Dipping favia in h2o2??


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May 5, 2020
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Has anyone had experience with dipping favia in 3% h2o2? I have some type of algae growing around it, possibly bryopsis. Yay. I noticed bubble algae on my zoa frag the other day and after doing a little research and per Billy Pipes youtube video, I dipped the zoa in 3% h2o2 for 1 minute, even though he said you could go up to two minutes. I'm not gonna lie, I thought I killed them. They retracted super tight and were almost white. Within 2 hrs they were starting to peek out and the next day they were open like nothing happened. I've read a few people have done this with acans so I'm wondering would a favia be able to handle a h2o2 dip? I'm thinking no, seeing as how it can't retract inside itself like zoas do. Any thoughts?

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