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Oct 29, 2020
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It's nice to meet everyone. I've been on the forum reading for about 6 months. I finally have my first saltwater tank. I'll be using a Waterbox Peninsula Mini 25.

About me
I love to ski, build with LEGOs, video edit, play video games, build furniture, and much more. I was a college grad in 2020, so still getting more and more stuff to fill in my apartment. I'd say 90% of the furniture in my apartment is custom. I currently have a Waterbox Clear Mini 6 cycling for red cherry shrimp, a Waterbox Clear Mini 6 cycling for a galaxy koi betta, and an established Waterbox Clear Mini 10 with some mollies and cory catfish. The 10 gallon tank is built into my coffee table.

I want to take the dive into saltwater with plenty of corals and macro algae. I'm taking inspiration from tigahboy's macro algae tanks. I hope to blend the look into a lagoon/tide pool style where the rock work is shallower and supports a very mixed group of livestock (such as shrimp, fan worms, etc.).

Here's the build thread I started if you are intrigued.
I also started an Instagram account for my tanks.
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Apr 18, 2020
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Welcome to the reefing world! Also welcome to the largest online reef forum out there! R2R is a great place to gain knowledge and learn from all kinds of hobbyists!

If you are interested I have a reefing channel I have had going this past year and nearing 1K subs! Think its been a fun little "family" I have grown and its a fun community as well to be a part of! Think after R2R, YouTube can be one of the best places to get information on reefing! Again welcome!


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Apr 29, 2014
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Central Florida, USA
Welcome to Reef2Reef!!!

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