Bat signal for Life Reef owners (SUMP design)

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    Time for heroes. I have finalized my requirement for the life reef skimmer and No, I could not resist be a Life reef sump owner as well. I will end up paying 150% of total cost to cover up shipping to Sweden+25%Moms+Tulls but I do not care. Inner me want a LR sump and I do not like to change or modify stuff afterwards that much usually unless there is a flaw or issue.
    I try to setup everything as good as possible from the very beginning to minimize changes in future and always got a positive feedback from the R2R members

    Any tip or feedback is HIGHLY appreciated. I thank you in advanced for taking the time to read and feedback.

    I created a google sheet to list all the facts and requirements in below link and copied text here also

    Cabinet dimension
    L*D*H 120*43*68 CM
    Sump max dim
    L*D*H 110*40*40 CM because of door hinges

    Herbie overflow
    Tank has three holes 2 Holes on left side with overflow box in display tank one hole on right side for return

    Drain and return pipes
    1- Two drain pipes on left side with 32mm
    2- One return line on right side with 32mm

    Triton method
    Drain from display tank to refuge and no filters or sock filters should be applied on water from drain according to triton method
    Next champer for skimmer
    Last chamer for return

    Maxspect Turbine Duo 9000 lbh-
    Left output for skimmer and right output for manifold
    COR20 For return line

    Measurements All my measurements in metric
    Refugiem 40L
    Actual water volume should be at least 40L and even more will be better if possible
    Media reactors
    3 Reactor with stand

    Waste collector
    If sump will take all the space of the cabinet, place for waste collector should be considered.
    If no space at all left, Behind the aquarium wall, there is a cabinet I can hide the waste collector there. I already have a hole in that wall

    Emergency hole
    In case of flooding, I prefer to have a hole in the sump for emergency where this hole will be connected to kitchen drain

    RO water reservoir
    10L or even 20L if possible

    Probes holder

    Dosing tube holders
    My doseق has 7 channels. so If possible to have dose inlets holder for 7 or whatever is possible

    Color theme
    APEX orange and grey when possible like Pic0



    Check valve for return
    WYE check valve if possible transparent or what do you think or recommend

    Orage RO tube 2 M

    Adjustable Skimmer Water Level If possible or if you recommend or not
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    I will tell you that Jeff packs all of his merchandise very well for shipping. I got some huge, very carefully packed boxes when I ordered my stuff from him about a dozen years ago. So if you are worried about everything getting to Sweden undamaged, I would be willing to bet that it will get there without a scratch. You will also be well satisfied with the build quality of the gear. Good luck with the new setup!
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    Thanks for the feedback. I am pretty excited about it actually. I came to know about Life reef only from a comment on Mr Saltwater website and Life reef was mentioned then a new world opened to me :D
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