How many wrasse possible in a 50 gallon

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Oct 22, 2019
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How many wrasses are possible in a 50 gallon cube?
The wrasses I’m looking at:
Naokoe wrasse
Social fairy wrasse
Lubbock wrasse
African exquisite wrasse
Carpenter wrasse
Lined flasher
Yellow coris
Irdris wrasse
Earmuff wrasse
Possum wrasse
Leopard wrasse

Which ones can go in a 50 gallon cube and how many in the tank
I had a pintail fairy wrasse, blue star leopard wrasse, and a black fin mcoskers flasher wrasse, they were all fine together but the pintail fairy was the most aggressive of the bunch, I have a flame wrasse with my leopard wrasse at the moment and the flame wrasse chases the leopard around sometimes but that’s in my 180. I would recommend a leopard wrasses because they’re super peaceful, I found that the moyers leopard wrasse was aggressive towards other leopard wrasses. The flashers are a great choice, I have an African exquisite in qt at the moment, it was in Qt with a flasher and it would bully the flasher so I separated them.