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    I am going to be plumbing my Reefer 250 in the upcoming month or so and wanted to start ordering the parts I will be needing. I have drawn up a diagram of the general layout. I have done extensive research on what others have done, but still have questions.

    My biggest questions:
    • What part do I need to connect the PVC to the Red Sea Return line before it goes to the DT?
    • Is a check valve needed? Why or why not?
    • Would you install the Flow Module right after the pump, or right before it returns to the DT?
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    I don't remember... is Red Sea plumbing still metric?

    I would never use a check valve as they get dirty and fail when you need them. Just make sure your sump has room for the amout of water that will siphon from the tank down to the sump in the event of a power failure.

    I don't really need to know the flow, besides I don't run an Apex. I would install individual gate valves (rather than ball valves that get hard to adjust as they age) on every outlet of the manifold.
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