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Christopher Duff

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Jun 1, 2018
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I am using a yellow filter to cut out the blue, if you want to see the tank all blue I can take a new pic. My Iphone 6 is not able to remove the blue enough to get an accurate picture of the corals.

first pic is a quick full tank shot, sorry for the crappy pic.

2nd is of my frogspawn, all frags have 2 heads and are all very healthy. Sorry for the dirty glass didn't want them to deflate from moving around. I would like to get 25.00 for each frag I have 3.

3rd pic. was told it was an Eflo (green) when I bought it. Their is some tabling, but it is more branching. very fast grower for me I have a large frag bottom left I would like 25.00 for the mediums 20.00 and smaller 15.00.

4th pic Red planet upper left this is a very large frag or mini colony or what ever you want to call it, 50.00 and green pocillopora this is also a mini colony 25.00. I have a smaller red planet and smaller pocillopora if you are interested.

I would consider these SPS good starter SPS corals. They maintain their color at most postions and enjoy high random flow. I keep my water dirty PHO4 is around .1 ALK in between 7-8 cal 425 and mag 1400.

all prices are negotiable also I would be more then happy to trade if you have something interesting Please no leather corals I am into SPS, Zoanthids and blastos.

I live about 10 minutes from elmers aquarium and can meet there for the drop off.





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The Camaro Show

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Mar 19, 2018
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Wheeling, WV
met with @loui today to get some coral, great looking pieces and are already looking good in the tank. Id definitely buy from you again and well worth the trip. If you haven't bought from him yet id say get on it asap!
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Dec 18, 2015
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Pittsburgh, PA
Ok hopefully this makes some sense, don't forgot I use a yellow filter to take pictures only way I can get the picture not appear washed out with blue, so you can imagine what the corals will look like under blue lighting.

25.00 per large frag
20.00 for smaller frags.
Zoanthids 80.00 for the WWC frag (WWC sells these for 75.00 per polyp) I would like to sell all 3 zoanthid frags for 100.00.

@newmonium How about 60.00 for the set? This will include the largest frags of each I have.

first pic show frags

Yellow = sunset millie
Red = red planet
Orange = needle in haystack
Blue = ORA Hawkins
Black = Green Branching or plating (depends on water flow) Efflo

second pic show

mother colony of WWC purple monster Zoas and Hawaii Green ding bats (yes they are really from Hawaii) Also more frags of needle in haystack.

third pic shows

Purple = WWC purple monster zoanthids there are 5 polyps
Green = Hawaii Green ding bats has 3 polpys (frag looks better then pic I guarantee looks just like the mother colony)

4th pic shows

Mother colony of Jason Fox cry babies here is Jason Picture of it. I bought these from Jason himself at LEAR


5th picture

Frags of Cry Babies also have a frag of sunset millie with cry babies attached.

6th pic

show mother colony of miyagi tort ( wasn't able to get a good pic really is a lot bluer then picture shows)

7 pic

white = miyagi tort frags. They get more blue once the frag starts growing

IMG_0957 frag 2.png

IMG_0958 mother.png

IMG_0959 frag.png

IMG_0962 mother 2.png

IMG_0964 frag 3.png

miyagi mother.png

IMG_0966 frag 4.png
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