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Apr 27, 2020
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I received my Nero 3 that I ordered new from BRS, 2 days ago. From the second I turned it on, there is a noticable clicking/ticking coming from it. I thought maybe the impeller might be hitting a piece of plastic flash or something from manufacturing. I let it go for one night to see if it would break in and stop clicking; it did not. I then took the pump apart and cleaned it, and inspected the impeller. Everything seems fine, but there is a noticable bump when manually spinning the impeller around. However, I do not see it hitting anything on the guard.

Is there something I'm missing, or should I start a warranty exchange?

The manufacturing date on the box is 10/21. My Nero 5 is buttery smooth and silent, I can't imagine the Nero 3 being much different.
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