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Oct 25, 2019
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Cape Coral
Maybe I’ve missed it, but has Neptune given us a rundown as to what specific LED diodes they are using in this fixture as yet?

They talk about it briefly toward the end of their most recent livestream on the Neptune systems YouTube channel.

I believe @Terence has talked about the LED components in other threads about the SKY here on R2R, but I don’t remember seeing it officially posted anywhere. You could probably go to his profile and search his posts to find what you’re looking for.

Steve Fast

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Oct 24, 2016
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The embargo has been lifted and I can now talk about the Neptune Systems SKY! I am currently running 4 of them over my 120x30x36 display. Long term I will be running 5 and also 2 on my frag tank. I have been a MH/XHO user for many years. I love my 400w Radiums. I never thought I would be convinced to switch and fully expected my MH to be pried from my cold dead hands!



The spread is awesome, when they say it will cover 24x30 for a SPS tank, they mean it. It also has no trouble at all punching down to 36" deep in my tank. There is no disco ball, no hotspots, and, even though I think the term is overused, it really is a "blanket" of light like T5 with just the right amount of shimmer for my tastes. These are the only lights I am running on my aquarium. I removed all XHO and T5 supplementation as well. They are easy to use, especially for existing APEX users, although they can easily be used in Bluetooth mode and controlled directly from your phone. At the same time, they are flexible enough to do most anything advanced users can dream up. There is a single cord coming out of each light that splits at the end in to an aquabus connector and a power connector that connects to the external power supply. Feel free to ask questions, I will answer what I can! PAR map values below were taken with Apogee MQ-510.


How high off the water are they?

How far away from a saltwater fish store do you live?

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