Coral Reef Restoration Project


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Sep 25, 2014
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Westchester, New York
I just returned from Mexico where I volunteer doing Coral Reef restoration. I am a Certified Open Water Diver with over 300 dives. I am also Certified by PADI as a coral reef restoration volunteer. I worked with a Marine Biologist to restore the Meso-American Reef. Efforts include cleaning corals of micro algae and fine sedimentation that is choking the coral due to Cruze ship traffic and excess Nutrients being dumped into our oceans. We are also battling white band syndrome. We take Ammoxacillin and epoxy mix and place it on the corals that are affected in the hopes of stopping the progression of the disease. Here is the facebook honorable mention and if anyone is interested I could post additional videos of the trip. I will also link a video explaining more from my you tube channel. Enjoy!

This was last years trip but I will get this years footage

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