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Sep 8, 2019
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My name is Todd, I have been in the saltwater hobby for over two years now. Absolutely love this hobby and the connection it brings to everyone across the world.
I still have and operate my first sw tank. It is just a 38 gallon bow front with canister filter, 4 bulb t5 and two wavemakers(jebao). Below is my tank.
Dont mind the palys on the left dang coral beauty likes them closed lol. The favia on the sand is a rescue same with a monti cap behind the left rbta lol. The memic tang aswell as my other fish will be going into a larger aquarium hopefully soon, so tang police I got you lol
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What is a good measure of success in this hobby? Choose all that apply!

  • Tank Grown Coral Colonies

    Votes: 273 74.4%
  • Colorful Corals

    Votes: 206 56.1%
  • In Tank Coral Reproducing

    Votes: 179 48.8%
  • Coraline Algae

    Votes: 147 40.1%
  • Established Tank Time

    Votes: 128 34.9%
  • Healthy Fish

    Votes: 246 67.0%
  • In Tank Fish Breeding

    Votes: 124 33.8%
  • Other (please explain in thread)

    Votes: 25 6.8%

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