1. V

    New Jersey New York Aquariums Drygoods For Sale Waterbox Infina 230.6

    Brand New Infinia Reef 230.6 I just purchased in March of 2024. Unfortunately I have a work relocation that was unexpected and I need to sell. Everything has to Go. I prefer to sell as a package but will price out if there is not traction. $3,000 for everything. I will put individual prices...
  2. S

    Pennsylvania Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods FS Package Deal for 105.4 Waterbox Frag Tank, Tons of equipment

    Sadly due to work (travel) and other changes, I am no longer able to support a salt water tank. Putting this up for sale as a package (preferred). I hate to see this go but I do not want to cause any harm to the tank due to my frequent travel. I am asking $2,500 for the entire set up with...
  3. legacy2mj

    Waterbox glass chip

    I have a client that bought a used Waterbox frag 176.5 system (117 gal) lagoon style tank. Very nice tank. I went last night to get the plumbing all dry fit and everything pretty much prepped to add water and start cycling. Noticed the chip in the bottom right front corner (pics included). He’s...
  4. Reefin Aint Easy

    New York Drygoods Like New Equipment For Sale - Tank Break Down! Neptune, Ecotech, Hanna, Waterbox, Red Sea, Hydros, Avast Marine & More!

    **UPDATE** PLEASE SEND ME A REASONABLE OFFER FOR ALL EQUIPMENT LEFT IF INTERESTED. ALL OF IT NEEDS TO GO! I am breaking down my new Waterbox Marine X 90.3 I just got because I am moving and will not be setting it back up. Eveything listed was purchased brand new (Except DOS pumps and protein...
  5. Tactical Reefkeeping

    New tank question

    I have found a waterbox 70.3 gallon tank on face book marketplace. My budget is around 600 and he is asking for 1,000 but it comes with tones of goods. Here are some 2 hydras 34 lights with brackets Mp40 wavemaker Mp10 and tons of others accessories I already have a reef tank so I have a...
  6. Jvesche20

    Red sea or waterbox secondhand

    Hi, I want to purchase either a red sea or waterbox tank. I was thinking just looking on facebook market place and seeing if I can find an entire setup. They get pretty expensive new. I've found a few large systems. What are your thoughts on these tanks buying secondhand? I've bought used...
  7. Brandon3000

    Package Deal Drygoods Waterbox 105.4 Frag Setup

    Hey everyone, Have a waterbox 105.4 that I'm going to be tearing down soon. Tank/stand in great condition. Always was very careful with cleaning to ensure glass wasn't scratched. Will come with Tank/Stand/Sump/Return pump/Tunz 3155 osmolator ATO/protein skimmer Does NOT include...
  8. A

    New Jersey New York WTB Looking for a Waterbox 60.2 Marine X preferably in white

    Looking to buy a new tank, specifically a waterbox 60.2 marine X in white. If anyone’s selling one let me know, thanks!
  9. K

    Reef casa vs waterbox

    Hey reefers!! Trying to get back into the hobby and I'm stuck between 12G ReefCasa and 20 G waterbox. I've had a 10G waterbox before and the starphire glass is absolutely amazing. The only problem is that they don't have the 10Gs anymore. 20G is a bit too large for me. ReefCasa's 12G is...
  10. Elitecorals

    Florida Live Goods Amazeballs goni

    Mazeballs at 275 each Pick up only in orlando fl
  11. Amybolton2

    Waterbox plumbing barbs too loose for the hose?

    I have a new Waterbox infinia 125. I’m having a hard time with plumbing it to the Vectra m2.. From my research it looks like the Waterbox has used a metric hose? And I need to convert it to standard to fit? A little over my head, I bought the plumbing and went with this setup because I thought...
  12. smacrophylia

    Tank upgrade (worried about acros)

    I have a Red Sea aquarium that has blown two back wall pumps and is generally old. So I am planning on ordering a waterbox infinia frag tank. Not a major upgrade on the size just an additional 40-50 gallons I’m not sure exactly what the Red Sea is. (Maybe 130 total volume) waterbox will be...
  13. texasreefer92

    Transition to Larger Tank- Advice?

    Good Morning! I am incredibly new and mostly let my husband do everything with the tank but i am trying to learn more. So please have patience lol We are upgrading our tank from 55 gal to Waterbox Infinia Reed 150.4..... My husband and i have done a lot of research but getting conflicting...
  14. Pure Fishigan

    I'm Back!!! Prepping to Re-Boot my WB 10 Cube

    Hollo Again R2R!!!!!, After a year of being MIA, I finally settled down after some moving and other issues. I plan to launch back into the reefing hobby, and I still have all my equipment from my previous builds (Marine X 60.2. WB 10 Cube, and a 55-gallon). I will be diving deep into R2R to...
  15. S

    Need help Silencing New Waterbox Infinia Reef 230.6

    Hello there, I just sent this message to Waterbox, but it turns out their help desk is only available Monday-Thursday and I am trying to get my cycle started this weekend, so I wanted to reach out here to hopefully get some answers. I am in the process of water testing my new Infinia Reef...
  16. JcK03

    Waterbox AIO reviews

    Hello fellow reefers Here I'll share with you my short experience with Waterbox AIO 20g Cube. (WB owner for the first time, since 1½month) First of all, I'm from Canada, I have ordered my tank and the stand directly on the WB website, and for real the shipping was really really fast and well...
  17. SaltyGroves


    It’s been a few years. Back up with a new setup. Stay salty! deets: Waterbox 20 cube Radion r15 gen Nero 3 Sicce 1.0 return pump Kracken reef lid Inkbird heater controller Brs heater Carib sea arches rock Torches Hammers Frogspawn Octospawns Zoas Mushrooms Acan Duncan
  18. P

    Help! Leaking manifold valve Waterbox 320.7

    I have a leak coming off of the manifold valve and I don’t understand why or what I can do. The valve is fully closed and yet it seems to be leaking directly from the valve, not even from the bottom of it. If nobody here has a suggestion, I’ll contact WB, but as this is actively leaking, I need...
  19. Nick063

    Florida Aquariums WTS Waterbox 220.6 complete set up

    Testing the waters, thinking of getting out of the hobby, looking to sell a completed Waterbox 220.6 system. Lighting: 2 Ecotech Radion Xr30s Gen 5 blues using Kessil ap700 arms, which allows for much greater customization of lighting height 1 Ecotech Eadion XR 15 Gen 5 Blue All lighting is...
  20. V

    Waterbox aluminum stand questions

    I just placed an order for a waterbox AIO that comes with an aluminum stand. My plan is to use a 40g breeder on this stand while the AIO goes on another homemade stand. But this may need a plywood top too distribute the weight better since the 40 breeder will not be sitting on the frame edges...
  21. LEOreefer

    Waterbox 6025

    Hey all, I am planning a new tank build. I’m going to be purchasing a new waterbox 6025 peninsula aquarium. I was wondering if anyone has pictures of the sump/ electrical area? Waterbox makes it sound like there’s a separate area of electric but they don’t actually have photos of it. Thank you...
  22. jugsmctugs

    Waterbox Reef 130.4 - Tank, Stand and Sump plus extras (East Windsor, NJ)

    Selling my Waterbox Reef 130.4 system as I am moving into new home and downsizing. Asking $700. Tank was purchased new in December 2018 and has been up and running for five years. Entire system is in great shape. There is a small ~2" vertical scratch on the interior of the front glass panel...
  23. F

    Waterbox 70.3 and other equipment, Near Tampa,fl

    I have a water box 70.3 that I have had for 2-3 years and there are no leaks but a very small chip that was on the tank when I bought it, the tank with a return pump will be 500$,I have a Kessil 360x with a WiFi dongle and gooseneck attachment that I will sell for 250$, an aquatic life t5...
  24. C

    Dino Tank Reset

    Hello all. I have a 20g water box cube that keeps bottoming out phosphates and nitrates, which caused Dino’s. I fought Dino’s (prorocentrum to be exact) for over 10 months. I won, but then the diatoms took over and became out of control. We then moved out of an apartment and into a house so i...
  25. SaltwaterandLime

    Waterbox 25g peninsula with stand - local pick up only

    Waterbox 25g peninsula AIO tank with custom wood stand built by me. Comes with upgraded sicce 1.0 pump and custom lid from kraken reef Shipping not available, located in Ocala FL