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Oct 15, 2016
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So, this all started by complementing a vendor’s frag tank at a RAP. Next thing I knew, he was loading it into my truck with a box a corals. I spent the next few weeks making plans, drawing diagrams, and making myself feel like I was prepared lol.

I’ve got a newborn and we’re on one salary, enough said. The plan was to simply add an extension to my current 90G Display, keep cost at minimum and not get caught up in the very luring tech equipment. I was and still do experience times when I need to trim overgrowth and relocate corals that start wars. I wanted a place to put these corals and also add a few to grow out that I acquire by trading or selling and using the money to buy different, more premium coal.

Here’s my 90G Display, I run 4 T5’s on Coral Life fixtures and 2 ReefBrights for lighting. I dose Coral up, Coral Up B and Reef Complete daily. From time to time, I’ll supplement Acro Power or Reef Fuel but never the same day. I’ve had this system running for roughly 10 years.

I was able to plumb through the wall behind the 90G display into a room that will now hold the new Frag tank and sump for both. Luckily the 90G was a little overpowered to begin with so I was able to use the same sump and return pump for the Frag Tank.

After reading countless articles in here on DIY projects I finally had a plan. I have minimal tools, a tailgate and a patio table to assist with the project.

I went with one of the more popular DIY stand templates I found here in R2R.


About 3-4 coats to seal/protect the entire display and a few coats of Black for the outside.

Living in Hurricane country Back up Battery is a must but this is only part of the back up to my system. This panels still in progress but I’ll finish it one day lol.

Here’s my back up for longer term power outages.

Another thing I liked about this Stand design was the ability to hold a good bit of water should there be a “situation” (inevitable lol).
This shows the pipes going to the DT and one ugly mess (no I did not leave the electric like this over night lol).

You can at least see how minimal my system is. I would down the road like a sump/skimmer update.

I have a single return line that branches in two places with shut of valves to control flow or shut off when needed. I send 75% of the return to my Display, only opening the valve about 25% for Frag tank.

For Lighting, I went with a new Aquatic Life Hybrid and 2 used ReefBrite XHO’s. Bulbs are ATI B+C+B+B+.

Little paint on the back wall and cheapo scratch and dent cabinet painted and hung.
I used some poly panels and plexiglass to make the Sump cover because this room gets a lot of foot traffic.


I went with a DIY BRS screen kit because I wanted black mesh

The Frag Tank started with mostly overgrowth from the dsiaply that I Fragged, some had already been growing out in the 90G.

I’ve since traded, sold, begged, done small payment layaways, given to LFS for credits, you name it, all in the pursuit of premium corals to grow out and eventually frag up for sale. It’s been a a lot of work, met some great people and the learning process never ends. Today, I’m just about maxed out with space and I’m pretty much just tending to them like a gardener. My next step is to move all zoas onto a rack that lines the glass 360 sitting just above the frag rack clearing corals on the disk. A few more weeks, the entire bottom rack should only be grow out disk, all other frags will rest on the magnetic racks (just need to find or make my own racks next).

I know I skipped a lot but feel free to ask any specific questions. Thanks for taking a look! E509FA97-F689-4223-B1B3-A2844BFD507A.jpeg
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