Dinoflagellates my experience......h2o2 reefing tool!!!!!

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    Oct 29, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    Could someone please confirm if this is the dreaded dinos?
    Struggled with diatoms and what looks like dinos ever since I had to move my tank 2 months ago.
    I’ve now had to removed the the sandbed and doing as much manual removal as possible by blasting rocks each day and rinsing floss.
    Also tried chemiclean which helped with a bit of cyano and ran actinic only for 3 days or so.

    Never had this in any of my reef tanks in the past. I’d like to know why it happens as peramters we’re always good until I moved the tank. I’m guessing it released some phosphates and nitrates from the 2 inch sandbed.

    Coraline hasn’t managed to take off very well so far so I’ve just blended and added some from my bros tank.
    If hydrogen peroxide is the way to go then I’ll certainly give it a try.



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    H2o2 is not the way.

    Please check in over here: Dinoflagellates – Are You Tired Of Battling Altogether?

    I recommend getting some microscope pics and posting in that thread for a more specific ID. Get the $10 toy microscope mentioned in that thread if you don't have one. It'll let you view up to 1200x.

    Also make sure you read the whole first page and investigate at least some of the links there before you do anything.
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    Oct 29, 2017
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    Thanks for your input mcarroll.
    With the changes I had made by removing the sandbed and blasting the rocks and coral with a powerhead each day the algae was definitely receding.

    I haven’t done a water change for 3 weeks and also upped phosphate to just 0.03 and nitrates up to 5.0. I also pulled 2 reactors off line using rowaphos and phosguard.
    Now back to chaeto and putting plenty of mixed foods in and see how it goes.

    I have used 2 half doses of Dino ex and it’s all gone so will keep an eye on the tank at least 100 times a day as usual.

    Very pleased to see some great progress at last as I’ve heard stories of people having to pull their tanks down and I’ve never had this before.

    I believe this was either caused by me having to move the tank and upsetting the sandbed or it came in on an un dipped frag




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