Older Radion Gen(s) and Touch Sensitive Button Issues.

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    I recently had a local reefer friend ask me about some problems he was experiencing with his Radion Gen2(s).

    He recently added two T5 fixtures to supplement his two Radions and started experiencing issues with the LEDs. As it turned out, the touch sensitive buttons of the Gen2(s) were associating the power ON/OFF of the T5 fixtures as button presses. When he would turn the lights ON, the Radions would change to a default light/intensity setting.

    I wanted to share a "fix", in case anyone else experiences the same issue. Granted, it worked perfectly for him and is the recommended "fix" for this exact issue by EcoTech, other issues may be different and require further attention from EcoTech Customer Service. (You can find a direct link to them in my signature.)

    THE "FIX":

    1. Power down all Radions for 30 seconds
    2. Power on All Radions
    3. Connect via USB to a single Radion - If NOT using a ReefLink*
    4. Open the Connection Manager - If NOT using a ReefLink*
    5. Log in to EcoSmart Live using either Google Chrome or Safari as your web browser
    6. Select the "Devices" tab
    7. Select the "Gear" icon next to "Light 1"
    8. Check the box to disable the Radion buttons
    9. Repeat steps 7 & 8 for each Radion
    10. Select the "Done" button to save changes
    11. Once the page refreshes select the "Program Aquarium"

    *If you are using ReefLink, follow the same steps without connecting via USB

    ****(Credit to Alex Y @EcoTech Marine for the step-by-step)**** :cool:


    ***Photo Credit (Advanced Aquarist)
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    This may be what I'm looking for as well..
    Heres my issue 3 years later....I have older gen 1 xr30s....bought them used to start my tank and will upgrade later..
    I can not get the scheduled time mode to work....they will only come on in demo mode to the settings I want them to. In schedule mode they're dark all the time.
    So my question is, do I have to open the website at the same time I have the old school configuration utility open to be able to program them, and run them on a schedule?
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