Homemade Fish Food Ideas (DIY)

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself (DIY)' started by Young Frankenstein, Jun 3, 2012.

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    I've started to make my own frozen food as well - it ends up being so much cheaper this way, and I get to control what goes in it.

    Usually I add Nori, regular shrimp, brine shrimp, vitamins, phytoplankton, and sometimes some high quality pellets or flake food to round it out. If I have extra macro-algae in the refugium I've been know to add that as well. Blend up and place in tiny ice cube trays. My tray has a silicone bottom, so they literally "pop" out of the tray. Couldn't be easier. Fish and corals love it - and instead of adding 3-4 items to the tank at each meal - everything is in the cube.

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