zoa and paly

  1. E

    Zoa/paly identification

    Can you guys I’d these zoa and palys for me please, thank you.
  2. david_ma

    Michigan CB Torch, bowsers, jawbreakers, blasto and breeding l clowns, nems

    Please text 313-268-3195 cb dragon ball 2 heads opens nicely $900 shipped bowsers zoa single $30, double $50 ( have few frags) unknown rainbow chalice $80 jawbreaker frags with lots of red $100 each, natural jb baby with red and mouth showing green also $100. Colorado sunburst anemone $550...
  3. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa heads shrinking

    Ok so I've got several zoa frags with heads getting super, super small. they aren't melting or dying but the heads are maybe 1/2 to 1/3 the size they were months ago. I have recently had a cyan outbreak but they were shrinking in size before this. Any ideas what the problem could be? Biocube...
  4. Zoa_Fanatic

    Crushed zoa in DT

    I just crushed a zoa in my DT, I know the answer to this but need to hear it from someone else. Will this nuke my tank? The innards went all over the tank but I’m running carbon and have a protein skimmer. It was a single head of rainbow incinerators. @footgal because duh
  5. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa tier discussion

    So I’ve slowly collected a bunch of zoa, most of which I’m assuming are low end. I just wanted to post them all so people could give me a decent idea of where they land in terms of rarity. Only rare thing I have are CB white zombies. rastas Orange bam bams Blue hornets WWC purple monsters...
  6. giovani250

    Help id

    Can anyone help me to id this palys
  7. Zoa_Fanatic

    ZOA ID

    This pic sucks I know. But if anyone can even get me close I’d appreciate it. Another 5$ frag I picked up. It’s the super orange small head in the middle. It’s not fire and ice it’s center is almost completely a radioactive orange with a dark blue skirt.
  8. russell.dexter

    Paly / Zoa I.D.

    Hi guys, Is this a paly or a zoa and is care any different? Did I do okay on placement? Thanks! Dexter
  9. PBnJOnWheat

    New Paly Pricing!!!

    Hey everyone, I’m not a super zoa grower but I do keep tabs on the latest prices online, eBay, locally, R2R, etc. However sometimes I get behind with more important things so I’d like some second opinions! I recently purchased a wild zoa ‘mini colony’, if you will from a high end zoa guy. He...
  10. 20210121_111826.jpg


    Bowtie Blasters
  11. PBnJOnWheat

    Zoa ID (paly)

    I was told these were wild, unseen, and unlabeled. Testing that pre-purchase theory to see if it holds up now that I dropped top dollar for them. The most gold zoas I’ve ever seen. I will be selling a couple polyps at some point also. (First 5 photos were just before lights out, more white than...
  12. PBnJOnWheat

    Zoa ID (wild, expensive, unnamed)

    I was told these were wild, unseen, and unlabeled. Testing that pre-purchase theory to see if it holds up now that I dropped top dollar for them. The most gold zoas I’ve ever seen. I will be selling a couple polyps at some point also.
  13. ThatPhillyReefer

    New Jersey New York Pennsylvania Pink Diamond Zoa FS

    I have 2 frags left of Pink Diamond Zoanthids for sale $20 per polyp Open for trades as well Meet up and Shipping #1- 2 polyp frag $40 #4- 1 polyp frag $20 Pm for better pictures
  14. R

    Zoas melting but why??

    Hey everybody! I’m an experienced reefer and actually worked at an awesome LFS for a couple years, so I’m familiar with the chemistry of reef tanks and usually have no problems with my corals- however for the first time I’m having zoa trouble! All my parameters are within normal, I know, but...
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    Help me ID my Zoa!

    I got some new Zoa today and my wonderful wife got me an orange lense for Christmas. You guys have tried to help me before but it was too blue. So Zoa experts, what name do these go by? Thanks!! edit: multiple pics attached. Some are of the same colony!
  16. RedFrog211

    Does flow affect zoa skirt length?

    I’ve read online that high flow can cause zoas to have longer skirts. Has anyone experienced this? I’m curious if it’s a matter of polyp maturity, genetics or flow!
  17. R

    Favorite Zoas to Buy

    Hey all! I am starting a small grow out business, looking to primarily grow and sell zoas- from beginner to high end. I’m looking for some feedback from you guys about what types to grow! So here’s what I want to know- if you walked into a shop today, what 5 (or more!) zoas would you want to...
  18. El_Compa_Javi

    Help with ID - Candy Apple Reds or Hyper Phoenix?

    Help me out with a positive ID on these palythoas. I was told they may be Candy Apple Reds or they may be Hyper Phoenix. Any help is appreciated.
  19. atlfishes

    Georgia My Clementines Colony

    $300 obo shipped All Clementinesis 3.5” x 2.5”. A 2” frag holds 75 polyps, this is well over 100. $165 obo shipped for mixed Clementines and nuclear greens. middle frag plug is 3/4” for reference. Will consider trades for anything non sps, that stands out. Standard DOA applies. Will split...
  20. hyeclass

    Zoa not open for a month

    hello some of my zoa are closed not sure what to do here are some examples Alk 8.5 Cal 480 Po 0.23
  21. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  22. ReeferWarrant

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Multiple Coral Frags (Euphyllia, Candy Cane, Birdsnest, Zoas, Mushrooms)

    Editing: Pictures and Prices to follow) Zoanthids, Green Birds Nest, Blue Candy Cane, Green Frogspawn, Discosoma, GSP, and Xenia for sale Zoanthids: Toxic Shock $15 Blood Sucker $15 Purple Monsters $15 Red Hornets $15 Punk Rockers $15 (Colony of over 20 polyps) Rastas $10 Green Bay Packers...
  23. f.christian

    I need some ID's Please

  24. CltBadger

    Florida WTB Sopranos zoas

    Looking for some sopranos zoas...
  25. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa closed

    Do zoa close up when they eat? I fed mine some phyto two days ago and the ones that got the periphery of the phyto spray were open today but the ones that got heavy phyto werent. Is this normal? They’ve been in the tank three days. also I had 3 polyps of about 20 break off today. I couldn’t...
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