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May 26, 2016
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So this isn’t my first tank. Just the first tank I’m doing right. Been in the hobby for 10 years but seem to be blind on the way saltwater tanks work. Now I have taken a deep dive into the real world of reef tanks. It seemed it was always set up a fast tank and pack it to the Gil’s( no pun intended). So I pulled the 92 corner out of storage and went to work with help from members here.
Painted the stand and bought a separate cabinet for my electrical. It’s a mess right now as the stand is hosing my qt till I can build a rack for 3 separate qt one for fish one for inverts and one for coral. The stand will then become the home to a 20 gallon tall fuge packed with macro algae and seahorse. I’m trying to go slow and do this tank right. Wanting to see if I follow all disease protocols and go slow what progress I can make in 1 year. More updates to come as I move forward on this journey into uncharted territory and healthy practice.

product list
2 jebao cp 150
reef octopus 200
cheap 95 watt leds changing them out for T5
return pump off brand with a controller
Will upgrade if the demand is warranted as of now it’s fine.

More products to be added as I move along. Still undecided on what controller I want to add .
Will be adding dose pump and containers. Wanting to convert the closet behind the tank into a sump room. So it should be a fun build.

16DD507B-658E-40EC-A5CD-92A550E6D8AD.jpeg While I was painting added paper to stop anymore paint on the floor. If you get paint on your wife’s floor she will kill you and bring you back to life and make you sand and reFinnish the floors. So just be safe with your life

image.jpg Here is the messy cabinet it’s a work in progress

will work on my picture taking as I go.
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