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May 13, 2020
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Hi my name is Juan Carlos. I am still fairly new to reefing, I started my tank with just fish only a little over 2 years ago with A LOT of hesitation to add corals. I knew from my fathers experience that it takes a lot of work which I loved seeing as a child growing up. So before I started my first reef tank I spent a lot of time researching, mainly watching videos of others with way more experience (BRS, mr. saltwater, the list goes on and on...) and that helped me tremendously.

I’ve been hesitant to share photos as my cyano outbreak was crazy but once I started siphoning what I could and using Kz products like cyano clean and coral snow, I’ve noticed a difference already after a month.

Hoping with time it goes away, I’ve learned patience is a must so I’m not stressing about it.

Tank specs
75 gallon - freshwater tank converted for reefing
2 Radion xr30 blue - diffusers on the way
2 octopulse power heads
Redsea Reefer skimmer
Octo varios return pump

Current livestock
2 clowns
2 cardinals
2 firefish
1 anthias
1 flame fin tomini tang

Saving for a lot more corals - doing a mixed reef

(I know I need to redo my background it’s an eyesore lol)
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