1. FishyBusinessAq

    Large Livestock - L, XL and XXL Sizes Available

    As of Saturday, July 20, 2019 @9:00 p.m. EST Angels Cortez Angel – Large – 1 Flame Angel – Large – Lots! Emperor Angel, Adult, Indonesia – Large – 1 Emperor Angel, Changing, Indonesia – Large – 5 Emperor Angel, Adult, Hawaii – Large – 3, XL – 1 Koran Angel – Large – 1 Multicolor Angel –...
  2. FishyBusinessAq

    Wrasses Lovers Delight - Choati, Potters, Flame Fairy, Rhomboid, Mystery and more!

    We have some very unique fish this week (not just wrasses) - they are going fast though! We'll be posting all day about the incredible inventory we have. :):) In the meantime, check out some of the awesome reef-safe wrasses here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe/
  3. FishyBusinessAq

    Items on Sale this week at FishyBusinessAquatics.com

    Shop Here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/on-sale-today/ FREE Shipping at $149, plus 10% off at $199 and $50 off at $299 - see website for coupon codes.
  4. Krazymuncher

    Anyone know how to keep Scarlet pinstripe wrasses?

    Does anyone know how to keep Scarlet pinstripe wrasses? Currently have a 30 gallon with some zoas, a blood red fire shrimp and a pair of black clowns. Thinking about adding more coral and maybe adding an anemone. Are the wrasses aggressive? Will they eat corals? Will harm fire shrimps?
  5. AquaDaddy

    Upgrading Tank, how to transfer old fish and add new fish at same time...

    HI there. We currently have a 93 cube and it's been up and running for a couple years. We have the below list in our tank and they are all happy and doing well. We are also in the process of building our new tank (210) and are looking for advice on transferring the fish as well as adding new...
  6. FishyBusinessAq

    WRASSES - 35 Species of Reef-Safe & 18 Species of Non-Reef-Safe in Stock Now

    Reef-Safe: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe/ Non-Reef-Safe: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-non-reef-safe/ Save 10% with code: weekend10 -or- Choose free item - Details and Coupon Codes here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/this-weeks-free-offers/
  7. Jeremy K.A.

    Wrasse Ghost fish

    Hey everyone I'm having an issue with my 55 gallon mixed reef. I have/had monti eating nudis so in the past 6ish months I've bought multiple Coris wrasses, yellow and green "over the course of months". EVERY TIME I buy one I acclimate it and add it to the tank, they disappear forever. I have not...
  8. Peach02

    Wrasse suggestions?

    Requirements: 33gallon tank / 120L tank (display) Won't eat coral Won't eat fish or be agressive Looks nice Relatively resilient Can be bought in Sydney Australia Some of the ones I like the look of
  9. FishyBusinessAq

    Got Fish? WE DO!!!

    We will be updating this post all day with all of the incredible fish we have in stock now! Let's start with Angels! Large Angels: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/angels-large/
  10. FishyBusinessAq

    FORTY Reef-Safe Wrasse Species in Stock Right Now!

    Shop Reef-Safe Wrasses here: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe/
  11. Pacific Island Aquatics

    Nursalim Wrasses coming in February!

    Wanted to announce that we are expecting a small shipment of Nursalim wrasses next month! Text us at (541)740-3046 or email at [email protected] If you’re not familiar here’s a YouTube video link showing what to expect
  12. FishyBusinessAq

    Livestock - What's in Stock today?

    We're starting with Dwarf Angels and working our way through... categories will be added as comments.
  13. FishyBusinessAq

    WRASSES - 36 Species of Reef-Safe & 15 Species of Non-Reef-Safe

    Shop Reef-Safe Wrasses https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe Non Reef-Safe Wrasses https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-non-reef-safe
  14. choss

    Good cover for rimless tanks

    I am looking to add a customer made cover for my 96 gallon ReefSavvy tank. Its a rimless tank so I want something that won't take away from the awesome design of the ReefSavvy tank, but will fit perfectly to ensure that wrasses and other fish don't find their way past the cover. And while I...
  15. FishyBusinessAq

    Reef-Safe Wrasses - Over 30 species in Stock Now!

    We couldn't even fit them onto one graphic... https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe (Plus, there are 9 species of Non-Reef-Safe Wrasses in stock too.) https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-non-reef-safe
  16. FishyBusinessAq

    Limited Quantities - Livestock We Don't See Every Week - in stock now!

    Angels Potter’s Angel Venustus Angel Zebra Angel – Male & Female Anthias Ignitus Anthias, Female Pictilis Anthis, Australia, Male & Female Purple Anthias Randall’s Anthias, Male Basslet Cave Basslet Japanese Basslet Blenny Canary Blenny, Fiji, Green-Yellow Cardinalfish Orange Stripe...
  17. FishyBusinessAq

    BIG FISH - XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available!!!

    As of Sat, June 23, 2018 Angels Blueface Angel - XL Eibli Angel – XL Koran Angel, Adult – XL, XXL Queen Angel – 1 Large Scribbled Angel, Female (Australia) – XL Scribbled Angel, Male (Australia) – Show True Personifier Angel, Female – XL Butterflyfish Auriga Butterfly - XXL Copperband...
  18. FishyBusinessAq

    RARE MAGMA FAIRY WRASSE Available Right Now!

    Get it Now: https://fishybusinessaquatics.com/fish/wrasse-reef-safe/magma-fairy-wrasse-cirrhilabrus-sp/
  19. FishyBusinessAq

    WRASSES - Over 40 species of Reef-Safe Wrasses in Stock Now

    Check out what we've got:
  20. FishyBusinessAq

    BIG FISH - XL, XXL & Show Sizes Available!!!

    We've got LOTS of Extra Large fish in stock... below is a list as of 9:00 p.m. PST 5/26/18 Angels Annularis Angel, Adult – XL & Show Asfur Angel – XL Blueface Angel, Adult - XL Eibli Angel – XL Koran Angel, Adult – XL Majestic Angel – XL Tibicen Angel (Keyhole) – XL True Personifier Angel – XL...
  21. Cirrhilabrus Complexes: Inferiority Need Not Apply (1st Revision)

    Cirrhilabrus Complexes: Inferiority Need Not Apply (1st Revision)

    Cirrhilabrus, the “Fairy Wrasses”, are one of the most elegant, active, and colorful reef fish. Their appeal in a reef tank is common to many, but not all have a well-rounded understanding of the compatibility amongst them. Enter the notion of “complexes”: groupings of very closely related...
  22. C

    Stock List Disect

    So with the belief that everything happens for a reason it's now time to rethink and plan my stock list. After having to move everyone to the QT because of ICH, I was forced to slow down. I would like to have the following in my tank once its all said and done. I plan on doing 30 day QT for...
  23. C

    How to keep wrasse off the floor

    Today is a sad day for me. I went to the basement to feed my QT to find my X-mas wrasse dried up on the floor. Apparently ich is nothing compared to jumping ability. Egg crate did not stop my little buddy. I have been using egg crate on the DT and was planning on going with the BRS netting...
  24. Javier Leon

    Since the storm the wrasses are hiding, why

    Hi reefers out there, am having an issue with my wrasses since last Friday is being dry stormy ⛈ here in Miami and since them my three ferry wrasses are hiding under the rocks they don't come out not even to eat, please any advise or help me what to do. Thank You
  25. SaltySue

    Nano to look how big it is!

    Hi everyone! I'm SaltySue with the purple hair. I have kept freshwater since I was 11 yrs old & at 58 decided to go saltwater. I started with a 5 gal nano knowing it would be hard. My lfs guys did a great job teaching the basics & have read & learned a lot here! I had my nano for 15 months...
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