Blenny Agression

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May 21, 2020
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North Fort Myers
So I have a Bi-color blenny along with 3x reef Chromis and a Yellow Foxface which all seem to get along great together in a 100g display. About two months ago I added a Solar Fairy Wrasse. Which looked great for about 3 weeks and then started hiding more and more, and eating less and less until he died. I then added a Diamond Watchman Goby, and after a day the Blenny would not let him out of his cave. I tried to separate them by putting the blenny in my sump for a week, but when he came back he was just as aggressive. The goby was already to scared to come out and eat so he died too. I know the Blenny killed the Goby by not letting him eat, but I'm wondering if there might have been some aggression with the wrasse that I just didn't catch? Before I completely remove the blenny from the tank (to give back to the LFS) are there other fish I could add (tang, anthias, clowns. etc.) that might disperse the aggression so I can add more fish with similar body types to the blenny? I really want a fairy wrasse and a sand sifting goby in the tank
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Apr 2, 2019
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There are obviously fish that you can add that the blenny won't attack but it sounds like noatter what your blenny will have it out for those fish that you want. Id re-home hime
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