Build Your Own Zoa Packs

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Aug 25, 2016
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Batavia IL
This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Build Your Own Zoa Packs. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread.

Build your own zoa packs. Everything has healed at least two weeks or more. Trimmed from colonies in my collection. Everything is kept under a T5/Led combo and is pest free.

Shipping is $40 coast to coast or $25 for the upper mid-west. I ship for free at $300. Experienced shipper with standard DOA (if something comes in and is not right notify me right away).

Happy to take additional pics (some frags were closed). Also more than happy to pull together a group shot if you're considering a pack.

Pick up available in 60510. I also work in downtown...


Here is the key-

A1 Tutti Frutti $20
A3 OG Wonka Berry $35
A5 Wonka Berry Morph $30
A7 Ice Armageddon $40

B2 Snitches $40
B4 Nirvana/Implosion Combo $15
B6 Rainbow Implosion $25

C1 Tutti Frutti $20
C3 OG Wonka Berry $35
C5 Blue Lagoon $45
C7 Ice Armageddon $30

D2 Snitches $30
D4 Blow Pop $15
D6 Rainbow Raptors $30

E1 Tutti Frutti $20
E3 OG Wonka Berry $50
E5 Blue Lagoon $45
E7 Ice Armageddon $35

F1 Scrambled Eggs $20
F3 Mohawk $5

F5 Fire and Ice $15

G2 PB Bunny $5
G4 Budsman Bowser $25
G6 Frozen Armageddon $25

H1 Nirvana $10
H3 OG Wonka Berry $35
H5 Fire and Ice $15
H7 CAR $25

I2 PB Bunny $5
I4 Budsman Bowser $45 (can get another pic open)
I6 Frozen Armageddon $35 (2p+)

J1 Tutti Frutti $30
J3 OG Wonka Berry $50

J5 Mandarin Orange $20
J7 CAR $30
K2 Snitch $30
K4 Rainbow Implosion $5
K6 Frozen Armageddon $35 (2p+)

L1 Goldust $10
L3 Rainbow Incinerator $30
L5 Rockstar $15
L7 Pink Constellation $20

M2 beauty and the beast $30
M4 TSA safe Cracker $20
M6 VW Bloodshot $35
M8 Hotshot $20

N1 Goldust $10
N3 Rainbow Incinerator $20
N5 Pink zipper $30
N7 Pink Constellation $20

O2 beauty and the beast $30
O4 Blue Kiss $20
O6 VW Bloodshot $25
O8 Hotshot $20

P1 Goldust $10
P3 Miami Vice $20
P5 Pink zipper $20
P7 Solar Flare $25

Q1 C2C Astro Blaster $70
Q3 Rainbow Incinerator $20
Q5 Pink zipper $35
Q7 UFO Hornet $30

R2 Beauty and the beast $30
R4 TSA Safe Cracker $20
R6 VW Bloodshot $25
R8 Scrambled Eggs $20

S1 C2C Astro Blaster $70 (Can get an open pic)
S3 Rainbow Incinerator $25

S5 Pink zipper $30
S7 UFO Hornet $25

T2 Beauty and the beast $20
T4 KH Sunburst $20
T6 VW Bloodshot $35
T8 Hotshots $20

U1 C2C Astro Blaster $70
U3 Rainbow Incinerator $45
U5 Rockstar $15
U7 UFO Hornet $35

T2 Beauty and the beast $30
T4 KH Sunburst $20
T6 VW Bloodshot $30
T8 Hotshots $20
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