Finally got my Greissenger Goby!



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May 31, 2020
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Mine was brought in in June 21, I believe he was .25 inch (Maybe smaller) when he was brought into the LFS. Now he’s just over an inch (maybe 1.25”) and 1 year old. Their growth rate is decent, around 1 inch a year. So, around 0.1” per month. Although their lifespan is supposedly short (Mines over that 1 year marker at this point). The average lifespan is only a year unfortunately, some may make it over that however I’ve not seen many that make it past that.
I will admit, I have a couple fish surpassing their lifespan with me though.
That's about the size mine is right now (same size as when you bought yours)...these and the Ruby Red Dragonets are the two fish I'd most love to breed most but that's a very complicated process I realize! I may just be crazy enough to try some day though when I have the space, you never know! A year ago I would never have imagined myself trying to study starfish!
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