Ich, Velvet or Give up ?



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Jan 25, 2021
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Wootton Wawen, UK
Excuse the long post, But I am at a loss and feel like giving up after just 5 months. I waited years to take the plunge, read and read everything I could, and finally spent £2500, 55 gallon tank waited for tank to cycle etc, and had 2 Butterfly fish, 2 Clowns, 2 Chromis 1 firefish, 1 Valentini Puffer, Corals, and CUC. I then had what LFS confirmed as Ich (others thought the same) on Butterfly fish (I haven’t got a QT tank ) he lasted literally days the other followed a week later, then the 2 Clowns and 1 Chromis. Literally within days.

But with no QT LFS said to use OOdinex for 3 days, but all this did was kill most CUC and turn water green, I then used Polylab Medic for 17 days, and then left tank a couple of weeks. The 1 Chromis, Puffer and Firefish have shown no signs at all of Ich and appear fine eating every day with garlic soaked food. I know (now) the importance of a QT. But realistically difficult for me to do and can’t see how I’d ever catch the Firefish, but can’t treat DT due to a fair amount of corals in there.

So with 3 fish seemingly fine, and Poylab done for 20 days, and then waiting a couple of weeks, I read about trying a Black Molly to see if Ich still present, so got one on Thursday and 2 days later here are pics, other fish fine, but he is covered (not sure if Ich or Velvet). As I say I have read so much, so wasn’t going into hobby blind, but I guess the option is to give the 3 fish away and go fallow 72 days ( but how I catch firefish is beyond me), as the time to set up a QT for 3 fish that I don’t mind giving away as only the puffer I really see. Clutching at straws, but any other thoughts out there ? I do understand the process of QT if I want to keep the 3 fish and go fallow for 72 days

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why did you put a reef in that
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Dec 9, 2014
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No form of bottled items for the display tank will work they’re larks. need to do what works in the fish disease forum, fallow the tank and qt agreed

those methods have drawbacks, but literally for years it’s what they use in the FDF and nothing else surpasses it in retention % so it’s currently best option.

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