GHL Doser 2.1 WiFi Connection


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Jul 26, 2016
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Purchased a used 2.1 and it's extremely frustrating! I almost want to put my steel toe boots through it just as a form a therapy.

I've watched all the videos and have went step by step and each video does not get me very far.

I get in using the USB but trying to get the doser to search for my WiFi is like getting a new born to wash dishes and change their own diapers. Every time I select "search Wifi" (system>settings>Search WiFi), I go through 20-30 not found screens. Then when I finally do get it, when I try to update my Firmware, it ask me about a bootloader-mode "USBVCOM"... What the heck is that?
Device manager doesnt show a USBVCOM
Followed by "Error: Update cant be started! Reset the device by disconnecting it from the power for a few seconds"
IceCap Smart 4 Stage 100gpd RODI System.