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Jan 12, 2021
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Erie, PA
I'll start out by saying I'm new to the aquarium game, especially saltwater. It started with buying my son a 10 gallon starter tank for Christmas about 3 years ago. Now I have 4 saltwater tanks and 3 freshwater. My wife enjoys it as much as my son does, who is 11. Our main display is in our living room (Reef One). It is a 90 gallon drilled tank that my wife and I custom built a stand for. We've never done this and didn't even have the smarts to read any of the amazing threads on R2R. DOH! It worked out well though. Some things we would have done different now that we have some experience under our belts. I've battled dinos once already in Reef One and lost all my corals and a couple fish. We had ostreopsis (sp?). We did a 3 day black out and everything was fine for awhile. But now we are battling LCA dinos. This still hasn't deterred our love for the hobby at all, actually it has made us appreciate it even more! We just came back from our first Aquashella in Orlando and what an amazing experience that was! I forgot a small detail... I've been working for a long time established LFS and my wife and I are in the works of possibly buying it! So that's a quick background about me and here's some pictures for our main display Reef One!

This is our stand. We used left over flooring from another project to do the top and used a gray stay to match our living room EDIT: we did this in the winter time, hence why we did the building in the kitchen lol

This is the tank that started my obsession and our weimaraner's (Storm)
The beginning.jpeg

Very first saltwater tank. 29 gallon. This set up is now a planted freshwater tank in a different area of the house
First salt.jpeg

First dino outbreak. Lost all these corals except the GSP.

Ostreopsis got so bad we did a 3 day black out and installed a pentair UV 40w

This was post blackout after turning the lights back on to all blues. All corals dead and a few fish died unfortunately as well
post blackout.jpg

This is a newer photo after a few weeks post blackout. Added a xenia and a blasto to start rebuilding the reef
post dino.jpeg


Here's current photos of Reef One with a new piece of art work we got from Aquashella and my favorite fish in the tank our sailfin!

Thank you to everyone who has helped with my dino problem and a huge thank you to @A Reef Creation for their recent sale to really help me rebuild Reef One! Storm says thank you to all the R2R members!!
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