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    I just want to share my experience with the install of the new Doser Maxi which I bought for the AWC system.
    Upon receiving and calibrating the pump, there was a problem with pump #1 which resulted to be related to the steppermotor inside the doser.
    Some quick emails to and from GHL support and a new motor was on the way (warranty). As bad news never comes alone, this shipment was lost and swiftly a second motor was send and received.
    Installing the new motor was easy and done the next day after arrival.
    The calibration turned out perfect and the pump was installed at the water mixing station.

    Taking in account... "What comes out... has to go in as well"... I ran the system for about 10 days with rodi water between the water mixing station and a bucket next to the display tank to see if the levels remained stable, so to make sure the calibration was done well.

    In my set up, the display tank is about 15 meter away from the water mixing station. I installed 3 6/4mm waterlines between both in the false ceiling.
    The pump easily pumped the water to and from the tank without hesitation.

    I change 200ml of water every hour. So a total of 4.8L (1.27G) a day on a more or less 700L system.
    Occasionally I will to bigger water changes if ICP tests show any irregularity.

    Some pictures:



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