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Discussion in 'ArtFully Acrylic' started by EddieJ, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Order # AAIC 6690

    It's been over 5 weeks since I placed this order and have sent multiple emails with information with ZERO confirmation. I sent an email 6 days ago as well with no reply. I guess it's par for the course with this vendor. You know there are vendors in this hobby that are top notch and always a joy to work with. Artfully Acrylic sure doesn't make that list at this point. But reading this forum I see this is nothing new. Simple communication with your customer is not to much to ask..

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    There was a bit of a misunderstanding, but we were able to get in contact with Eddie. His lid shipped on the 9th, right at the 6 week lead time quoted on the site for ClearView 'Classic' Lids with custom cutouts.


    For those following this post, and other threads related to Clearview Lids from ArtFully Acrylic, we'd like to clarify a few of the activities and efforts evolving in the background...

    We do struggle from time to time with email/inquiry response times and we even make mistakes or miss things here and there. We are a small american owned and operated business that produces products with an unmatched level of quality. As a result, we also face an incredible level of demand; which continues to grow at a very rapid rate.

    We have invested significant time and funding this year specifically on the testing and implementation of a more robust customer resource management (CRM) system. We have adopted a new CRM platform from the systems tested, but still have a good deal of integrations to be worked out. Many of the needed integrations also include revisions to our ordering process on the website to further minimize the percentage of orders that come in lacking information needed for the programming of lid customizations.

    So far this year our average response time on emails has been less than 48 hours on 90% of email correspondence. We are constantly working to improve our email response times as well as the process used to vet customers, and order data, through our production queue. This effort is aimed at not only providing quicker response times, but quicker production times as well.

    Roughly 60-70% of the total time invested in each order is spent on admin/follow-up/programming before the order is ready to be sent out to the CNC for cutting. Our goal is to cut this administrative time in half, but it admittedly will take time to fully implement these processes and work out unforeseen kinks. As a small business with limited available labor/personnel we must ensure we maintain production deadlines and meet customer needs first; with any surplus in available time being dedicated to the aforementioned process developments.

    We are excited to have you all along for the ride with us as we continue to grow and better ourselves. Please don't hesitate to email us at orders@artfullyacrylic.com with any questions or concerns. Thanks for your time, and most importantly, thanks for your support.
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