Aquarium Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L plus Skimmer & UV Sterlizer


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Jul 26, 2019
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Aquarium Innovative Marine Nuvo 30L Fusion Combo with Prtein Skimmer & UV Sgerilizer-- Glass tanks with internal overflow. Measures 36x15x13- Used as a reef aquarium for 4 years. Everything in very good condition-Only selling because I am upgrading to a larger tank.**Optional Top Lids custom lid-Add $150 **
-Comes with the following:

- Innovative Marine DC MightyJet 538 GPH DC Return Pump w/ Controller
- Innovative Marine NuvoSkimmer AIO Protein Skimmer [Midsize]($175 upgrade)
- Innovative marine AuqaShield 9 Watt UV Sterilizer [Midsize]( $65 upgrade)
-Innovative Marine Media Reactor(Desktop)($65 upgrade)
-6 Filter socks
**Optional Top Lids custom lid-Add $150 **

Please call or text Ron Local pick in 19464

Outside DIMS: Length 35.43” Width: 14.96” Height: 12.99”
Display DIMS: Length 34.79” Width: 10.13” Height: 12.99”
Built-in Acrylic Overflow Wall

A5367B33-3FA9-4602-B7B3-8D080985806A_1_201_a.jpeg 51A93D8E-49A9-4ACC-8D58-CD499FFB605A_1_201_a.jpeg 6002B39F-1322-4A57-8F5E-A53BBC2697DD_1_201_a.jpeg A06AB1AD-D9C7-46D0-A4D4-A97736A30F39_1_201_a.jpeg A5040B43-1E32-4E0C-92A8-2AB86E491B5C_1_201_a.jpeg 4C7B964A-157B-470F-9F6A-210900DF666B_1_201_a.jpeg 8521FA31-7A2D-48E7-B205-8EA735A3AD6D_1_201_a.jpeg AA577384-AC62-4A47-BD78-0CBC6E244E79_1_201_a.jpeg C721BD47-3CC9-4760-BFFE-7D5FB00C4489_1_201_a.jpeg E319B0AB-53FF-427D-B34B-BF476BBBCF67_1_201_a.jpeg 6CEF4766-9359-4A8F-AA39-03B9776BF629.jpeg B5D1092A-C1C2-44BC-A758-95636A83090A.jpeg 9BD26166-1F18-4F74-98EC-6D3EDB96A1B1.jpeg
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