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Apr 11, 2020
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So I have a 10g half moon tank and it came with a lid, it was a used tank so I just made do and thought it was good enough. However today one of my clownfish decided to abandon ship and squeeze out through a small opening in the lid so I want to invest in a mesh top since I’ve lost 3 clowns now, I just haven’t seen any kits I think would work for a half moon! I only have a overflow and return nozzle to work around so it’s not too complicated. It’s not a big tank so I also thought I could hang weights and drape a mesh over it but that certainly wouldn’t look as good as other options so I was hoping to get some advice on the topic, thanks in advance for the help!

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Oct 2, 2020
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I saw another reefer who used clear mesh netting and the 3M sticky clips to build a cover. I just received mine today but have not tried it yet. Should be able to do any shape. total cost was about $20 on Amazon.

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