Deflating candy cane



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Mar 17, 2021
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Hello there, and thanks for hearing my all time first post on this forum!

Exactly a month ago I had a thriving reef and a cute candy cane, a well established bird of paradise and blue stylo.
But my parameters were a little off, phosphates being at 0.9 and nitrates at 0.00.
I made some research and asked questions at my LFS then bought PhosBan-L from Two Little Fishies.
(Consider i'm a newbie in reefing, being a Discus breeder first). My tank is two years old but encountered some problems by the way...

So I added the recommended dose of Phosban-L without thinking about progressing. So, the day after, my phosphates went down to 0.30.
Then, my Sea Hare was found dead and my bird of paradise closed it's polyps, my cane deflated too.

As of today, my cane is still deflated but not dead, my stylo is nearlybeached out and my bird of paradise is loosing polyps slowly.

I dose Red SeaEnergy AB+ daily, use some reef roid and polyp boosters 2x/week, weekly WC of 10%, nitrates are still at 0.00 (i'm looking for a way to safely rise it up to 5ppm?! ) and phosphates at 0.30.

Every other corals are really thriving...

Is there some help I can bring to my corals? I would like to save my cane and bop too. i brought them down to lower light to help them out and raised my bop slowly day to day toit's old location...

Here's a photo of my candy cane for reference...

Thank you all, all I want is a thriving system!



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Dec 6, 2010
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Ya if that nitrate number is accurate that is not good and focus on that. As for the phosphate in my experience rapid reduction is not a good thing even if it is quite high. I just use lanthium chloride when necessary to lower them, but i do a small fraction of the recommended dose. I test the next day and if it declined at all i keep using that dose, otherwise i will very slowly raise it.

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Mar 28, 2016
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Rockford, IL
Is phosphate .9 or .09?
Keep bringing those phosphate down, consider checking water quality as it is the biggest issue to high phosphates. Target feed some amino acids and keep in lower light setting of around 100-125 par. Typically they like lower flow IME

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