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A few more Bean Pics


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Feb 12, 2014
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Chelsea, AL
But probably not the last ones ;) Really digging the skirt on the "Teeny Beany" which is my smallest frag. It is settling in. Pics are a little blurry because I broke one of my own cardinal rules. Didn't turn off the tank flow, ah well.

teenybeany-10 by Peter Young, on Flickr

teenybeany-11 by Peter Young, on Flickr

teenybeany-12 by Peter Young, on Flickr

teenybeany-13 by Peter Young, on Flickr

And one of my "small" frag. It has very little blue on it, but a cool pink stripe I've never seen on a jellybean.

jellybean sm-24 by Peter Young, on Flickr

Thanks for checking out my work, hope you saw something you liked.


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