.6 Dream Tank Build

    I figured I would start a build thread to document my dream tank build so here we go! I currently have an IM Nuvo Fusion 40g, have had several reef tanks over the last 10+ years, even bred clownfish for a while - at one point I had 23 20g tanks in my garage hooked up to a 250g sump :) I...
  25. D

    Looking for information on where to buy a waterbox 65 AIO online.

    Hey all, as the title says i’m looking to find some website to find the waterbox’s 65.4 All In One tank. It’s been out of stock on their home website for a bit, and i dont know if there are any other sites that would potentially have them in stock. I’m not sure if this should really go in the...