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27g Cube


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Jan 12, 2020
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Well finally posting my present tank and first thread. Its a Marineland 27g cube and stand that I purchased in June of 2018 for my 15 year old clownfish and her semi new mate. I purchased her (was a him at the time) in 2003 after the male from the pair I bought in 1998 passed away. The female then passed away in 2015 at the age of 17. After she died the male keep on living so I figured it was time for a tank upgrade and a new mate. I purchased a B&W clownfish and they paired immediately. The female passed away in 2019 at the age of 16. So I did pretty good having kept 2 clownfish for 16 and 17 years. Now I have a pair of B&W Clowns and a Coral Beauty.

I got into saltwater in 1998 starting with a 75g FO tank and with that I found the fish forum Aqualink as my home. From there I got really addicted having the 75g FO, 54g Reef, 29 reef and a 2.5g nano reef. Got married, moved and had to get rid of all my tanks except the pair of clowns as the new landlord didn't allow fish tanks and a small tank was all I could hide. Haha! So that leaves me now to owning my own home and divorced so no one to tell me no. My dream tank is a 5'x3'x2' reef tank or will take a IM INT 150g. Hopefully one of these will become a reality soon.

So onto my present tank.
-27g Marineland cube
-Eshopps Nano Refugium Cube sump
-Al Prime HD light
-Eshopps PF-800 HOB overflow (wish I would of drilled tank instead)
-Sicce Syncra silent 1.5 pump
-Two Hydor Koralia Evolution powerheads on wavemaker
-Aqueon 100watt heater

-45# Live rock
-25# Live sand
-2 B&W Clownfish
-Coral Beauty
-Peppermint Shrimp

20180701_105355.jpg 20180710_132513.jpg 46714374_1963733647081123_4994116782705868800_o.jpg
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Feb 10, 2019
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Hey @Totlxtc


Thanks for the introduction. Hope you share your experience and success with clownfish. They can have long lives with proper care. Love the Macroalgae in the tank too.

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