Selling off my reef tank

Discussion in 'Hudson Valley Reef Keepers' started by Sara Leibowitz, Mar 3, 2019.

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    Mar 1, 2019
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    Need to sell my live stock first. Buyer needs to pick up. Make me an offer!
    1. Everything must be picked up by the buyer

      I live in Bayside, Queens NY 11364.

      Fish and Invertebrates

      1) 1 pair of breeding False Ocellaris Clownfish (must be sold together)

      2) 1 pair of breeding Tomato Clownfish + 1 purple long tentacle anemone (must be sold all together)

      3) Algae Blenny

      4) Yellow Tang (4-5 inches)

      5) Blue Regal Tang (6-7 inches)

      6) Flame Angelfish SOLD

      7) Red Stripe Angelfish SOLD

      8) Royal Gramma SOLD

      9) Azure Damselfish

      10) 7 Cleaner Shrimp

      11) 1 Tiger Snapping Shrimp

      12) 1 Brittle Sea Star

      13) 1 hermit Crab - free with purchase of something else

      Corals, Sand and Rock

      1) Pulsing Xenia 8-9in x 8-9in attached to live rock

      1) Green Toadstool Mushroom Leather

      2) Yellow Toadstool Mushroom Leather

      3) Blue Sympodium On Live Rock (big spread)

      4) Thick Finger Leather Yellow/Tan

      5) Thick Finger Leather Green Small

      6) Thick Finger Leather Green Medium

      7) Thick Finger Leather Green Large

      8) Purple long thick finger coral Large

      9) Varies mushrooms on live rock (blues, purples, greens, red)

      10) Blue polyps matted over live rock

      11) Live Fiji pink sand about 100lbs

      12) Pukani Bulk Reef Supply live rock

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