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Aug 30, 2020
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desoto county, MS
Late to the build thread on this.

bought a used 75 gallon tank. Cleaned it up drilled it installed eshopps eclipse large overflow. Ruby36 sump ai hydra 32 lights.

tank has been running for a year now I’m finally getting some coral in the tank

have 5 zoas
1 purple tip hammer
1 finger leather
1 dragon soul Favia
1 branching cyphastria
And a Monti cap.

fish stock
Black and white clown pair
1 blue chromis
1 melanuras wrasse
1 yellow tang
2 anthias

I had a velvet outbreak a while back and wiped out all fish but one chromis and my wrasse since then I’ve went fallow and started a qt process

746F48E2-1EB9-4469-AA7F-F331D99BCB06.jpeg 3B6FB512-C175-431D-BFC7-B2DD30FF30E9.jpeg 872DF128-C7C1-4F8C-A636-592AF2206125.jpeg CD4DF033-3BBD-44AF-A52E-5A7675BE5093.jpeg 98EE1690-746F-4D68-BE2B-B3737FB1410A.jpeg 2ECDC496-EEDE-496D-83E3-C77A80830BBF.jpeg 22401A57-09E2-4F13-88A9-E769CA85AC38.jpeg 7AB92020-9E97-4F3C-AA80-AFD6BCAB0A93.jpeg B200FB7E-4E58-43D8-9C06-5D7AE48E9CEF.jpeg
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  • Carbon

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  • Carbon & GFO

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  • Water changes

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