zoa and paly

  1. RedFrog211

    Does flow affect zoa skirt length?

    I’ve read online that high flow can cause zoas to have longer skirts. Has anyone experienced this? I’m curious if it’s a matter of polyp maturity, genetics or flow!
  2. R

    Favorite Zoas to Buy

    Hey all! I am starting a small grow out business, looking to primarily grow and sell zoas- from beginner to high end. I’m looking for some feedback from you guys about what types to grow! So here’s what I want to know- if you walked into a shop today, what 5 (or more!) zoas would you want to...
  3. El_Compa_Javi

    Help with ID - Candy Apple Reds or Hyper Phoenix?

    Help me out with a positive ID on these palythoas. I was told they may be Candy Apple Reds or they may be Hyper Phoenix. Any help is appreciated.
  4. atlfishes

    Georgia My Clementines Colony

    $300 obo shipped All Clementinesis 3.5” x 2.5”. A 2” frag holds 75 polyps, this is well over 100. $165 obo shipped for mixed Clementines and nuclear greens. middle frag plug is 3/4” for reference. Will consider trades for anything non sps, that stands out. Standard DOA applies. Will split...
  5. hyeclass

    Zoa not open for a month

    hello some of my zoa are closed not sure what to do here are some examples Alk 8.5 Cal 480 Po 0.23
  6. Reefer40b

    ZOA what do they prefer most(poll)

    I just thought I would start a thread to see what everyone is doing as far as care for Zoas/Palys, and see what others have found they like best. Please vote and share your comments below. I have always heard Zoas love MH but have never tried them under that type of lighting.
  7. ReeferWarrant

    Maryland Virginia Washington, D.C. Punk Rocker, Gorilla Nipz, Purple Monsters, Pandora, Discosoma

    Zoanthids, Palythoa and Discosoma Corals For Sale Prices are per plug (charging half of what I paid for them) Most have 2-3 polyps Types: Purple Monsters $30 (1 plug 2 polyps) Punk Rockers $5 (multiple plugs min 3 polyps) Rastas $10 (2 plugs 3 polyps) Gorilla Nipz $10 (1 plug 2 polyps)...
  8. f.christian

    I need some ID's Please

  9. CltBadger

    Florida WTB Sopranos zoas

    Looking for some sopranos zoas...
  10. cladius_galen

    Zoa closed

    Do zoa close up when they eat? I fed mine some phyto two days ago and the ones that got the periphery of the phyto spray were open today but the ones that got heavy phyto werent. Is this normal? They’ve been in the tank three days. also I had 3 polyps of about 20 break off today. I couldn’t...
  11. ECCD

    New York WYSIWYG Large Zoa Frag Pack - Will Ship

    $350 Shipped - Will not ship to Alaska or Hawaii All Pictures are taken with an Iphone 11 Pro using the @Polyplab Lens kit Rastas Devils Armor LA Lakers Fruit Loops Spidermans Supermans Whamming Watermelons Dragon Eyes Mango Tangos Boundless Charms Mindblowing Palys PPE Whirlwind Zoa Icy Eyes...
  12. TMA

    TMA Rasta Zoa 3 Polyps $60

    TMA Rasta Zoa 3 Polyps $60
  13. TMA

    New Coral Pictures

  14. reefhomie

    Michigan Bounce pack!

    Juggernaut (bigger now) Frankenstein Uranium Pack price =$750 shipped Standard R2R DOA
  15. reefhomie

    Michigan High end shroom Collection

    Have some extras to get rid of, looking to get the pack taken off my hands! Asking $950 shipped with the red one thrown in as a freebie Jersey bounce mushroom juggernaut bounce mushroom Uranium bounce mushroom Dragon lady as freebie standard 1 hour DOA pic of jersey mom will also be posted.
  16. imarino326

    Dead Zoas?

    backstory- my tank had too much flow, so I decided to rescape the rock-work. My tank is fairly new, and I just added Zoas. Reason why I rescaped is cause they haven’t opened in over 24 hours. I took the rock they were on out and now they look like the image below. Are they dead or just stressed...
  17. Rrwilson1223

    Zoa Colony ID

    Hi everyone, Picked up a mixed Zoa colony at the LFS. Can’t find info on many of the polyps. Anyone know what these are?
  18. CaptainCooke

    Some zoas won’t open while all others are fine

    I have some zoas that won’t open while all the others are happy as can be. They have been closed up for about three weeks now. The were happy until about three weeks ago. No signs of any pests. Any ideas ?
  19. Scip150

    New York 25 Polyp Utter Choas - Syracuse NY

    25 Polyp Utter Choas colony available in Syracuse NY, 13206 zip code. Pick up only. Super bright orange with blue and white centers. $100
  20. C

    Florida Want to buy High end zoa bundle

    I’m looking for the following: 1) krak gods 2) butt krak 3) psychosis 4) ASD leprachaun 5) GB GMK grandmaster krak 6) Speckled krak 7) Emperor V2 8) Green and red mauls 9) bowser 10) queen strat 11) White zombie 12) salted agave (not high end but missing it) 13) pink hippo (again just missing...
  21. Steven w

    New York High end zoa pack, pink hammer, blasto frags&colony collectors mushroom

    all prices exclude shipping except for zoa pack or over $500 shipping is $49 and $39 to upper east coast. thanks for looking! full zoa pack of high ends $449 shipped flaming krak seductions Wwc AOI Hyper jubilee jf acid reflux Kiwi strawberry Neptune’s frozen hornets Ultimates Lick...
  22. T

    Help! What's wrong with these zoas?!

    I got my first zoas on the 25th of February and after acclimating them and dipping them with revive, they looked healthy and had opened up by the next day. On March 3rd, I noticed they looked a little misshapen, like some were starting to have that umbrella-shape to them, and then on the next...
  23. Scip150

    Florida Rack of Utter Choas (over 30 polyps) South Florida

    Selling a rack of Utter Chaos Zoas/Palys. 12 individual frag plugs with over 30 polyps total. Please see picture and video for actual corals. Great strain, polyps are super bright orange with blue and white centers. $150 Local pickup only in Parkland, Florida 33076.
  24. AmaleeC

    ID protruding thing on zoa frag

    Hello everyone! I noticed these weird things sticking out of my zoa frag. They’re tube-like with hairs around the tip. Any ideas as to what they may be? I thought they were new heads growing on my zoa, but now I don’t think so.
  25. Et817

    Texas JF A**krak, Bloodshots, BSA Sticker Shock

    Hi, I have a pack for sale. Pack includes JF A**krak, Jf Bloodshots, BSA Sticker Shock and a nice freebie of my choice. $550 shipped Jf A**krak 3p Jf Bloodshots 2p BSA Sticker Shock 2p Shipping Overnight Priority FedEx/Ups. Standard DOA rules apply must receive on first attempt and within 1...
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