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Hello from the 603


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Oct 15, 2020
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My name is Trevor, and I live in NH.
I’ve been in the freshwater hobby for around 1 1/2 years now. Only have a 20 long, dirted heavily planted aquarium. Was saving up for a 90 gallon for an upgrade next year.
However I am hooked in saltwater!
I was given a free 55 gallon established saltwater aquarium about 1 week ago.
very neglected and not cared about for some time. Entire tank was covered in hair algae, sump was too.
With the set up I was given a sump(diy), current USA light, 2 power heads, 2 heaters, a ton of live rock, protein skimmer which I have not even attempted to figure it out yet, and a fully custom built enclosed stand.
For fish
1 - male gold flake clownfish
1- male misbar black ocellaris clownfish
1 - female misbar black ocellaris clownfish
1 - orchid dottyback
And snails and hermit crabs which I love watching scavenging the tank.

I broke down the entire tank at their house, saved roughly 1/2 the salt water.
transported everything to my house to give a good cleaning.
I do need to buy a RO/DI system, I’m on a well. So that won’t be cheap, but also want a good quality 5 stage model.
thank you for having me, I have so much to learn. It’s like starting over, but I’m very excited to go to a few fish aquarium stores locally that mainly do aquariums and I hear great things about their saltwater fish and knowledge.
I attached the local add that the person who owned had on FB marketplace as a local in town giveaway. A few photos once I got home, out all the live rock in with a bare bottom tank and new water with the fish until I could drain and clean.
final photos is what the tank looks like now.
I have more work to do, the glass has a dusty film on the inside from the sand I have no cleaned yet.
i did dismantle the sump last night,it was nasty.

FBEC3E8B-18DA-4881-A9B4-A695ED9799D8.jpeg 63B30EF1-66EF-44CB-A32B-62CD39716DB0.jpeg 7EDD4ACF-554B-41A5-B3C7-DE7AC2BD9881.jpeg B1BDFCB9-D2C8-47F7-9DA4-A380BEB06147.jpeg 0A661BE9-3225-4FBE-A382-FB725E87CE48.jpeg 1650B744-6569-48E3-AE72-5238B9441E90.jpeg E3C44421-66D5-41BB-A0DD-0852F3215DA4.jpeg
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