Reef2Reef Tank Spotlight July 2015: BobbyM


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May 27, 2012
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South Jersey
Reef2Reef Tank Spotlight July 2015: Bobby Melton (BobbyM)

Tank Thread:

Bobby M FTS.jpg

First, I want to say that I am so honored to receive Tank of the month here on Reef2Reef. I have always dreamed of one day winning an honor like this since the early days of aquarium forums.

My name is Bobby Melton. I started my first aquarium with the help of my mother at the age of six. Back then, I would catch fish at the lake, bring them up to the house and toss them in my tank. I would often dream of the ocean and the wonderful sea creatures that I really had no clue about. About a year or so later, I started keeping tropical fish. This was what started my passion to keep a fish tank. One time, I had my mother ask the clerk about caring for a saltwater tank. I still remember the clerk’s response: “saltwater fish are impossible to keep. You have to change out all the water every week, and the fish are lucky to survive 6 months.” Little did I know at that time, I would one day be keeping saltwater fish and corals as a hobby. Not only that, I also have a career in teaching others how to do it to.

I started my first saltwater tank in 2001 and jumped in with both feet. Researching and experimenting went farther than being a hobby, it was more of an obsession. Within a year, I had been asked to help out part time at my LFS. Another year passed and after my divorce, I took a full time position. Here we are today, 13 years after I took the job, I’m still in the obsession phase. I can work on aquariums all day and still come home and enjoy my own.

Bobby M pic 2.jpg

System Profile:


Older glass, Oceanic custom 36”x24”x24” 90 gallon tank with a corner overflow that I picked up used and a DIY stand built by the previous owner’s father


Eshopps 200 with only two chambers

Protein Skimmer:

ReefOctopus POV-DC2


PhosBan reactor I converted to running Thrive Bio-pellets, using a maxi jet 1200.

Return Pump/Temperature Control:

Mag-Drive Mag12 running through a CurrentPrime Chiller that has a 300w Ehiem/Jager heater plugged in to it.

Water Circulation:

VorTech MP40 making the chaotic currents.


For lighting, I’m using a down-cycled Mainland fixture with a 150w 10k HQI, two ATI Blue plus, and, two ATI actinic bulbs. To top it off, I tacked on two Current TrueLumen 460nm LED strips. The LED’s are on 12 hours, the T5’s are on for 9 hours and halide is on for 7 hours.


Dosing my tank was all manual until not too long ago when I bought an Eshops I V 200 dosing pump. I only dose B-Ionic Alkalinity and Calcium two part and Zeovit amino acid concentrate.

Feeding Schedule:

I feed Rods food and Reef Nutrition foods every three days and a half sheet of sea veggies every day.

Water parameters:

I use the RedSea Pro Reef Kit. I’m not going to lie and say I check them all the time. I’ll check my Alk and Ca once every week to two weeks. Alkalinity: I try to keep around 7.8 - 8.3. Calcium: I try and keep around 380-400. Magnesium: I would check more often, except I think my kit has gone bad. It keeps giving me an out of this world reading, but I’m not going to stress it. As far as testing for Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Po4, I tested for these early on but after so long I just use visual clues and correct with extra water in my water changes. No need in chasing numbers. My skimmer is large enough with being rated up to 4 times my system’s volume, and on top of that I do weekly 12-18 gallon water changes with Tropic Marine Pro Reef. My nutrient stays in check.

My inhabitants:
  • Fish:

  • Powder Blue tang

  • Yellow Tang

  • Blue eye tang

  • Melanarus wrasse

  • True percula clownfish pair

  • Pygmy hawk fish

  • Possum wrasse

Bobby M fish.jpg
bobby m fish 2.jpg


  • ORA Green Birdsnest
  • ORA Blue Bottle Brush
  • ORA Red Planet
  • ORA Chips acropora
  • ORA Tricolor Valida
  • Wild Tricolor Valida
  • Pearl berry acro
  • Forest fire Montipora digitata
  • Acropora carolina
  • Tyree Red dragon
  • Flame dragon
  • green dragon
  • mountain due millipora
  • pink panther millipora
  • sunset millipora
  • GARF Bonsai
  • Wild Bonsai
  • WWC what the heck Acro
  • Lime in the Sky Stag
  • JF purple Monster
  • Tyree pink lemonade
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • acropora prostrata
  • 2 unknown Acropora
  • Montipora setosa
  • Mystic sunset monti
  • sunset monti
  • forest fire danae
  • fruity pebbles danae
  • JF Jack-o-lantern
  • incredible hulk leptaseris
  • orange/green chalice
  • 3G mummy eye Chalice
  • mummy eye chalice
  • JF watermelon chalice
  • purple green eye green rim chalice
  • symphyllia wilsoni
  • John Deere Leptastrea
  • spaceinvader pectina
  • 6 types of acan lordhowensis
  • 2 types of acan echinata
  • Watermellon psammacora
  • baby maker favia
  • anti venom favia
  • oxypora
  • goniapora
  • branching psammacora
  • branching frogspawn
  • duncan
  • infected monticap
  • papaya clove polyps
  • Bluespotted grandis palys
  • stripped grandis palys
  • Double D grandis palys
  • JF acid reflux palys
  • pink explosions palys
  • Pink kracks
  • purple Mcaws
  • Sunny D’s
  • armor of gods
  • greenbay packers
  • Miami vice
  • pink kisses
  • Aztecs
  • CB bowsers
  • rastas
  • scrambled eggs
  • CARs
  • Chuckies Brides
  • Electric Oompa Loompas
  • LA lakers
  • Blue Jawbreakers
  • Mindblowers
  • captain america palys
  • purple death palys
  • fruit loops
  • ultimate chaos
  • vampire bloods
  • daisy dukes
  • blondies
  • black hornets
  • space monsters

bobbym coral.jpg
bobby m coral 2.jpg
bobbym coral 3.jpg
bobbym coral 4.jpg
bobbym coral 5.jpg

bobbym coral 6.jpg
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May 27, 2012
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South Jersey
bobbym coral 20.jpg
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bobbym FTS.jpg

I would like to thank Worlds Under Water for employing me and letting me do what I do. Many thanks to all the vendors that I have purchased corals from and all the swap organizers. I would also like to thank the many MACNA event organizers and Reef2Reef for being the best online saltwater aquarium forum!

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Mar 25, 2011
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New Jersey
Beautiful tank! Congrats


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May 4, 2013
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Moore, Oklahoma
Congratulations! Absolutely stunning! It was nice meeting you at the Tulsa charity frag swap. I'm still loving the scoly I got from you guys!
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May 8, 2006
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This is such a beautiful reef! I love it!