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Oct 15, 2010
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Hello all! I've lurked around these forums for quite a while but have not posted much. I've had a variety of tanks over the last ten years but nothing quite like what I'm looking to do now! The tank is currently on order and should arrive in a month or so. We are building a new house and can't wait to get this piece in place.

Tank: 120g Peninsula (48"x24"x25") from Planet Aquariums. The tank will be rimless and have low iron glass on the three viewing sides. Two drains and two returns in the internal overflow.

Stand: Steel stand fabricated locally. I will make some oak panels that will attach the stand via magnets. I love the idea of being able to access the sump from three sides.

Lighting: Currently thinking through hanging three Hydra 32s in an Aquatic Life T5 Hybrid. There are a few things I dislike about this fixture, such as opposing electrical chords and wiring of ballast. Luckily, these critiques can be changed fairly easy through some DIY. Lighting will be suspended using some 80/20 aluminium attached to the back of the tank.

Sump: Currently leaning towards a GEO SU30R-AFR. Extremely high build quality and I really would like to integrate using filter roller. More research needs to be done on my part. If I decide against doing a filter roller, I like the GEO SU235 as it would allow me to have the returns and drain on the same side.

Flow: Two MP 40s positioned on both sides of the overflow box.

Skimmer: Bubble King Double Cone 150

Controller: Apexel Controller System

Doser: GHL 3 head doser

Live rock: Tampa Bay Saltwater- I've got 80 pounds circulating from my old system. I'll get this going in the tank and see if I need anymore.

That's all that I can think of for now. Please chime in with any suggestions along the way...that is part of what I love about this hobby. So much experience and wisdom to gain from other folks!
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