1. #R_TST

    AIO Build Advice before I order?

    Hi all. I'm new to the hobby. My adult daughter has a saltwater tank and I keep wanting to put stuff in it so she said I need my own tank! I'm completely new to saltwater tanks so I've been spending endless hours researching, learning, and educating myself. I have decided that I really want a...
  2. kramerjusc

    Cycle and questions

    Hi everyone, New reefer here and I’ve finally made it to the point of adding water. I’m doing my sand and scape this week and making Rodi water as we speak. I have been building this tank since May gathering the exact equipment I wanted and even built my own custom stand, and hard plumbed the...
  3. XFeathersx

    Build Thread 2020 Biocube 32

    My first saltwater tank after keeping a 75g freshwater for 8 years. Wasn't sure about upkeep so I didn't want to go all in, and decided the Biocube 32 would be a good intro for me. Sumps and skimmers seemed beyond my capacity (and budget) so an all in one was the best choice for me to see how I...
  4. F

    Purple Spot (smithii) mantis Potential Build

    Hi all, I often find myself awake at ungodly hours of the night scrolling through this forum and dreaming of a mantis shrimp of my own. I’m a freshwater fish keeper, and just recently got a job in the freshwater section of my LFS. However, it’s safe to say the mantis has stolen my heart and has...
  5. Soren

    Build Thread 90-gallon Peaceful Reef

    After being introduced to keeping a marine aquarium with the acquisition of a 75-gallon FOWLR from a co-worker as detailed in my post in the Meet & Greet forum, I am just starting the planning phase of building a 90-gallon peaceful reef tank. Since I am new, I am planning to start with more...
  6. Snaizel

    Hello From Fresh Planted to Salty Corals

    hey there my name is Hazel! I'm from Philly and I'm coming over to reef tanks and general saltwater tanks from the high end planted freshwater tank world! Im excited to get my hands wet and see what this hobby has to offer!
  7. J

    Michigan 2 frag packs available and more - beginner pack $70 / high-end pack $170

    2 frag packs available at 80% and 70% off retail. Additional individual add on frags available for 40% off retail. Will split frag packs but frags will be 40% off retail instead of 80% or 70% off. Frag pack #1 - $70 (80% off retail) WYSIWYG 6 fantastic starter signature frags Pic #1 $35 ORA...
  8. M

    Plan for first reef tank: feedback and advice requested

    Hi all - Nice to "meet" you! I'm just getting into the hobby with the hope of staving off a long boring winter in Minnesota and I've wanted a reef tank since I was about 8....finally doing it! This is the plan I've managed to come up with with the research I've done. I know that 20 gal is a...
  9. Herides

    Need a lighting recommendation for a weird setup.

    Hey guys, New to the hobby, had my tank active for a little over a month now, and I'm ready to add a light to get it ready for corals. However my setup/location makes choosing a light difficult. To start I want to stress that because I'm new, I will likely not be interested in any difficult to...
  10. Herides

    Rate my quarantine setup?

    Hello, Long story short, i've had a 40 gallon breeder tank thats brand new, I got two clowns from my lfs, 4 weeks later one of the 2 clowns died of Hole in the Head Disease/Hexamita that was present in it from the lfs and my inexperience missed. I just got a replacement clown today and i'm...
  11. marcwjj

    Build Thread Fluval flex 32g - my first reef tank

    Hey fellow reefers, first off - thank you all for helping out on my numerous questions on setting up the tank. And I've been reading and learning a ton from the posts on this site, so far everything's going all right, so posting an update on my first reef tank. The tank is a Fluval flex 32g for...
  12. MrDeathKills

    Nano Build 16gal BioCube help

    Alright i will try and get a bunch of questions knocked out here by using a number format. In advance thank you for reading and or helping! 16gallon biocube with LED hood 1. For sand wife wants as white of sand as possible any recommendations? In addition to that how many pounds of sand do I...
  13. SilentSloth

    Feeling Good. 9 month rundown

    Started my tank 1-1-2020 and am finally willing to post my tank here. Since some newly added Trochus snails have been cleaning my tank very good. I know my rock-scape is bad... lets just not talk about it. Other than that any tips or comments or questions would be nice. During this time I have...
  14. Herides

    My very first 1 week old tank. Can ya'll tell me how i'm doing and help out with water parameter problems?

    Hey guys, i'm going to tell you guys about my 1 week old reef tank and some of the concerns that i'm having that I don't know how to solve. The tank is a 40 gallon breeder with a population of just 2 Onyx (Sea Quest Line) Clownfish. It's filtration is an aquatop Forza canister filter (which...
  15. H

    AIO Build Tunze skimmer or fuge for BioCube 32?

    Just wondering what would be a better choice: The Tunze 9001 skimmer or the InTank refugium with chaeto and a growlight. Either way, I already have the InTank media basket. I've heard mixed opinions so I'm looking for advice. Let me know!
  16. Carly Knight

    Adopted a Reef Tank. Before and after pics.

    Hi all. Just thought I'd share some of my before and after pics. Adopted the tank about 9 weeks ago. It had a bad case of aiptasia and build up of dirt. It's took a lot of effort but water quality is back on track and tank looks clean and fresh. Recommendations on easy/hardy corals to add? Or...
  17. lilkiwi930

    Out of curiosity when starting your first SW tank

    Hello, I was wondering if I could get everybody's opinion on people who plan on starting there very own first saltwater fish tank. What are some things they should know? Including is getting a bigger tank better when you start? Or is it better to start off a smaller tank until you are ready to...
  18. Herides

    Low pH of 7.8, despite perfect alkalinity and surrounding oxygen. Help!

    Hey guys, According to my Seneye Reef, my pH is at 7.8 and has been dropping for a while until now, not dramatically but over a long period of time and seems to be settling at 7.8. I've been testing my alkalinity during this process and my alkalinity comes out at more often around 3 Meq/L...
  19. Herides

    Need help from anyone who owns or has experience with the Tunze 9004 Protein Skimmer. I can't tell if mines broken.

    Hey friends, I purchased the tunze 9004 protein skimmer for my very young and brand new reef tank and I followed all the instructions, it's in the tank, set up, plugged in, the air screw is all the way loose, I waited the couple hours to full day the manual recommended for a start up period, I...
  20. taylorn13

    My Documentary on Getting Rid of Dinoflagellates In my 2 Month old Tabk

    Hey guys! Just wanted to document my methods and thoughts on how I am getting rid of the dinos in my tank. I just identified them today and am taking immediate action into my hands (the faster you move the better for getting rid of these pesky things)! Dino started off on the sandbed for me and...
  21. taylorn13

    EMERGENCY Brown stringy stuff growing over all my softies

    Hi, I’m relatively new to reefing, my tank is a little over 2 months old. I added some softies a fre weeks ago that were doing great and even growing. Today I noticed this brown stringy stuff covering my xenia and gap and have no clue where to even begin. My corals dont look the happiest either...
  22. lime_II

    40g cube flow advice for a newbie

    Hi! I am new to reef2reef as a member but frequently spend time here reading and trying to absorb as much info as I can :) I am slowly starting my first reef tank. The only gear I have right now is an Aquatop AIO 40g cube. My plan is to start the tank with live rock and sand as well as inverts...
  23. taylorn13

    Mushroom splitting?

    Hey guys, I have a 2 month old tank and got a purple mushroom from a local friend in the hobby. It was a little bit on the smaller side when I first got it. I let it attach to some rock rubble and then glued down the rock rubble to a rock in my tank. It had been upright for a good 2 weeks and...
  24. taylorn13

    Uhhhh... My nassarius snail keeps laying eggs

    Sooooo, I purchased 2 nassarius snails and 2 nerites for my 20g tank after the first sight of diatoms (my tank is barely 2 months old). The first time I saw the eggs was probably a week ago. Wasn’t really completely sure what they were (eggs did not even come to mind). I knew they were from my...
  25. taylorn13

    Thought this was diatoms, but possibly dino, please help ID

    Okay so I posted yesterday about being sure it was diatoms in my tank but my lights have a programmed 30 minute moonlight phase where the whites turn off and it’s just blue light. Under white lights, this brown stuff looks exactly like diatoms, but just now, with the blue light on, I see a bunch...
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