nuvo 20

  1. Muffin87

    Using an AIO as QT tank

    I'd like to use this 20G AIO I have lying around as fish QT tank, until I get a simpler QT tank. However, it's very difficult to get to remove water from the areas in green, in the back chamber of my 20G AIO. I'm concerned I won't be able to remove copper completely, and won't be able to use...
  2. MDAquatics

    Build Thread Reef Showcase MD's Nuvolicious - 20 Gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion 2

    Innovative Marine 20G Nuvo Fusion 2 System: 20 Gallons ATO: 2.5 gallons Mixed Reef: Soft, LPS Corals: 20+ Fish: 3 Cleanup Crew: 10 Return Pump: Innovative Marine MightyJet 326 UV Sterilizer: Taishan 3 Watt Mini UV Skimmer: Bubble Magus MiniQ BioMedia: Marine Pure Spheres and Gems Filtration...
  3. J

    Beginner IM Nuvo 20 Build

    Intro: I've been researching the saltwater hobby for many years, and reading through all the R2R forums have been a major help and a great source of information. Growing up, I had 10, 29, 46, and 90 gallon tanks but all freshwater. College and rental situations took me out of the hobby for...
  4. A

    Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative Marine Abyss drop off 20

    New IM Abyss Panorama drop off tank. comes with return pump Socks Stand Heater Jebao dosing pump $400 obo 60505
  5. Dylan7huskies

    Innovative Marine Skimmer overflowing

    I recently purchased the innovative marine desktop skimmer. After plugging it in, seconds later it is overflowing. Anyone know how to turn it down?
  6. B

    California Aquariums Drygoods 20 gallon aquarium

    Nuvo fusion 20 pro. Used for less than 2 years. Located in Bay Area. Selling due to moving
  7. A

    Illinois Aquariums Drygoods SOLD Innovative marine drop off 20

    I have a Innovative Marine drop off 20 for sale Includes tank, stand, caddie basket, heater, wavemaker, skimmer. Tank is 5 months old. No scratches or damages to it. Located in Aurora IL
  8. SchrutesReefs

    Delaware Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Pro

    re listing my 12mo old IM Nuvo 20 Pro. Only selling because I went to a bigger tank. No scratches or leaks. Tank comes with leveling pad, stock Mighty Jet pump, return nozzles, 2 filter socks, 2 media baskets, magnet cleaner, and mesh lid. I still have to take pics of the cleaned and empty tank...
  9. HonorableWhat

    Goby compatibility

    So! I'm wanting to put a yasha goby and a hectors goby in my 20g I'm nuvo. Those, a pistol shrimp, and maybe a possum wrasse or something that'll swim more mid To top level of the tank(feel free to suggest something) will be the only thing in the tank with probably some rock flower nems. I...
  10. HonorableWhat

    Nuvo 20 SPS tank setup questions

    So, i got a spare tank, and im thinking about turning it into a little sps dominant tank. Just to finally dip my toes into some sps The main thing im looking for here is, i have a spare hydra 32hd as well, would it be enough on its own for this size tank, how high off the water surface should...
  11. Blakethereefguy

    AIO Build Starting new build after moving (IM Nuvo 20)

    After breaking down my old setup that had been running strong for 4 years the best decision was to part ways with everything that needed life support. I kept most of my dry goods and am finally starting my first build thread. So join me on my journey or let us call it round 2 of this IM Nuvo 20s...
  12. sotoreef

    Build Thread Nuvo 20 SPS Dominated Nano Reef Tank - My First Attempt at Reefing

    Hi reef2reef, This build thread dedicated to my future self (Yeah look back at all the mistakes you made ya fool :D), my supportive wife, family, friends, and everyone in r2r who following along. This is my first attempt at reefing, recording all the ups and downs till God knows when...
  13. S

    IM Fusion 20 Skimmer Choice. 9001 vs HOB 1.5 vs FM-1 vs bullet-1

    I know there are million threads about this probably already. I have read a lot of them. But I still can't decide using because I have some constraints. So please hear me out: What I am trying to look for: - Easy to use. Don't need to constantly play with it - A collection cub big enough...
  14. R

    AIO Build Nuvo 20 flow

    Hello everyone, I have an innovative marine nuvo 20 and got a MP10WQD about a week ago. I do plan on getting another one later on. Whats everyone's scheduled look like? I can't seem to find a good flow in my tank. Some corals are getting to much and some not enough. Which I notice that some...
  15. C

    Florida Ecotech, Tunze, IM 20g, ATO Reservoirs

    Selling the following items Ecotech Radion XR15 Pro (November 2019 build) with an RMS mount for $300. Light was only used 1-2 months, been stored every since. (2) MP40’s (January 2020 build), used on my tank for a year. In excellent condition. Selling for $300 each or $250 each if you buy...
  16. Miss_Bangarang

    Skimmer Options for IM Nuvo Fusion 20

    It's been a while since I have looked at options for a skimmer for an IM Nuvo Fusion 20. Had a Ghost skimmer before, but wasn't super impressed, low skimmate production, and it decreased over the years. I heard a couple years ago that they were revamping it, but any listing I see for the Ghost...
  17. ReeferRoo

    New York Aquariums ATO Heaters Nuvo 20 Tank, APS Stand, 5 Gallon Ato Setup with heater, basically anew

    Selling Nuvo 20 Tank With APS Stand. Stand build, still has packing coverings on it, 5 Gallon Trigger ATO with Micro ATO for top off, 150 Watt Cobalt Neo-therm Heater, filer socks (2), Media Baskets (2), Media Reactor NIB, Skimmer (currently Missing Cap) Asking $700. Also have a Radion Mount...
  18. D

    Nuvo 20 from the dead

    Hey reef2reef, a lot has happened since I was last active 3 months, but imma take it back about 3 years. About three years ago I got into the idea of having a saltwater tank and after saving all my money for about 6 months and I purchased a tank, rock, sand, heater, and quarantine tank set up as...
  19. KeystoneMalone

    Adding a new Clownfish to an established tank

    So, long story short, my nuvo 20 has been up and running since last november, I had 2 clownfish that I bought as juveniles and introduced to the tank at the same time and were doing great. Came home from work the other morning and noticed one went missing and to my dismay I found him dead on the...
  20. A

    Question about flow

    Hi all, I had a question about the amount of flow I have in my tank. I have a 20 gallon long tank (IM Nuvo 20g Peninsula) that is about 30in long. The tank came with a mighty jet that goes up to 325 gph and I have an aqamai kps that pumps Between 375-1050. So my question is if I have too much...
  21. PR_nano

    Nano Build Nuvo 20

    Hello everyone, I'm new to saltwater/reefing and wanted to start a thread to capture the build progress of my Innovative Marine Nuvo 20. I bought this tank a few months back from a local reefer and slowly been buying the equipment while reading a lot on this forms and visiting multiple LFS...
  22. S

    New to Saltwater!! Should I go throught with the purchase?

    Hello, I've been looking to get into the saltwater hobby for a while now and have been doing a lot of research, and came here for some opinions! I was surfing craigslist and found a used Nuvo 20, the purchased would come with the tank, a bit of rock and sand, a Fluval 306 Canister filter, a BRS...
  23. SaltyGroves

    Looking for Lighting Program Suggestions for Kessil A360X

    Looking for lighting program suggestions. Kessil suggests 8 to 12 inches above the water line. I have a Kessil A360x over a 20 gallon Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion with pro screen over the tank. I also have the Kessil Narrow Reflector attached which "increases the center light intensity by...
  24. S

    AIO Build New Innovative Marine Nuvo 20 Build

    Good morning all. Wanted to post my progress so far on my first reef aquarium. I've kept numerous planted tanks in the past. This has always been my dream, and as we are limited in space I am keeping a small AIO in my home office. I just want some softies and LPS corals in here with a few...
  25. Ryushei

    Texas Selling IM Nuvo 20

    Comes with tank, stand, and pump, with everything you see inside and on top of the tank plus buckets and storage containers (salt included). Comes with a hydor koralia movement pump and upgraded filter caddys. Washed most of the junk out. Pick up only. My zip is 77840. Price negotiable