1. R

    Can I add this to my reef tank?

    Hello! I recently set up a 40 gallon IM cube tank and I’m planning on making a reef. I cycled it correctly and I set up an aquascape with lots of places to swim and hiding room. I haven’t put anything tin yet but I am going to this weekend. I really really like some tangs, fox faces...
  2. P

    How many Radion G6 Pro XR30/XR15 for my tank

    Hello guys, I'm still fairly new to the hobby but I'm looking to learn from the best and that is all you experienced people in the hobby. I have a 65 gal tank with the standard LED's that came with it. I'm looking into upgrading the lights in order to be able to keep a nem and some corals...
  3. C

    Looks like hair on my coral?

    I’ve only had these Zoas for about two weeks I’d say and I noticed two days ago that there is a hair-like thing growing out of two of them. We bought 3 frags and only 2 are affected. The two affected are right by each other (view video) and the other frag is on the opposite side of the tank. I...
  4. B

    Lost my midas blenny, could an expert try and identify if it was due to sickness?

    Hello everyone, I still very new to fish keeping and reef tanks in general. I've had my tank since for almost a year. I had my Midas Blenny for 5 months and out of nowhere it started acting strange. Perched in the corner of the tank using its fins to hold itself about halfway up the tank...
  5. L

    Beginner to sps need help

    Hey, so I am planning on getting a few sps frags for my pro clear 150 v2. I already have two tanks with only soft corals. What is needed to be done different in perimeters and feeding terms. I already feed my coral redsea AB+, zooplankton, seachem reef fusion 1&2. All help is appreciated, thank you
  6. BradTate

    New to reefing and very confused!

    Hi everyone, My name is Brad and I have just bought a 125 litre tank (80x40x40) from Facebook market place, along with a AI Hydra 52 (non HD) light. I got both for £100 which I didn't think was too bad! I have had freshwater tanks previously, fully planted setups with CO2 etc, but this will be...
  7. F

    Beginner to coral

    My display is a Red Sea 3XL 900 G2+ so 240 gallon system For filtration, simplicity 800DC skimmer, 55 watt UV, 4 4” filter socks, algae refugium. 2 jebao wave makers. 3 nicrew 150 W lights, I have the controller. Fish: Threadfin snapper 8” Magnificent foxface 6” Blue throat trigger 5” Emperor...
  8. ReefStable

    Choosing the Best Salt Mix for Your Reef Tank

    Ever wonder if you should switch salt mix? How would you even decide which salt mix is best? Dive into my article to discover the BEST salt mix for your reef. Your reef deserves nothing but the finest – click below and unlock the secrets NOW! Choosing the Perfect Salt Mix for Your Reef Tank...
  9. A

    New to the hobby - Equipment insight?

    Hey all! I’m new to the hobby from Edmonton, Alberta. I just snagged a 28 gallon nano cube off Facebook marketplace! I’ve been lurking on Reddit for about a few months now and slowly gathering materials and I would like to get some insight before I even start thinking about cycling my tank. I...
  10. R

    New Jersey New York Live Goods Beginner SPS 8-Pack, large frags

    Hardy beginner SPS pack for sale. Those are large frags. Asking $100 Not looking to ship atm. Pickup Brooklyn or can meet in Midtown Manhattan. From left to right: Purple Stylo, Pink Stylo, Green Goblin Anacrapora, Forestfire Digi, Green Pocillopora, Tricolor Pocillopora, Teal birdneast, Red...
  11. Q

    Best Shrimp for a 13.5 Gallon Tank?

    Hey all!! I've been eyeing the Fluval Evo 13.5 as my first reef tank, and I've been trying to get an idea on what I wanna stock it with. So far I have the idea of 2 clownfish, an Orchid Dottyback, and some Trochus Snails. I was thinking of adding a cleaner shrimp as well, but I wanted to get...
  12. MalenfoiReefs

    Build Thread MM’s Evo 13.5gal Build

    Ok so I’m finally starting a build thread to document my progress. First things first, I’m considering myself an entire newbie lol. If anyone has pointers, or finds anything incorrect, please by the Gods correct me or speak up. I want this new tank to be successful but I am also a little...
  13. TrendChaser103

    First time Saltwater Setup

    Hey! I'm just in the process of gathering what I need for my first saltwater aquarium. I've been keeping freshwater tanks for the better part of a decade and have finally decided it's time to dip my toe into this side of the hobby. I'm aiming for a relatively simple nano setup for now with...
  14. uniquecorals

    LAST FlashSale of the Year! You don't want to miss this! 2 days event Dec 2nd and 3rd 9-5 pst

    Dec 2nd & 3rd two days pre-XMAS FlashSale! Sat & Sun 9am-5pm pst Santa is coming to town. We are in full swing of the Holiday shopping season. Get that hot piece for your self or that special reefer in your life and jingle their bells. Everyone is a winner in this Sale. Join us for the last...
  15. J

    AI Blade?

    Hi All, I have an interesting tank that I plan to set up and I'm thinking about lights right now. The tank is an old DAS Tank. Dimensions are basically 51" Long x 15" Wide x 21" Tall. (About 70G) I'm not sure what corals I want a mixed reef. I'm a beginner so easy and hardy varieties. I was...
  16. natattack

    Build Thread Nat's 16 Gallon Macro Algae Anemone Tank

    Hello! I am getting started in the hobby and have been posting my questions here for the last couple weeks about my planning for my first true build. I have mostly finalized my plans, and my equipment has begun arriving at my home. I wanted to start a build thread to document my progress and...
  17. Smithrz

    Is this enough surface agitation?

    Hey folks, got a simple question here, hoping for a simple answer, haha. I’m still in my cycle phase, all going well so far, and I have finally got the water level holding steady in the overflow, skimmer has stopped fluctuating as much, etc… I just want to gather some thoughts on whether or...
  18. N

    Worm with tentacles coming out.

    Alright what the heck is this thing now. He's been hanging out in my gsp and I took him out cause I just don't know what it is. Friend or foe. Do I put him back? Its like a worm but has these tentacles. And he's made a casing around himself.
  19. R

    BioWheel Penguin 200 Power Filter

    hey y'all! Totally new to this. In highschool I really wanted a reef tank and did tons of research but my parents wouldn't allow it, now that I'm an adult I am finally starting my first reef tank! Since I'm in my early 20s I'm trying to be frugal with this and not buy everything at once, I got...
  20. C

    What’s on my hammer Coral? Please Help a noob!

    Hi there, my husband set a reef tank up a little while ago but I do a lot of the day to day with it. I’ve noticed over the last few days the hammer coral has got little raised white spots on the head of some tentacles. Can anyone help identify them please? Please don’t ask me about water...
  21. Meddy63

    Mentor/guidance to heal montipora

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could give me some guidance with my plate montipora. They are faded white and not full colour. The birds nest right nearby is growing very well. My lps is doing pretty well. My Zoas are meh. They open up but not spreading so I’m starting to think iodine is...
  22. Kiara_Pyrenei

    Stocking Order help?

    Hello! I'm starting up a 25g nano tank. It's my first tank, I'm looking at adding my first fish in the near future once my tank has completely finished cycling, but I'm not sure about what order to put things in. Here's my Ideal Future stocking list, as it is right now: Clownfish x2 Banggai...
  23. fotuskyt

    Noob cleaning live rock

    For those who don’t know, I recently got someone else’s established 20gal set up with two clowns and a blenny as a complete beginner. This forum has been a godsend and I appreciate you guys so much. Now for todays question: how do I clean these rocks? Will scrubbing with a toothbrush in clean...
  24. C

    Coral colour query

    Hi, I have had my tank for just over two months and I have introduced some corals to it namely; a candy cane, two zoanthids, a leather coral and a branching hammer coral. When I purchased the corals they looked much different, more vibrant and attractive. After shipping and introding them to...
  25. Huddy_

    Nano Build 15G nano reef setup, help!

    Hey fellas, hope your holiday weekend is treating you well. I’m planning to start the process of building a 15g nano reef w/ fish after a couple year hiatus coming from a fresh water cichlid tank. I have very little experience with saltwater tanks so I am doing my due diligence and researching...