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Nov 22, 2019
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Peoria, AZ
Been running marine tanks off and on for 20+ years. Just fish or fish and some zoas. Now that I am retired, I have the time and resources to upgrade. Currently running a 150 gal with 30 gal sump with curve 9 skimmer. Have a mixed bag of fish; spiny puffer, file fish(aptasia control), 2x tomato clowns, 1 Nemo clown, lol, 3x damsels, 2x fighting conch, with zoas, mushrooms, 1 head duncan. Also some new frags from RP in Orlando.
Just got a Red Sea reefer 350, but not set up yet. My 150 has high nitrates and moderate phosphates. Working that issue with sea water changes, good, carbon, and macro algae in sump. Have lots to learn and get done.
Welcome! Sounds like you're having fun with it!
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