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Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Pro

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Mar 25, 2021
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East Coast
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re listing my 12mo old IM Nuvo 20 Pro. Only selling because I went to a bigger tank. No scratches or leaks. Tank comes with leveling pad, stock Mighty Jet pump, return nozzles, 2 filter socks, 2 media baskets, magnet cleaner, and mesh lid. I still have to take pics of the cleaned and empty tank. Local pickup preferred, shipping will be around $100, so doesn't seem worth it to me. I would be willing to meet around De, Md, Nj, Pa. Looking for $250 cash only

96813DA9-1FF3-48BE-89EF-A83B492EB36B.jpeg 99A0F1E4-1D51-4C1C-93C7-D7D9D39F0E53.jpeg C67854C6-E6B0-40DD-A49E-8384C217615F.jpeg

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