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Sep 1, 2022
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I have been reefing for about 8 years now so im still learning often but about 2 months ago my oldest anemone relocated itself behind a rock out of light and flow and within a few days appeared to die. being really bummed about it decided i wasnt going to add another for awhile however it didnt take long until i started seeing little baby ones but now its been 2 months and i have over a 100 of them and growing rapidly... ive seen them split but not die off and spawn like this, im assuming not all are going to survive but i said that a month ago also and they are all still there and growing. it looks like a army of them... moving them now would be much easier opposed to when they have a large foot and tucked in tight areas.

i guess my questions are
1- should i start thinning them out now or wait and see
2 - is that typical to spawn like that and im just uneducated about it?
3 - whats my risks if i just wait it out

Details i think i left out that are need to know -
60 gallon JBJ cube
long tentacle anemone

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