Last week of FREE 2 day UPS shipping at $40. On Monday FREE shipping min will be $50

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Oct 1, 2023
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Our Free shipping minimum amount will be going from $40 to $50 on April 1st. Orders containing Live Phyto, Rotifers, Copepods and Combo packages will need to be higher than $49.99 to ship for free. Orders under $49.99 will have a flat $20.00 shipping fee added to cover the cost of our insulated box liner and ice packs with the cost of shipping. Subscriptions that are currently setup between $40-49.99 will not see a shipping charge for a year going forward.

The site has been updated for the week, we have been able to sell out each week for the last 6 weeks. Hopefully this continues with the new free shipping amount. More great items are coming soon to the site, the latest product is Affordable Fragz mangrove basket with crushed coral and mangrove propagules.

You can find the largest selection of single strains on our site, with the new area for phytoplankton going live there is more room for new pods, strains, berghia nudis, cultured tropical mysid shrimp, new brine shrimp tanks & amphipods that are cultured in house and not imported from the ocean. Lots of cool new things going down, if I am slower to respond or post always reach out or text 801-901-0970, I will get back to you there first.

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